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    So if i'm right i've been playing about a month now and i'm lvl 618 at the time. Even in the 600's i'm still averaging about 3 levels a day now.

    I was hoping to help out newcomers avoid my mistakes.

    Everyone is always asking about stats, but here is the basic rundown. You want a good balance. Basically keep every stat up.
    here is mine at lvl 865
    Energy: 1015
    Stamina: 1000 (2000 points)
    Health: 11650 (1165 points)
    Atk: 1445
    Def: 1445
    I keep my Best Attack items equipped so when i'm fighting Bosses I can do more damage since my DEF is high enough to protect me decently.

    *NOTE* Due to the amount refilled when you level going above 3000 energy isn't very useful at the moment.

    Basically you need defense so your not a target and a healthy balance of Health & Attack to keep pushing out good damage. Energy lets you get money without losing HP that you have to pay to heal and Health not only helps increase damage for punch Achievements, but also gives you more time between paying for heals which can really hurt your income.

    Slayer Fighting
    • Do Outbreaks first. Most outbreak items that drop are Destructible which are 1 time use when you attack slayers. So by doing outbreaks first you make sure you have a stockpile of them for when you attack slayers
    • As you level your "Squad" grows. These are friends friends you added. Always goto Profile/Top Squad and to to keep all your Top Squad slots filled As you level more will open up until you hit the max of 20 and then you can start working on Hired Squad (NPC's) that also max out at 20 around lvl 1500. If you don't have enough friends Post in Forum, Post in the Global Chat box,.. or click FIGHT and click everyones name on the list and send them invites.
    • Make sure to fill your contracts so that you get a Attack % Boost. Go to Profile and click the "PUBLISH Contracts" to have you friends fill these.
    • Improve Gear *see Gear section*
    • Attack is EVERYTHING. Whe you attack they compare your attack to their defense and if you don't beat their defense you don't get ANY money, might actually LOSE money and you both take damage presumably you will take more if your the losing party.
    • Remember you should always be upgrading properties & buying new ones when they are available at each location. The higher your income form properties the more it cost your rival players to put a bounty on your head or ambush you!.
    HANDLING SQUADS Tips & Tricks
    • Ideally you want 5 of you 20 top squad to be pointmean to give you the max 10% bonus to Attack and defense. The other 15 should be players that have large attack or defense
    • Formula for Max Attack of Defense is ( # of Unlocked Squad Slots * Stat) = Max Stat. So if your Attack is 1000 and you have all 20 Top Squad slots unlocked the max attack your squad can add to your attack when attacking a slayer is 20players * 1000atk = 20,000. Now if the attack of all your top squad players & hired is less then 20,000 then you bring what ever it totals.
    • The MAX Top Squad is the Total Attack and Defense of all top squad memebers. Thiis what your attack or defense COULD BE if your personal attack of defense was high enough. Keep in mind this works on totals not individuals. SO if your attack is 100 and you only have 5 slots unlocked then 5 * 100 = 500 attack max. This could be 4 players with only 1 attack and a 5th player with 2000atk to max out that 500 or 5 players with 100 attack each. So if you lots of big hitters you can add players with smaller stats and it wont matter so long as the people or npc's in your top squad's combined attack or defense is = or greater then the CURRENT TOP SQUAD Strength then your doing the bets you can.
    • Keep in mind if you have 5 slots unlocked every 1 point you add in attack of defense also is 1 point for each of you Top Squad so 1 point is more like 6 points (1 for you + 5 top squad) if your level 1500 and have all 20 squad and 20 hired slots unlocked then 1 point is actually 41 attack of defense. (1 you + 20 top squad + 20 hired)
    • Hired Squad works the same way. My hired squad is Roughnecks and Brawlers. Roughnecks to max out my slots because their cheap.. and Brawler because there attack and defense is the highest and takes longer for them to become out dated. (When you add a brawler his attack and defense is 120% of your current attack and defense, but as you level his stats stay the same unless you pay 10 UN to update him to 120% of your attack and defense again.) Because there 120% of both stats you can level quite a few times before they become out dated and this means you can use a few roughnecks (only 5UN!!) to max out your hired slots and save UN coins for something else like gear!
    • Ideal setup- Top Squad is 15 players & 5 Pointman's, Hired Squad is 17 Brawlers and 3 RoughNecks. This gives you the Max possible % bonuses on top Squad and on Hired Squad guarantee's you Max Hired Str with as little UN spent as possible.


