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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Sir Opinion Alot, Jan 12, 2015.

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    Ok i now have a few app going and one thing i have found out sw's xp payout as you get higher really blows. I got a lvl 600 and when i use the 300 tokens i get 4 lvls off of it. Which is awesome, what i dont get is it is already easy to level as a low player they came fast but my question why as you get higher the xp ratio seems to change dramatically. My self dont think its fair for some one to start and gain easy benefits to level when others have spent years to get where they are sweat and blood and many hours. My thing is I think when you get higher you should get more outta these events than for say a newbie or the same if they get 4 lvls for there 300 tokens i think i should to no matter the level I am if you do a % ratio the % is way off. Just my morning rant as i see that even with raids the lower teir move so easy i thought it was a fast leveling for everyone. Please kano think about what you are doing and giving only benenfits to the new ones seems use upper levels are spending tons of stamina to gain 1 level. Chanllenges pay on a % ratio and I think the war's and the raids should be based off a percent compared to your level and i think that ratio should be the same across the spectrum of players out there.

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