Aegir's Trident

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  1. Jme

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    The Aegir's Staff is an adventure drop in Aegir's Sea. As for using one item made by the Blacksmith to create another... None of the other recipes have called for it. At least up to the Spear of Root Essence. That's all I have unlocked at present.

    However KANO is apparently sadistic enough, that it may be possible...just HIGHLY unlikely.
  2. Tylerbmiller

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    hmmm unless it combined warrior or items nothing do with name sake which could be possible too >.>
  3. SkylerF

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    If you play Pirate Clan (I don't know about the other Kano games), then two, maybe 3 of the recipes use a previous Blacksmith item.

    The Trident is the second recipe. The only item that could have come from the Blacksmith is the Hero's Warship. Since the Aegir's Trident is unlocked at level 140 (that is what you need to get the ingredients), it can't use a Blacksmith item that is unlocked LATER.
    I don't know...Hero's Warship doesn't make sense to be used for Aegir's Trident.
  4. MerlinDerby

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    My idea was that Kano is trying to be cute and imitate a fishnet gladiator. Alas no combination, of net and dagger plus one other item, worked. I also tried a variety of spear like drops, and warriors required for Aegirs Passage or holding spearlike weaponary.
  5. SkylerF

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    Could you provide lists of the combinations you tried, please? There is a thread dedicated to solving the Trident. It has EXACT combinations that have been tried as well as some of our theories.
  6. Thor Odinson

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    I know in Pirate Clan there are a couple recipes which use a Blacksmith item to make the next so have been trying Heros Warship in my mixtures as well, doesn't mean they are doing it here but who knows
  7. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    That was my point. Pirate Clan has done it before; there is precedent.
    However, if the same mechanic works on the Trident, the ONLY Blacksmith item is the Hero's Warship. As the second Blacksmith item, the Trident can ONLY use the Hero's Warship and no other Blacksmith item.
  8. dlay

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    Aegir War Ship, Hero's War Ship and War Elephant, sorry posted it in the other 2 forums. found this looking for the Steel Sword Recipe now
  9. seth the chef

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    steel sword is aflheim dagger set, viking dagger and skull dagger
  10. SkylerF

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    Other Recipes

    Any hints on the Under Giant?

    Someone in my guild said it was Under Giant = Hellfire Chariot + Sky Maiden + Autumns Hammer, which is COMPLETELY impossible.
  11. Morfeuzs

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    how made Aegirs hammer?????
  12. SkylerF

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    You mean "Aegir's Trident"?
    That thread has EVERY SOLVED HIDDEN RECIPE in it.
    All of PC's current recipes have been discovered.
    All but the last 3 VC recipes (Autumn's Hammer - level 2500, Aurora Knight - level 2900, Stonepillar Axe - level 3350) have been solved.
    Many MW:LCN have been solved.
  13. nischal limbu

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    ageir warship+hero war ship +war elephant=ageirs trident unlock at lv140 ageir trident attack=30 and defense=41
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  14. nischal limbu

    nischal limbu New Member

    any body how to make sky shine blade
  15. Wonder Woman

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    Is it not more fun to figure them out yourselves ? Spoiler thread.
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    read the freaking posts!
  17. Andy Page

    Andy Page New Member

    For the under giant the recipe is 2 frost giants and 1 viking axes

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