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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by The Protector, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Both parties should either get exp or both parties should get neither.

    Bounties are not always punishment as some get listed randomly for no reason at all.

    The attacker getting exp can easily promote abuse as I'm sure it already has in some cases.

    Leveling to the moon will not happen even though hitlist(bounty)attacks are unlimited.

    The exp gain would simply not be enough.

    Even the best of accounts(Ben on pirates and Fielding,Polish and JJ on vikings)(myspace) couldn't ride forever and the exp gain wouldn't amount to much in the long run.

    But for the attacker to gain exp,that's not right at all.

    Either both parties should get exp from it or neither party should get exp.

    Shouldn't have it both ways.

    It's a bit hypocritical the way it's currently setup.

    It might be difficult to knock someone off the list,but you shouldn't get exp in the process if you're winning the attacks UNLESS the listed is also receiving exp to some degree.

    Keep game rivalries in the game and off the forum.
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  2. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    So your trying to say that the person who is on the hitlist, when they get attacked from some one and they beat that person, that they should get exp? 10/10 all day.
  3. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    I wasn't aware that the attacker was getting experience on a bounty. That shouldn't be. And under no circumstances should the person on the bounty be getting experience from weaker pirates attacking him. If that was to be allowed (and it once was as I remember) then you would have people throwing up their buddies on the bounty board as "friendly bounties" for the sole purpose of gaining experience. You think that people wouldn't be able to ride it long enough? Think again. People would be throwing everything into health just so they could ride longer. It would promote the use of healing bots. It would be a disaster. And just think of those pirates now that have real high health and can ride the board. A bounty is supposed to be a penalty, not a reward and not someplace to park to gain experience. The last thing I would want is to throw someone up and watch him walk away with more experience than before he was listed.
  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    1. When your on the bounty list you will receive a whole list of new players to fight if you can heal a couple times to regain that experience back easily.

    2. When placed on the bounty board if you cannot beat that player your still going to go after them for the kill regardless of not being able to beat them if your a smart pirate for the gold alone will help you in the game.

    3. You only gain experience if you can actually beat the player who is on the bounty board there is nothing wrong with that feature because you can easily beat them in regular battle also.

    4th and final response to this. Is that players who are on the boards should not get experience as stated in number 1 they will receive a fight list to regain that lost experince. In pirate clan alone there are 4 to 5 players who can ride the boards easily one in particular can ride it for 3 to 5 hours if they choose to longest i have seen is 8 hours. And during that time that player still gets hit consistenly for 8 hrs. So within 8 hours of hits how many levels will that player gain alone. So if you have not come to the conclusion of where i am going with my vote on this one it's a 1. There is no way to be reasonable with it even if it had a cap on it. I see your point on it but you have to see others and sooner or later the heal bots will take advantage of this also.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. Its probably the single most unfair thing in all of Kanos games. Its a complete joke that the attacking player gets XP while the one on bounty doesnt.

    The player riding the bounty should have always gotten XP....they obviously deserve it if they won the battle. But its a little late to be starting that now, especially considering that some have been able to ride the bounty for years, wouldnt be fair to them to start rewarding XP now.

    The only real fair thing to do is to stop awarding XP to those attacking the rider. They get a chance at the big bucks even if they lose the battle....thats more than enough reward.

    Players on bounty will inevitably lose XP when they die...thats punishment enough. Its not like they went in front of a judge and a jury and were found guilty of some crime. How many players go up on bounty and are left thinking...what the hell did I do? I know players that go around listing random players all the time...why? Simply because they can. Ten stars
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Why shouldnt the rider get experience...They're winning the battle...of course they should be getting XP, especially if players attacking them and winning are.

    What I dont think u understand is this...... There are but a handful of players that can ride the bounty, these players are of the highest levels. When first put on bounty there is an initial rush of attacks, that doesnt last very long as players realize their efforts are futile. After that a spattering of players will attack now and then as they log on and see a bounty. You may be surprised at how few attacks there actually are on those that can ride the bounty.

    Like i said....the ones that can ride are the highest of levels, even if the "rider" was awarded XP it would be minimal at best as low to mid levels give extremely crappy XP. Other ultra high levels may give better/good XP but does it matter? They get the same damn XP when they are battling as rivals or leveling as Allies.

