Battle Arena Discussion (Round 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Now Pimp,we know there is to be no mention of him on the forum :)
    Don't worry,next VC arena I won't hide myself either.Should find me after 3 searches should it still exist next arena.Of course that's only if interested in knocking me out quick.
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    LOL....NO....i believe its that we cant speak badly of him, Kicking a lil Deltan butt is a GOOD thing....LOL
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    I have TWO suggestions for the next Battle Arena.
    1. If you attack someone 100 times in the last 5 minutes, that person can't be attacked by someone else, other than yourself. (this time i've had 2 kills stolen from me ...)
    2. If, at the end of the Battle Arena, you haven't initiated at least 1000 attacks overall, you shouldn't get any rewards. (i think it speaks for itself)
    Hopefully i'll see them implemented next time.
    Thank You.
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    Down to last 73 and far too many non fighters here :(
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    So here is a post for the Developers.... I would like to compare the Battle Arena in Viking Clan to the Battle Arena in Zombie Slayer....

    ---In Zombie Slayer, I am Level 2,000, but the top player in the game is a Level 3500(ish?), so it is possible to compete, and many of the folks are on a much fairer playing field.
    ---In Viking Clan, I am a level 3,300(ish), but the top players in this game are well over Level 10,000, so the playing field is not as "flat" or fair.

    What I notice in Viking Clan Battle Arena is that the top 5 or so players in the game largely get on a chat, and "single out" anything that moves. They kill anything that is alive. Even though I had built to 3,500,000,000 health, they set to kill me, and even in Defense mode, they had enough power to attack continuously and take me all the way to 0 in about 15 minutes time.

    These top few players set out to kill everything alive (that is not a friend fo theirs, or in the same chat), and once this action of killing all "active" players is done, everyone like myself is out early, and all that is left is mostly clean-up of the 'inactive' players. For example, I wondered how on the last go-round, a weak fellow who did not play at all finished 7th. 7th! :

    Attacks 0
    Kills 0
    Wins 34
    Losses 172
    Biggest Attack 3,722,268 damage
    Status: Dead
    Finishing Place: 7th! --- 7th out of 1,500+????

    And again, it is because a very small group of powerful, top players in the game set to kill everything alive, then just clean up the dead folks after the fact. SOOoooooooooo, all that said, here is the deal: I love playing the Zombie Slayer version because it is a 'flatter field" and folks lower down in the game have a great shot at placing high. I Probably will NOT be playing the Viking Clan version again because for all your efforts to move up, and even with 25+ kills early and a lot of health built up, the top players will see this and eliminate almost all 'active' players before they get anywhere near the top 100. (Note also, I had not killed anyone for an hour at the time I was set upon, so no argument can be mande that I had just 'stolen' a kill or anything like that which would make someone set out after me.

    ---I'd have a better chance of not playing at all and 'coasting' as an idle player into the top 100 than I ever would by getting some kills, being seen as an 'active' player, and set upon by the top few folks in the game. --- The algorythms you have created give TOO MUCH strength to the top few players in the game, so why do I get the feeling that when Battle Arena #3 Concludes, that the same folks will be up there in or near the top slots that were there last week? You have 2 choices:

    1) Leave it as is, and no low-level player will play (no chance whatsoever, 'your resistance is futile'), and all the mid-level players like myseof will quit playing as well, because we are on to the scheme that the top few players can dominate the game every single week and will kill everyone who is active early, with only the inactive players left to clean up amongst themselves at the end...

    2) CHANGE the algorythm so that a level 800, or a level 1500, or a level 3,300ish (like me) actually has some chance of competing against someone in the arena playing the game as a level 12,000 who cannot be defeated.
    ---- Those top players already control the game, why let them control the Arena for themselves too???
  7. Ace

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    Attacks 2,120
    Kills 2
    Wins 1,808
    Losses 844
    Biggest Attack 2,790,541 damage
    Status: Dead
    Rank: 51

    At first I did attack a lot of people, then I went off and hoped for the best. Turned out quite good :p

    Did anyone face the kill-and-not-get-health glitch? My feed showed everything fine, I got the health from the ones I killed and I believe my killer got my health as it shows on my feed that I've been killed by that person, while when I died and the health was gone, it wouldn't show who killed me.
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    the guy who killed me, did so after 530+ attempts. all that within an hour after a couple of hours into the arena. i don't get how this game can get started for me, even in my own time zone.

    thanks for the heads up on the info. tho it doesn't add up: joining arena and to get some exp for sitting there as target practice for the rest...
  9. alka

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    I'm happy with a top ten finish.
    Start time and a few early kills makes a big difference.
    The timing of my defence played a big part too.
    The game ran smooth for me, which adds to the playing experience..
  10. LOL, LMAO, HAHAHAHAHA!!! That was funny! I didn't know you had a sense of humor. :)
  11. We ALL have kills stolen from us, that's part of the FREE FOR ALL of the arena. Imo your idea has no merit. I wish players would understand there are NO RULES for the arena. That was the whole point, as I understand it. And it is aggravating to have a kill stolen, no doubt. Just move on to the next one which you may actually be "stealing" from someone else who's already been attacking them.

