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  1. I have a question. Can anyone explain why, in regards to attack and defense levels, there are 3 different totals, depending on where you look, and which is the most accurate, or which is the one used to determine battle outcomes.
    On the "Skills" level there is one set of numbers, on Battle Strength in profile there is another, and yet another on "User" stats on profile.
    I do realize the Battle Strength data is the culmination of skills, weapons, ships and mateys, but I have a significant difference between the Skills level and the User level. One gives a higher attack level number while the other gives a higher defense level.
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    Battle strength tab is the inventory you use in a fight, on profile page is allocated skill points.
    None of these will actually tell you the outcome as you stated culmination of all these together.
    Best place to look though is when attack a certain person click on battle details, this will show you what looking for.
  3. I appreciate your input. Maybe I should have been more clear, or should have asked it differently.
    I have one amount for "total attack" and one amount for "total defense" on the "user" tab on profile.(23239 and 23464 respectively) Those amounts differ with the "personal attack" and "personal defense" totals on the "battle strength" tab on profile.(20355 and 22135 respectively, not including the "total" strengths that include ships weapons etc) Both of those totals differ yet again with the "attack" and "defense" levels on the "skill points" menu.

    I am wondering which of those totals should I be using to base building my attack or defense strengths?
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    My best guess would be your personal loadout is impacting some of the scores you are seeing. Change up the loadout and compare. It carries quite a bit of impact.
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    The Answer is almost as bad as doing Quantum Physics.

    The 'User' Tab numbers represent the Skill Points you have spent on A/D Plus your Load Out A/D Value.

    The 'Personal Attack/Defense' on the 'Battle Strength' Tab are Only the Skill Points you have spent on A/D.
    The next line down is 'Armed Attack' & 'Armed Defense' which are the value of your Load Out Only.

    On the 'Battle Strength' Tab:
    Add Personal Attack + Armed Attack = Total Attack (on User Tab)
    Add Personal Defense + Armed Defense = Total Defense (on User Tab)

    You can validate this by clicking the Icon to allocate Skill Points (even if you don't have points to spend). The value for A/D will match the value of 'Personal Attack/Defense' on the 'Battle Strength' Tab.

    Clear as Mud? TLDR: 'User' Tab numbers.....but keep in mind, changes Up or Down are the result of a Load Out change.

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