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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Salman Al-buainain, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. hi all, since i keep joining the arena and there is no way for me to defeat high leveled people, so i just think of an idea that will help all and will make it fair for all different levels to have a big chance to win. So my idea is easy.. when we all join the arena, all our life is 1 billion and for the attack and defense, in the beginning we get 5000 skill point to use(it will be for arena not for our personal character) this 5000 skill point can be added to the attack, defense, and health -we should not be able to put all the skill point on 1 perk-. every time we join the arena all perk reset to zero and we get the 5000 skill points to be added to our perks. when we kill someone we get 20% of their total health(with the skill point used on health perk) and we get 10 skill point. for the defensive mode we get 10% more defense of the total skill point added to the defense perk..

    we get 5000 skill point when we enter the arena (for arena character, reset after each arena)
    we start with 1billion (can be increased by using skill point)
    we get 20% health of the person we kill
    we get 10 skill point for each kill
    we get 10% more defense on defensive mode
    we shouldn't be able to put all skill point on one perk

    ok, that way we will be all at the same power or stronger -depend on your tactic- and most people will join-fight- because they have all the reason to join arena, because that way we will have the chance to win people on high level and it will be fair for all !

    so what do you think? isn't it going to be fair for all?!

    rate, comment, improve idea, and anything is most welcome !
  2. Linda

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    So what happens when someone plays the game while being in the arena, there is no way to separate this huge amount of skill points , and that is the first thing that comes to mind, and reset"" reset to what ,what your were before the arena, I can see problems from trying to do that, ughhhh so sorry but I do not care for much of your idea, for one thing players who are high level or strong,worked hard to get there and should not be equal with lower or weaker players, and Idea was brought up before to maybe break down the arena in to groups where there are level tiers , but even that I do not see happening as there are really alot more lower level players than high levels, for the most part, and the original idea for the arena was because of the fact that high level players , at least in PC do not have many on their battle list.I can appreciate the thought put into presenting your Idea, but for now it gets 1 star :)
  3. ok then ... as you said you don't care for low level AND the arena are made only for high level people
  4. polishpimp

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    the whole reallocation of skill point thing only for the arena has been brought up before (i think by Kano), the only diff being that a player could reallocate what they actually had earned in game, I would be willing to consider that. What Im not willing to consider is negating everything a player has done to level the playing field....its insane to think some player that has played for months or even weeks should be equal to those that have played for years. I suggest going back and reading Kanos original threads on what the arena was supposed to be all about. In no way was it supposed to be equal and of course the higher levels should have the best opportunity to win......but they did at least make it so the lesser levels at least had a shot...slim yes....but still a shot....what more could u ask for? Its not like its adversely affecting a lower levels game to throw their hat in the ring and have a run at the big boys n girls...in fact many lower levels have performed well whether active or inactive...how cool is it that active lower levels have entered the arena and represented themselves in that way? Its not hard to level in these games fast....the dedicated lower level can come in and be a legitimate contender in mere months......does the weekend warrior who plays a few minutes a day really deserve to have a realistic chance at winning the arena? Thats what the regular game is for....the arena for those players is more of a shot in the dark...throw your hat in and see what happens with no detrimental effects to their real game and at the very least collect some free XP.

    In the end ....ive seen players a third of the highest level players level in the game actually win arenas....what more do want?
  5. alka

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    Unless you spend your life in your bedroom while the Arena is running and waste yer pocket money buying UN's, you have no chance of winning it.
    It's a time consuming event that most of us just can't waste time playing properly.
    Just do what you can, enjoy the moment and move on when killed and leave the Top spots those with no life in the real world!
  6. Fusheng

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    Arena is great for xp and levels
    there is no point in winning the rewards are not good enough
    you can spend alot of gfs to get far but the rewards if you want to win it is not good enough
    but the levels and drops and cash you can get chaining is great
    if xp was better more would join and buy gfs
    but the rewards need looking at big time
    top 100 should all get 20 gfs at least
    i been top 20 and i get 5-10 gfs thats not good enough for coming in top 20 out of 1300 entries
    to get to top 20 is a hard task and shud be rewarded accordingly
  7. polishpimp

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    totally agree! "build it it and they will come"....or in this case....pay out...and they will come.
  8. alka

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    The Arena is killing the normal game!
    Most players won't put the UN's into it just to get some levels out of it, so you'll see the top guys and those with money disappear into the distance.

    Bosses were capped going back a while because the top guys were buying levels, but greedy Kano are ok with people buying levels in Arena now!!

    What appeared to be an exciting addition to the game is just screwing it up big time.
  9. Akkhunter1

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    no 1/10 sorry
  10. What i would rather have than the arena feature (which can be and IS dominated by higher levels) is the introduction of the DECLARE WAR feature. So far in this game there is no actual feature where an armada can officially declare war on another armada and the other armada can "accept" the war. In some other apps they have this where wars are set to a limited time (say 48 hours like in Mob wars) and whichever armada does the most damage or kills within that limited time frame wins the war. There would also be a surrender option too.

    I think this would be soo much more beneficial to the game than this arena, and I think both serve the same purpose. Interactive fighting and promotion of teamwork.