    Bots? Give me a break. High level players with high health dont need em on bounty and it wouldnt help a low to mid level player if a high level player was attacking them. Players dumping SP into health? GOOD.....then they'll just be weaker elsewhere which in some cases will negate the uber high health, either way....aint gonna help when that high level comes a knockn. If some moron that obviously to low a level to be riding the list on their own wants to use a heal bot...SO BE IT! Be that much easier for Kano to expedite their departure from the games.

    So a bounty is a penalty eh? It is in the sense that inevitably the player will die and lose big XP. So the person setting the bounty is what...GOD, judge or jury? Are we to assume that everyone setting a bounty is righteous and that everyone put on bounty has committed some crime? If so....what planet r u from? Players go up on bounty day in and day out for no reason at all. Players going for a bounty have a shot at a big ass payday...they dont need XP as well. The player on bounty hasnt necessarily done anything wrong yet will lose big time anyways.

    If a player has the ability to take on all comers.....then they damn well deserve the same thing as any would be attacker, either they should get XP or the attacker should get none. If u list someone and they walk away with more XP than they lost.....then maybe u should reconsider listing them while they are online if u know they can ride the list. Because we all know that someone that can ride the list isnt coming down until they are ready anyway and by the person of their choosing. That person than takes your money and list you and maybe a few more to transfer it over to the person u listed in the first place....Hell if your into that...might as well give em some XP as welll....lol.

    Personally i do think riders should get XP but its a little late in the game for that. At this point I think the only fair thing to do is to eliminate any XP for the attacker as well. This can and has been be easily abused for years now
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  7. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    You had a thread on this yesterday and then asked a Mod to delete it, why start it again?

    I voted a 1. I would give you the same reason as i did yesterday, but funnily enough, you had a Mod delete all the posts from your other thread, after it was deleted.
  8. ben

    ben Active Member

    i agree with Protector and polishpimp all the way i give it a 10 ...
  9. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    What Relentless said.

    P. S. Isn't it interesting that some of the thoughts posted in the previous thread that was deleted do not appear in this one?
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  10. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    FYI it's RARE me and pimp ever see eye to eye anymore.

    And yet here we are....
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I can see how this could be touchy subject, but why is the need to ride bounty board for hrs on end anyways?
    But here's a problem with it as well, say you hit that person that is riding bounty winning and get zero exp. Then hit's count gaining nothing besides maybe the bounty.. What's next your their toy and can counter you up the arse and you have not gained anything besides coin.. Yes I think attacker should get exp if wins, Rider no! Simple fact you ride cause you want to and get in the way of hunters that would rather not hit 'X' person.. PURE AND SIMPLE
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I played another game for a few years and riding the bounty board was a big part of it, and people would use friendly bounties on each other. In the end and many reasons , glitching ,bots, scripts, auto this and that, by the death of that game, people were on the boards for literally months at a time, getting xp the whole time it was really really bad, I know it was extreme in that game, many things were as the company tried and tried to keep a lid on things but never could for a variety of reasons, so from that experience I have to vote 1 star. it would be fine for me if neither got the xp , I would rather that than the player listed getting anything but a nice rival list.
  13. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Read the idea carefully as its in 2 parts.

    1st part suggests that both attacker and attacked get exp.

    2nd part suggest that neither party get exp.

    Seems a few are stuck on the first not reading the 2nd.
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    1. A fight list? For starters most will die within a hit or two the rest simply hide for 24 hrs. The fact that a player MIGHT be able to recover the lost XP from this new found rival list means nothing. The whole point is that the attacker is getting XP for the actual bounty battle while the rider is not for doing the same thing...either winning or losing.

    2. Another good point....the attacker can still get the bounty win or lose and get the XP if they win, the rider gets nothing but the inevitable death and loss of XP. Players riding the bounty take losses all the time while riding, Its one of the ways the current system is abused. Why should a player or multiple players get to level like crazy and potentially get the gold? The current system is completely one sided. Once again I am amazed with your opinion John especially when I consider your stance awhile back on Minimum XP for battle wins despite what the rivals defense is.

    3. if its ok to get XP while attacking someone on bounty because its just like the regular game then why on earth shouldnt it be the same for the rider for the same exact reason?

