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    Can you make BA have a feature to pair up only similar level/strengths/division? Open it up for sudden death but, it sucks to join in and get killed in 3-10seconds. I can't even manage to get in a single attack in the last 2 respawns, I literally was killed in 3 seconds from respawn. Or how about a maximum damage limit before sudden death? I honestly think the perks need to be adjusted to "make it fair and fun" why not have a penalty for high amounts of sp invested in attack and defense? It would actually allow low level players to have a chance at getting a decent placement and basically "level" the playing field. (I know this will never happen but maybe the other ideas?)

    Mobster has killed j9h7trf

    Mobster attacked j9h7trf and won
    2 minutes ago
    92 wins against since arena start

    Attacks 19,946
    Kills 32
    Wins 4,834
    Losses 947
    Biggest Attack 82,704,746 damage

    I know the 46 attacks in 3 seconds is allowed by kano so this isn't the issue.
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