Boss Fight/Challenge Help changes?

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by BSaintD, May 25, 2011.

  1. BSaintD

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    Have they recently made some changes to points awarded for both? I know that once you're in a certain number of boss fights, the points awarded for joining a fight drop to 1 for awhile, but tonight I noticed that's now also happening for challenge helps??? :(

    Regarding boss fights- the amount of damage done to a boss per attack seems to have changed drastically? I'm not talking about points awarded for joining a fight, I'm talking about points awarded for attacking the boss. I joined a few this evening, and say I did 3- 5 stam power attacks. Usually, the damage done is fairly consistent [varies with health and all, I know!] but tonight, the first attack did WAY more damage than "normal" while subsequent attacks did way less damage- less than 1/2 or even 1/3 of the first attack, even with comparable health...?? Just curious if this was a fluke or another unannounced change?

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  3. BSaintD

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    OIC.... Thanks, AS, that explains the help cap, which sux, btw, 'scuse the language:rolleyes:

    About the boss fights- I just joined a Level 11 Ivanov, got my 990-something XP for joining... 1st 5-stam power attack: 1,353 XP
    2nd : 353 XP ??
    3rd: 347 XP ??????
    That's almost the "normal" difference between a 5-stam and a 1-stam attack- what gives???
  4. Wonder Woman

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    We are now just combining the XP received for joining into the total, it aligns itself better with how we show total XP earned in other actions.

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