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    Yeah, the crafting with last warriors are weird. It's more beneficial to Legend Netcasters before Eliting Hairbringers. One thing that is more awkward is you'll never use Legend Hairbringers because they will be obsolete with regular Beastlore Keepers first. Not to mention regular Beastlore Keepers wipe out ever single random warrior drop that have taken years to acquire. :confused:

    Reminds me exactly of Heimdallr Boss for random warriors, that took away years of hard work in a single boss :(

    Was the "intent" to cancel out ALL old random boss warriors with the Kappa boss??????
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    There is a wide gap that has been getting bigger and bigger as Kano implements new options. Both the game and its original form are almost extinct. I explain:
    Before to level up was more natural because each goal should be done in the best way. You should also fight other players directly.

    With the arrival of the Raids, the levels have been made easier and the items have been losing value. The worst thing is that some have fallen into the "Not usable" part quickly because I repeat: In the items there is a time gap in relation to their att/def values and criteria to update them via Crafting.

    I think KANO should "slow down" the entire process that goes from: Acquire the item to update it. Many times a player has a huge amount of warriors that should be updated, but it does not make sense when there is a new adventure on the way that brings a new boss with stronger Items.

    <<<<<<<< VC s1 >>>>>>>>>
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    Well JAJA, your wrong, if look @ post #67, my idea has merit.
    Boss items are becoming more obsolete to raids yes, but we could continue on with the crates you buy, loot chests (upgraded as well) and the introduction of new bosses that made years worth of work and stamina fall right into the dumpster. I'll say again, this in no way helps me out, because crafting level's are correct for my level.

    PS: I don't need a explanation on how VC works from you. :p
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    PS: I don't need a explanation on how VC works from you. :p >>> Yep. I am almost 8k levels down you and you lose :) WANT PRINTSCREENS?
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    Actually it's more like 7200 lvl's lower and I do lose some if not right loadout, I'll give you that, but your all def and you lose by over 350%. You can't even beat level 7k's that actually play's the game. Only one's you can attack and beat is raid leveler's in range, or 5k lower than your level. :p
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    Guess "potential" was no, as well with the World boss upgrades in another thread that are useless. :eek:
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    Did you really expect something different?

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