April 1st Developer Update - Easter Calendar

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    With April upon us it is officially time to ramp up the Easter hype train! To celebrate we have created the Easter Calendar. The rules are simple, open a door to win a prize and if you open all of the doors you will receive Kano's Longship which is unique to this Easter Calendar.

    To start your Easter Calendar head to your Challenges page located within Adventures, or look for the Easter Calendar banner ad on the Home page.

    Easter Calendar Rules
    • You will receive 1 Free Key a day
      note: you can only hold 1 Free Key at a time
    • Doors can be opened in any order at any time.
    • Open all of the doors before the game expires to receive Kano's Longship
    • Recruit the help of your friends to earn extra Keys. Free key at 5, 10, 15 and 30 friends helping.
    The calendar began on April 1st and ends on May 1st, at which time it will no longer be available for completion.

    Happy Easter season from everyone at Kano Apps!

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