Aztec High Priest, Silverspike, Silent Assassin Blacksmithing tips:

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  1. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Aztec High Priest:
    Requires two unique items to craft.

    Requires three unique items to craft and one of them is a gift.

    Silent Assassin:
    Requires three unique items to craft and one of them is a gift.

    Good luck in your search!
  2. hmm SILVERspike.wonder if the gift is the SILVER hook
  3. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Aztec High Priest was solved as well, if not already unlocked...
    1 Aztec Warrior, 1 Oceanic Pilot
  4. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    From the new Dig Challenge: I got the Silver Dagger as a reward. Used it with the Silver Hook...nothing.
  5. evil eye talisman is one of the gift... ;-)
  6. silverspike possibility

    silverhook,marlinspike(maybe seadog marlinspike)silver dagger
  7. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Silverspike Thoughts

    Silver Dagger + Silver Hook + Evil Eye Talisman
    Silver Hook + Marlinespike + Evil Eye Talisman
    Silver Dagger + Marlinespike + Evil Eye Talisman

    The Silver Hook is a gift. So it can't be used with the Evil Eye Talisman.

    What item can be obtained at level 175 in Atlantis?
    Atlantis opens at 135 and Port Royal at 235, so if the level 175 item is an adventure drop (could be a Captain's Gambit) then it would be about midway.
    Adventure drops are:
    1. Atlantis Key - 2 Attack, 3 Defense
    2. Golden Challice - 1 Attack, 4 Defense
    3. Giant Pearl - ? Attack, ? Defense
    4. Red Pearl Compass - 4 Attack, 8 Defense
    5. Golden Leg - 8 Attack, 5 Defense
    6. Deadeye Helm - ? Attack, ? Defense
    One of the Challenge drops is the Trident (? Attack, ? Defense) (I'm in another challenge and can't check the others).
  8. rolandsea

    rolandsea New Member

    Your cold with using the Evil Eyed Tailisman for the Silverspike... Try using it for crafting an Assassin...
    It follows a similar format as the previous hidden recipes... The other component is a drop from a boss battle. That should be enough good clues to get in a few clicks.. Have Fun.
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    So...3 components for Assassin. Evil Eye + Boss Battle + some other non-gift

    If the Boss Battle Drop is the more advanced one (level 880 from Japan), then it is:
    War Junk (boss owner) - 89 Attack, 89 Defense
    Samurai (boss helper) - 24 Attack, 31 Defense (my guess, since it is a Matey that fits *silent* *assassin*)
    Embossed Katana (minimum damage kill drop) - 24 Attack, 31 Defense
    Throwing Stars (random attack drop) - 29 Attack, 23 Defense

    But if the level 880 item is a Japan adventure drop, then it is:
    Bottle o' Sake (used in another recipe)
    Ninja (used in another recipe)
    Katana (but the Embossed Katana comes from the boss...I favor that one)
    Red Seal Ship

    There is also the Japan Challenge. Shuriken is one of those drops.

    NOTE: if an item is used in one recipe, it is not ruled out of other recipes!!
    But, in my PERSONAL theory, the "former hidden recipe format" involves using a created item. Wise Old Spirit? My guess. Testing now.
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Got it!!!

    x1 Silent Assassin has been Added to your inventory.
    x1 Wise Old Spirit has been Removed from your inventory.
    x1 Samurai has been Removed from your inventory.
    x1 Evil Eye Talisman has been Removed from your inventory.
    Crafting this item cost you 15,000,000 coins

    22 Attack
    23 Defense
  11. pfkorst

    pfkorst New Member

    thanks skyler for silent assassin recipe@!!!!!!!

    cool skyler--u the man
  12. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I am picky about due credit

    Don't forget the ninjas and anyone else who posted their trials.
    I just pieced the clues together.

    And now we have the Silverspike to solve.
    "3 different items, one of which is a gift"
    I think the gift is the Silver Hook because the others just don't...*fit*
    All I've tested is the Silver Dagger and the Marlinespike. My brain is too fried to do any more.
  13. Ruby Rann

    Ruby Rann New Member

    Where does the Oceanic Pilot come from?
  14. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    A previous Blacksmith recipe, the very FIRST one.
  15. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    just tell me receipe of silverspike and prison transport , i m dying to hear them, and dont say " see previous threads for ur answer" , just write them if u know
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Begging, spam, terrible grammar and spelling.

    Do you see the "Search Criteria" box up at the top right? Did you see the different forum sections (in this case Pirate Clan)? Do you see ANY threads AT ALL dealing with those recipes or the Blacksmith in general?

    What I take from this is that you are not only too lazy to experiment with the Blacksmith yourself, but too lazy to search the forums (and in some other posts by you, spammed, you are too lazy to even read the posts of the thread you are posting in)!

    EDIT: For the love of all that is holy, you joined TODAY and started immediately on begging for Blacksmith secrets!? What. The. HELL!?
    Dude, I ain't doin' your work for ya'.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2011
  17. Prison transport = Water taxi + zombie compass + Captain's spy glass

    From my point you lose two boats to craft this one. It's non sense crafting it.
    Silverspike won't help anymore if you are high enough to craft prison transport.
    I won't spend any time more trying on it.

  18. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I just got the Water Taxi unlocked, but since it takes 2 boats and the adventure they drop from takes a HUGE portion of my energy, I've found it's actually better now to backfarm for things like Wise Old Spirit (Ninja adventure drop) to bulk up my weapons and mateys. And even if the Silverspike is discovered, I will still craft it just so I have the recipe unlocked.
  19. Maybe a resume of the yet known one should help.
  20. Bubba

    Bubba Member


    The Blacksmith recipes are Ancient Divesuit, Juggernaut and Coast Guard (maybe one is used for Silverspike)

    The Boss Drops are Atlantis (Warrior Cannon, Sub, Warrior Armor, Blade)

    As previous discussions have noted the gift may be the Silver Hook.

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