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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by LaScepter, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    When we make a (private) group in the world chat the options for adding and inviting are there. But..there are 2 options..
    1...Add friends , 2. Add guild.
    My question is ..why do i have to click thru 125+ pages of clan/friends to find the ones i would like to invite.? there is no search option...this is extremly time consuming.. i think it would add an ease to its use......would this be something coming soon or just something we havent thought of ???.....LOL..

    **Wasnt sure which area to place this thread**

  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I will bring this to the attention of the devs, I imagine they may not get back to you before Monday or Tuesday, it is Thanksgiving for them this weekend.
  3. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    @ Linda....Thanks...I decided to make a group for a back up ahead of time with all the facebook changes almost daily , when i encountered this...LOL...took me forever to click thru the pages to select certain vikings . Also i do have a few questions....can there only be 1 admin for the groups created and how do we invite those who are not in our clan ??? No rush on the devs on this...just finding things as i go....Happy Thanksgiving Canada !!!
  4. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestions LaScepter. We are looking to make the chat more functional, and it's good to hear what players are looking for in the feature.
    Currently, there is no way to add players who aren't in your clan to private groups, although if the group is public they'll be able to join.
  5. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    @ Wonder Bread ...Im thinking with some changes the chat groups on Kano may grow...with Facebook making changes almost daily as to how we communicate its best to tweek and work at growing its use and reputation...LOL....How do ya feel about a 2nd Admin ??? If you want this to be used...its going to have to be user friendly and not clustered like the blacksmithing setup..!..:p
    I will say ...i have played on the Kano page and the movement of the chatbox is far wider and more out of the way during play... than on the FB page ! After all if Facebook doenst want us to rely on them to log into VC...why would we log into FB to chat with our viking friends ???....LOL..

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