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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by waldo1984, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. waldo1984

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    I'm not exactly sure what to call this, but I have to love this. After opening up VC a little earlier, I see this:

    You were attacked by [name deleted] with a Battle Boost of 5%.
    You lost the Battle losing 500,000 coins.
    1 hour ago delete

    Multiply this 19 times over, followed by:

    You were Axe Slapped by [name deleted] taking 52 damage.
    24 minutes ago delete

    Okay, no sweat, it's all part of the game, and I'm thinking I've got a great target to go after. Anyone strong enough to take me on is almost always worth a health chunk of XP. I wonder about the axe slap, but don't think much about it. I go pay my respects, and get a good chunk of XP.

    This is followed by several sessions of attacks where he learns I have a much faster mouse button finger and Internet connection. 37 attacks for me, 29 for him, when I see the inevitable:

    [name deleted] has put a Bounty on you for 32,571,825,253 coins.
    24 minutes ago delete

    ...and of course, he's been hiding in the hospital ever since.

    Okay, it's not like I'd call the guy a wuss, because my "attacking" him in a browser game isn't going to threaten his physical well being, but why do people like this actually play a war game in which we're simulating Viking battles? Wouldn't something like Farmville be more appropriate?

    What exactly is so distasteful about being attacked that people seem to want to avoid it so much in this game?
  2. probably cause they have no brain or if they have one its smaller than what im throwing in quotations "."

    some just dont like it for whatever reason.but that makes it more interesting when you fighting someone like that
  3. skjold

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    Most funny is tho that he didn't like loosing 8x 500.000 to you....and then went and spend 32 bill. to stop you...

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