    Thanks that is all.
  11. Linda

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    That is not what I said ,I said the arena initially was an idea to allow high levels to fight, but now that you brought that up, why should someone have an advantage over anyone, because they have not played as long?? I for one am not an arena fan , anyway, but those that worked long and hard at this game or any game,should not be at a disadvantage and also I know many mid levels who have done very very well in the PC arena, so stop selling them short.

    and may I add you mentioned any opinons were welcomed, guess maybe you did not mean that :p
  12. polishpimp

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    Hmmmm...killing the regular game? I just dont see the correlation as they are two diff games for the most part. Obviously ....like the game....the more money one puts into it the more they can potentially gain....the same holds true for both time and thought. I think most would agree that if u dont have players that pay....ya dont have a game, for that reason alone those who havent spent a dime really shouldnt have a beef, all things considered Ide say the games and its parity seems pretty good....no matter how much one spends there are still countless limiting factors.

    I agree that a few extra levels simply isnt enough. As much as I like the arena I think the end is drawing near simply because Kano is way to stingy with the payouts and the fact that the inactive thing has pretty much not been dealt with. A few levels is not enough when your having to pay twice as much....if an active player places in the top 20 it should be akin to winning the lottery....currently its like...YEAH....I won back 1/100 of what i put into it. From top to bottom the payouts are utterly ridiculous for whats involved, ya couple that with the fact u can pay and play for hours and still get blown outta the water by a slew of inactives....then whats the point. I dont think the arena is screwing up the game.....i think they are just screwing up the arena which they hoped would help the game.

    Players are leaving simply because as much as things have changed the more they stay the same.....its that damn balance Kano is always talking about, no matter the update or ones level things are so carefully measured and balanced they are simply just masked versions of the same old thing. The arena is never going to reward players that much more for the same price as the regular game.....not only because of the "balance" of the game ....but because of Kanos balance sheet. Players play and pay and hang on way to long hoping the next update is finally going to be that big payoff they've been waiting for and Companies like Kano rely on that......eventually everyone just gets tired of the same old song an dance and moves on like they do in every game.
  13. polishpimp

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    Low levels are great.....but they need to earn their stripes just like everyone else did. There is so much more available to the lower levels today then there ever was for player such as my self when i was a lesser level .....its almost laughable. What the lesser levels deserve is a fair shot relative to their level on a level playing field....what they have when it comes to the arena is that and much more. In time those more dedicated lower levels will become mid to high levels and have their time in the spot light. Until then they can enjoy the countless new updates that have been added that allow them waaaaay more opportunity then I had in terms of leveling and length of time it takes to level. In the meantime.....if they wish they can toss their hat into the arena and give it a whirl with no risk to their regular game and have a slim shot at getting a lil something something. Nobody deserves getting XP just for entering as it breeds inactivity under the current format and pay table of the arena.
  14. Akkhunter1

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    What happens if a players health in the regular arena is over 1 billion? take away from them? Um no im stil 1/10.
  15. alka

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    I've seen guys jump 30 to 60 levels on a few Arena's. Some are desperate to get ahead of their enemy as the main game cannot offer a solution for fast levelling at any cost.
    The start times have helped to ruin it for a large portion of players, and the duration of the Arena along with the constant searching for targets is not practical for the family person.

    So yes, the Arena has upset the balance of the game to the point where a lot of top guys are leaving as the Arena is playing too big a part in how the main game figures out and they don't have the time to keep up with it.
  16. ok.. i never said that some will have advantage on other .. no i said that all people will be equal .. but some can be stronger if they had added the skill point in the correct way or in a good way !!!

    yep i said any opinion are accepted .. i accepted yours and i really happy to see people are posting on my idea :) but you may know how i feel...!! :p
  17. ok ... for myself i am level 2840+ and the arena there are people level 16k 14k 13k 8k 6k 5k so these all are stronger then me ... and since i am on my level i cant deal much on the person i am attacking... max 1.2Billion after 15 attacks !! so when find someone weaker then me i keep attacking him and the person i am attack is over 700m life ..so when i attack i win most lose some and then while i am attacking this person ..someone of the high leveled people who are in the arena are in and then keeps attacking me and i lose even before i kill the other person or drop 3/4 of his life !!! so this is not fair ! we should all be at the same strength without skill point and the different of the strength will depend on the skill point and how we use it ! so it be fair for all !! no low mid high level !
  18. Linda

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    at the beginning of your idea you said

    hi all, since i keep joining the arena and there is no way for me to defeat high leveled people, so i just think of an idea that will help all and will make it fair for all different levels to have a big chance to win.

    So I took that as your want an "advantage" over those that may have played longer and are higher, maybe advantage is not the right word, but again I feel those that have played longer should not be on equal footing in the arena, as they earned their level and everything that goes along with that hard work, the arena is meant to be a " free for all" last man standing kinda idea, if we were all equal , that would undermine everything long time players have accomplished, that being said , I still have seen mid levels do extremely well in the arena, at your level. btw the arena is not supposed to be fair, kills are stolen, people with higher health are gonna go after those with lower health, so maybe start working on your health between arenas, and develop a strategy,you already notice other's using a strategy, and that is what wins, My first mate came in the top ten and he is a level 4000 plus I came in in the 30's and I am a 3800 plus but I have seen lower levels come in higher in many arenas
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  19. see that is what not fair!! people start with over 2B+ and some start with 5m(not me i start with 900m+) that is really not fair !
    yep all start with 1B but you can use some of the skill point to make your health higher !
  20. yep advantage is not the write word :)
    plus you keep saying "playing longer" let me tell you that i am on PC since it first day :D
    yep at least they be equal here on the arena .. since on the whole game they are not equal :)

    my level 2840+don't remember last number ^^"

    EDIT: 2850!

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