    I would like to see Kano revise, yet again, how inactive players are handled. Losing 15% or their health isn't sufficient unless they lose even more as more time goes on. I would suggest they lose additional health if they remain inactive every hour to two hours after the initial 15% loss at six hours.

    So, what about the issue of being screwed out of a kill reward, Kano? I know it has been happening for at least the last two VC arenas and the last PC arena. Yesterday one of my guild members was not awarded a kill reward over 500million and died a short time later. Idk if he would have lasted the entire arena, but it was absolutely a game changer for him when he didn't receive that kill reward. Since I was also hitting the same target, I definitely saw his name listed as the person who delivered the kill shot. That is messed up!
  12. Akkhunter1

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    I had about 5 or 6 stolen from me, but, i stole about 3 or 4 from people, its all fair
  13. John Gilli

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    It went smoothly for me. I spent the entire time attacking people, and I hardly ever noticed whether they were "active" players or not. I use other criteria for determining which players to go after (sorry, trade secret!) I had some kills stolen from me, mostly by the top 3 finishers, and I stole some from others (I wonder who I upset with those!) On the one hand, it is a HUGE consumer of stamina (I made too many attacks to admit to) but I also made a lot of levels, finished off 2 adventures, and added more than 2000 health to my character. Total expense for FP to make it happen? Around US$25, the cost of a movie.
  14. polishpimp

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    After kicking Bens butt last week in the MSPC arena and winning my 3rd MSVC arena I think its safe to say that the #1 player isnt a lock to win the arenas. in PC the #1 player is over 5k levels ahead of #2 and in VC the #1 player is over 2200 levels ahead of me at #2 and is yet to even make the top 200. This week many mid level players fared very well. All it takes is sound strategy, supportive clan, tons of stamina, tons of favor points and the ability/desire to be in for the very long haul.

    Personally, this will be my last "active" arena in PC or VC until things are changed, Ive been there done that and have nothing left to prove. It was fun, new and the bragging rights are great but other than that its just not worth all it entails. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Kano upped the FP reward to 75, but even with that and gaining 40 levels I still lost in the FP department and I have higher stamina than most. 2nd and 3rd place played and payed nearly as much and got even less. takes so much as far as time dedication and resources to win an arena I think the rewards should be tripled at least....perhaps just hold the arenas less often and increase the rewards significantly.

    A few things I noted that are still screwy or would be nice if were changed are as follows.

    1. Still a major problem with kill rewards not being awarded. This fact alone is enough to not invest heavily in the arena as u may get knocked out early thru no fault of your own.

    2. The rewards still arent worth the expense.

    3. Still way to many inactives ranking well and causing the active players to spend way to much to finish them off at the end. What happened to inactives not ranking? Cant u just hold off rewarding players until the arena is over and once it is push all the inactive back to the end of the line while moving the active players up the ranks?

    4. Something is outta whack with the way players stats are come up with, there are way to many players with very high health and absolute lousy kill rewards which make them unattractive inactives which pretty mush insures they will last towards the end.

    5. The 15 % penalty for inactives after 6 hrs is simply not enough, what happened to 50%? Most of the active players are already gone in the first 6 hrs especially the lower levels yet the inactives still flourish. The additional health during attacks was nice but not enough to really make a diff. Maybe theres a way to add more health or so no damage is taken when attacking inactives? Regardless....something needs to be done to promote actives and to eliminate the inactives.

    6. The fight list is still screwy, I refresh as often as I can and still get mostly the same players. Its as if the refresh is not refreshing players individually rather whole pages of players. There was some players that literally never left my fight page yet others that didnt show up until the very end and those players not only had been totally inactive but also had only a handful attacks against them as if they were barely available to anyone. I also found it odd that everyone I was in contact with had the exact same fight list at the very beginning of the arena, how unfortunate for those players that ended up on everyones fight list in the beginning. One thing I think would help would be to increase the number of players on the fight list, For the first half of the arena I was lucky to have gotten 1 or 2 new players on my fight list each time I refreshed (yes im aware we can only refresh every 30 secs). In the end....the fight list seems biased towards some players while omitting others, at the very least it doesnt appear completely random.

