[KanoPlay] Wonder Woman hitlisting on myspace

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    WHELER Banned

    Claim a hit on KANO's Wonder Woman starting today at 3pm PDT! 30 mins only. Read more: http://t.co/366mBNK7

    Apr 4, 2012

    "wonderwoman hitlisting on Facebook - Now Ended" ? you changed my post? & close the thread? why? so other ppl on myspace can't complain?

    people where waiting for this event to begin on myspace!... if this was just a facebook event, you might of dam well said so!

    "Wonder Woman Hitlist event today @ 3pm PDT!
    Mob Wars players!
    In proper KANO fashion we are saying farewell to our esteemed support person Cara "Wonder Woman" this week by demoting her from our mob and hitlisting her! Starting at 3pm PDT today, Cara will be bountied by KANO staff, and only KANO staff for 30 mins! Huge cash to be won by claiming the hits as we send her off in the best way possible.

    Good luck and have fun everyone! "

    nothing said about it being only on facebook!!


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