you are destroying a once perfect game

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  1. you are ruining this game ... Guild page must return back too normal .... fire the person who ruined the guild page kick him in the teeth... and what is wrong with the prices on some of this .... who is in charge .... what kind of drugs are these people on ........... KANO...VC is not the same ... and if this continues........ VC will fall too the ground ... you choose ... listen too the players ... or listen too someone costing you loads of dough .... we the players Demand ... our Voices too be Heard ... do not turn VC into some low rated left version of some WOW
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    Thank you for your ... colorful message. It has been edited down to a more appropriate level.

    Guild pages were changed to make room for the Guild Wars that is going to be released soon. Once it has been released I think that the changes will make more sense.

    You can read all about the prices change, what happened and how we resolved it on this post:

    We do listen to our players and this is a great place for your voice to be heard.

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