    7.I would also like to see (especially if the inactives arent dealt with) the additional percentage of XP and damage dealt once we get to the top 50 should start sooner, perhaps it should start when ever the rewards start as an extra incentive to be active and to all help the active players navigate the sea of inactives.

    8. Hopefully the search feature will remain as I honestly believe it gives lower levels a better shot, especially when u consider that refreshing the fight list doesnt work all that well.

    9. I also would like to see the entire roster of arena players names be revealed when the arena is over. I completely understand the need or want for anonymity before and during the arena but I think it would be a lot more fun to see whos who after its all said and done.

    10. I also wouldnt mind revisiting the idea of skill point reallocation just for the arena. The arena is completely diff and aside from the game so obviously there are many players whos accounts were built with specific normal game purposes in mind which just arent very good for arena type conditions. How fun would it be if every arena player could swap skill points around before every new arena, talk about strategy GALORE while also making it much more difficult to find certain players, maybe this would help ease the minds of some of the whinier high levels that want to get rid of the search option.

    I had few other concerns and ideas that i cant remember off the top of my head but will edit my post as i remember them. All in all I think The arena has been a blast and a huge success that just needs some minor tweaking. I think its main purpose of it being a free for all with less limits allowing every one a shot is perhaps Kanos greatest idea ever, where else can someone whoop ass on players 2200-6k levels ahead of them and tarnish their #1 rankings forever?

    Like I said....Im pretty much done with the arenas for now as its just to cost prohibitive vs the rewards and its no longer a real challenge for me, I will enter for the free XP and fart around in Defensive mode after I get 100 attacks and then just see what happens, Good news for u topped ranked players I But bare in mind I will be paying attention to the tweaks Kano makes along the way and reserve the right to come back and whoop ass if I like what I see n hear...until then good luck to all (most
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  15. The Protector

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    Pimp,I'm not even going to quote that "pimpagraph".

    Hopefully the search feature is eliminated as it allows high levels to target low level players and knock them out quick.
  16. Larry Skary

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    personally i hope they keep the search feature as this allows someone the ability to find who they dont want to attack right off.
  17. Demonik1

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    i agree a hundred percent with this idea and have thought of it myself...also the arena list shouldnt be AS populated with inactives as soon as it starts, that would give more people more of a chance to play and keep the arena competitive for a longer amount of time for most people....the person im quoting hit the nail on the head when he basically said its just a killing field for the higher levels. all i look forward to is the massive amount of levels i get and getting a few kills is always fun ;p another thing that would be nice AND entice more action out of players is an experience reward based on amount of attacks for delivering the death blow and that would also decrease the amount of "kills being stolen" slightly cause your reward is higher if you hit more
  18. Well, as someone who uses the search feature, I can tell you absolutely that I have NEVER used it to seek out low level players. I used it to find players closest to my level who MAY have posed a threat to us. It's ludicrous to use it to find low level players, they're all over the arena.

    Let's just be honest, shall we? We use it to find our enemies, they get taken out early and now they are whining about it. Could they be more obvious?
  19. Demonik1

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    i totally agree...the field is literally nothing BUT lower levels, why on earth would we need to seek them out?? ive only used it to find friends or someone i forgot to save. this is seriously a ridiculous debate, there are MANY other things they could be doing to make the system better, being able or unable to search for people should be last on their to do list if at all
  20. polishpimp

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    We have been over this already and your yet to give me a single reason why some idiot would need the help of a friend and the search feature to seek out some low level, why anybody would think this is somehow a good strategy would be beyond me and anybody employing this strategy would be spinning their wheels and will most likely never win an arena. Ive done pretty well and Ive never used the search feature for any reason other than to target bigger fish or known enemies.

    Lets be real were in total favor of the search until u and your meal ticket got the snot kicked out of them after a couple weeks of crowing....u were exposed, your meal ticket (high level #1) went down because of the search feature and then the rest of your guys weak ass accounts quickly followed because u no longer had the protection of someone 5k and more ahead of everyone else. You got out played ...its that simple. Im glad it burns and I know it does because your up here being a total hypocrite and making the most ridiculous unsubstantiated claims Ive ever heard...pathetic much?

    No worries....I kicked yours and Bens ass in your game and have dominated mine and now Im done,,.....go forth knowing that your merely second rate at best and thats only because your someones lap dog....come talk to me when you can walk on your own!

    Your being completely disingenuous because u know damn well that eliminating the search feature will allow your #1 to go unchecked and with that u get to ride along for free. Your a complete dousche for trying to pull the "lower level" card for your own gain.....hopefully most will read your older posts and see thru your BS
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