    4. All though getting a fight list means pretty much nothing and is about as as far from fair as it gets....but its not even a sure thing, Ive been on bounty many times where only 1 or 2 player have hit me and they were low levels. Obviously after i killed them in just a couple of hits I was far from receiving my XP back. As Ive never seen you mention that you can ride the list I got ta wonder where your info comes from. There is only a handful of players that can ride the list, I happen to be one of those players and I know or have spoken to most of the others. More times than not there is just an initial rush of attackers after that it slows waaaaaay down....there WOULD NOT be any leveling like crazy. Even if there was they would deserve it as they obviously built a bad ass account. Heal bots? Give me a break ......While on bounty there would be no easier place to catch bot users. Whos gonna use them? the highest of levels dont need them and they wouldnt help a low to mid level player if a high level player with any kind of respectable account was attacking them.

    Your stance here makes zero sense, your being completely one sided. You dont want the rider to gain anything while the attacker gets everything. level envy? (jk). Your wrong when u say there is no way to be reasonable with it. Its as simple as pi, just dont allow XP for the attacker either and its completely 100% fair. The attacker has a choice whether they want to risk going after a bounty for the gold and the rider gets a limited short term rival list.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Oh they see both parts alright they just dont get it because they are not capable of doing it themselves nor will it help them immediately. They have clouded their minds with delusional assumptions which have no basis of reality. I like to think of them as shortsighted hypocritical special needs children
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Its simple.....If your going for a bounty u know damn well ahead of time that there is a risk involved....your potential reward is the gold, its your choice....either u go for it or u dont. The person riding the list has no choice.....they are just getting put up for who knows what reason and will inevitably die and lose XP.

    A bounty battle is the same as a regular battle except for one thing, If its a bounty battle the attacker has a chance at a great reward despite whether they win or lose that battle. Thats a little one sided when u consider the attacker also currently gets XP if they win while the rider gets absolutely nothing but dead. Simple and fair solution is to eliminate Xp for everyone during a bounty battle.
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ive seen some other games that were similar to your example....fortunately this is Kano games where we have systems in place to catch bots and a staff that actually interacts with its players, Its kind of like comparing apples and oranges If a player was to use a bot and sit on the list forever.....Guaranteed Kano would snatch em up.

    I also agree the best solution here is not to award XP to the rider but to simply not award XP to the attacker, fair is fair
  18. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Pimp,I'm surprised we are agreeing on something again.

    How often we agree anymore?


    Again,if this stays the current way then one day when no high levels(spare for my armada)are on,I will get listed and let them get EXP off me.

    Kano didn't want the list to work like that either I bet but guess what...I'm pretty sure some already use it like this.

    How many levels can someone gain attacking someone listed if the listed keeps healing up??Quite a bit if no other high levels are on.
  19. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Yes Polish I agree that Kano is a watched more closely than that other company, I was referring to, on the other hand they( Kano) also have their hands full with support issues and trying to keep everyone happy, which is a daunting job it itself, so why add to the mix . We have a player on FB PC who has very, very high health and can stay on the list for hours and hours and does, while playing the game at the same time, yes he is another rare example of what can and does happen, if a player is online when being listed, and I know when being attacked off the fight board in a regular battle from players that give good xp , if I am there when they are attacking and they lose all I have to do is keep putting my health up over and over and can gain maybe 3 levels before they give up and prob run out of stamina or wake up and smell the roses .
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I was doing the same thing for years until i got bored with it. But the thing is that only the highest of levels can do it and chances are that they are losing very few if any battles to most players. But If its another high level rival player attacking and actually wins....it makes no sense that they get to sit there and level like mad and potentially get the gold while the rider gets nothing but the death and the loss of XP. Thats how this current system is being abused.....obviously a player doesnt want a rival to kill them and claim their bounty so they continue to heal. So thats their choice....heal and level their rival or just let their rivals chain list u and let your rival continue to kill you and get the gold. Its a win win win for the attacker and a nothing for the rider.

    There is a very small potential for abuse if they rider were to get XP....thats why Im advocating for zero XP for both the rider and the attacker because at that point there is NO potential for abuse.

    Its about whats fair....its simply not fair that one gets XP while the other does not. I agree that the potential for abuse would increase Kanos already massive work load. Once again....a reason to eliminate the XP for both...no additional work for Kano, fair to all parties involved and zero room for abuse.

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