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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Thien Thuong Hoang, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Hey Kano,

    Currently Armadas are ranked solely on the basis of dailys. I was wondering if rank could be determined by a variety of factors, not only dailys but family size, total kills, and win/loss ratio (will go into this later). Would make armadas not only more interesting but make each member of an armada work hard for his or her armada as total kills is not ever "finished" but is continually being counted and win/loss ratio would be who has the most war wins which is a factor in the armada ranking.

    My second idea was if a kill counter or damage calculator could be implemented during war times. This would not be easy, but maybe have something set up so that when two armadas want to go to war...one armada initiates it and the other armada "accepts" the war. Once that happens a damage calculator or a kill counter starts for a duration of time and at the end of that period whoever does the most damage to the other armada or most kills would be the victor. This would help declare a CLEAR victor and also give bragging rights to the winner and maybe prizes can go to the winner as well (rare items for example).

    Just some thoughts that came to mind for PC as i love the game and would like to see it be the best it can be. Thank you.
  2. The Protector

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    Well in ZS they recently made it where leveling up counts as points.

    Maybe that will apply to the other apps eventually.
  3. Well leveling is fine and good but a having a factor in ranking being kills is maybe a better idea mainly because it won't be about just everyone going up levels but enjoying their levels, killing (as its a battle game), and working with their familys as it will take teamwork to coordinate activity times when a declaration of war starts.

    I've seen this idea in another gaem i play and a lot of people seem to enjoy it :D
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    From the understanding the developers are testing out slayer right now with different things first in the daily gamer points before they will add it to the other games. This is what tends to happen and i am sure once kano gets it figured out for each specific game on how to make it more of a challenge to be number 1 then it will make a lot of armada's guilds factions happy.
  5. Awesome! :)

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