    • Squad doesn't matter here it's just your attack/defense & items.
    • Don't forget at higher levels you get 2 weapon slots for yourself. (but not Squad mates.)
    • Always attack using POWER ATTACK for the bonus. If you have less then 5 sta wait to get you get 5 then use power attack. Your killing your investment by doing single attacks with 1 exception.
    • Look on the home page and filter by BOSS. Here you can see all your friends asking for help with boses. Look for bosses that are within reason for your too attack. Find bosses here that have a rewards tab that require XXX of dmg to be done. Then do a single power attack against them to see if you can easily hit that required stamina to get the items. If not move on.. my rule is 5% if i can't do 5% of the required damage for the reward in a single power attack then i usually move on it depends on how good the item is.
    • You can equip a full attack set of gear for fighting bosses but watch your health, I prefer a balanced suit since unlike attacking slayers your guaranteed to hit and be rewarded, but more damage = more reward.
    • The Exp you get from fighting bosses even with power attacks is not the most efficient way to level up, but once you kill a boss you get a nice bonus exp & some nice ITEMS and that's why boss fighting is worth it. Don't fight random bosses just to gain exp it's not the most efficient way to do it but some of those rewards when they die are nice and THOSE rewards are based off how much damage you did so less damage less reward.
    • Don't forget if your just trying to finish off a boss that your running out of Stamina for or just to unlock the next area, ect.. Then you can click the button to let anyone attack and click the "ASK FOR HELP" button to publish you want help with the boss and let others attack it. YOu can set damage limits for other players but i rarely do this some find it frustrating. Just get your minimal damage you wnat out of it then ask for help.
    • Always look for bosses that people need help with. Most of the time you can either deal XXX min damage to get some nice items or attack at least twice to get a chance at a random item/un drop once boss is defeated.
    • Pay attention to the Bosses Level. Most Achievements for Bosses give you rewards for defating a boss or coop boss the 1st, 5th, and 10th time. Also most boss unlocks that require you defeating another boss require you to defeat that boss 1, 5, or 10 times. So focus on the killing the bosses below lvl 10 first to get the most bosses unlocked and skill point achievements.
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    GEAR & Profiles

    • Don't spend your precious UN on Sale items. There always subpar items that you will eventually replace.
    • Don't waste money upgrading things at lower levels they are quickly replaced around lvl 100 you slow down enough to start upgrading items that are high in attack that you will have with you for a while.
    • Easy Gearing - Look for Limited Quantity or Limited Time items for sale that have a combined point value of 520 or higher. Such as 260/260 is 520 points together this is a good item. Anything thats 520 or higher can be considered if you think you need it. Keep in mind items that are 150/150 or 200/200 these items are often given out by Kano via monthly, weekend, or holiday events and no since spending UN on them if you get same items for free.
    • I prefer to save up UN so I can buy 3-5 of the same item at the same time. The reason is then I only have 1 item to upgrade to improve all of them.
    • For the First 100 levels try not to buy any UN gear if you can manage. This is so at lvl 101 you can upgrade your profile which cost 100UN. This helps reduce 2 of the following you pick Energy/Stamina/Money Timers. It's very helpful I prefer the Energy/Money for more money or Energy Stamina for more leveling.
    • FORGET THE WORKSHOP - until you get in the high levels 1500+ the workshop items are not worth the time it takes to make them and they are over expensive.
    • Patience,... wait for a good item for sale before buying one. remember UN should be used for buying profiles, 520pt+ UN gear, and Hired NPC's.
    • To get good non UN Gear look on the home page with your friends list (the one your buliding constantly) and filter All Slayers & Bosses This will show you all the bosses people need help with. Look for bosses that if you do XXX dmg will give you 1 or 2 items. The idea here is you can find Bosses that are higher level then you, but your still able to do the min damage to get the better gear. Such as best thing you can buy may be a item like 55/55, but you fight the El Diablo Mexico boss and do enough damage to get his 71/65 maltov weapon. (I guessed numbers from memory for the moltov). This means you can farm gear for your Squad that is better then what you can buy or make in the workshop. These will last you much longer and cost no $$ just the stamina to get the min damage. Now at lower levels there is some bosses you have no reasonable hope of getting the min damage, so again play the 5% rule of 1 power attack should prob get you 5% of the required damage for the items.
    • Not sure what to buy? Goto your profile and beside your avatar click the "FIGHT STRENGTH" button. Here you can see What your power is for Attacking and Defending with your weapons. Look for a weak point or the lowest number. Got 3k+ on Weapons & Vehicles, but only 2100 on gear? Then you will see greater improvements from buying new gear then weapons or vehicles. It easily has attack and defense separated so you can find the weak points in your attack or defense.
    • Outbreaks are important they let you progress to new areas, bosses, and better gear recipes. So keep your energy up so you can resonably handle the outbreaks your facing. First 10 levels I would invest a good portion of your skills into them. Now at lvl 618 I have enough energy so every 3 levels I can get 1 outbreak to 100% and that's ideal to keep me progressing without over spending in energy so that i'm stuck in a certain area while my level is too low.
    • Slayers - If your doing good gear wise go to Fight and fight other slayers. Look for slayers that give good exp and avoid ones that you lose against. Once you attack all the slayers you can beat you can wait 10 mins and come back for a new list of slayers. This is often the best ratio of EXP, it is only hampered by the fact your fight list is limited and you have to keep coming back to a new list.
    • BOSSES - While bosses give out decent ratio's for fighting them the real perk is the large bonus exp for defeating a boss and the gear. If you have excess stamina that you dont need for fighting then use it grinding through bosses for exp, rewards, and to progress to the next area.
    • A little trick I like to use if I just defeated a boss, I won't click the "COLLECT REWARD" icon. Go do other things outbreaks, or use up rest of your stamina then come back and click it. The idea here is if your close to leveling you can get as close as possible and use the Reward to push you the rest of the way over. This allows any excess EXP from the reward to be carried over to the next level so your never starting back at 0%. To go back and collect click BOSSES and find the boss you defeated and click award. While you have to go back to "COLLECT" the EXP & $$ you will still get any achievement for defeating the boss.
    • Faction Wars - Join these and fight! Faction wars often give great rewards and don't have the limited target problem of the Fight system. You can also gain by simply healing your tream and not just by fighting. Also at the end if your team places top 20 then more MOney & EXP rewards! Remember this isn't individual it takes in the whole team to make one (I like to call) Super Slayer based on the whole team's stats and each of you get points to attack or heal with. Keep your guy alive and attack to earn points and try to get ranking 20 or higher for bonuses!.
    • Challenges - Challenges are Card Games or Rocket games that you have random chance of getting EXP, $$$, and sometimes UN. Rocket Games have a 5% per shot of hitting the jackpot and getting 5 UN... Cardgames you usually get 2 or 3 UN guaranteed if you just finish the system. Both require you to ask for help from friends to finish in the time frame and both give you items/exp/money for finishing in time. With Cards I suggest doing single token hands until you get to the last 5 hands then you can do double or quadruple for bigger wins. This is to ensure you have enough time to actually finish the game and get the BIG reward because if you fail to finish the game you have to start over.
    • On the home Page everyday there is a Daily Reward where you can get bonus Stamina or Energy and it gets better everyday you do it in a row so keep doing it everyday!
    • With the Daily Rewards you can pick Stamina or Energy. If my outbreaks are having a issue where i'm not leveling fast enough to keep unlocking new outbreaks then I pick stamina here, but if I need to knock out some out breaks then i switch it to Energy.
    • Click UN and go to Lottery 3pmEST/2pmCST to have a chance at winning the lottery!
    • Quad mates can send Energy or Stamina boost to each other send them boost and they can send them back. this Gives gives you 100% of your energy or 50% of your Stamina so don't use these when your 5% from leveling use it when your in the middle of a level and ran out of juice. and use them 1 at a time because when your level any excess is gone.
    • Keep looking at the news section & forums for Special item giveaways!
    Try to keep your stats balanced and you will reap the rewards, and hope this helped some of you.
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    Working on a boss list of items & Difficulty

    This is a list that has Tabs for Single Boss, Coop Boss, World Boss

    Single: Shows the items you can win from defeating them as well as difficulty
    Coop: The same, but also shows Random Kill & Min Damage rewards
    World: List all the drops from World Bosses showing Normal, Elite, and Optimal forms.

    My Rule of thumb is the most recent boss I unlocked I can attack a Boss up to 5 Difficulties higher without losing a lot of damage and taking up a lot of your time. Early on you can invest in some nice UN gear for Character and give you a boost. And it's worth it to stay ahead of the game.
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    Not bad, but for people that using facebook or some sort its way to many info. However for a advance players this will get handy, even for my level i like this. If i get the proper run back when i started i think i was around level 4000 now instead of 3100. ;) keep up the good work!
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