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    this must mean you have a lot of friends that joined the game before you.
  2. True, but it would still be a fun stat to know. With the lower levels however it could be a real indicator of strength since usually you can level with random fights then. I didn't start battling the same handful of people over and over again in chain til around level 750 or so, I'd expect the fight lists to be more populated at levels higher than that now considering more people have entered those ranges since then.
    You would expect the higher levels with partners to have a ratio just under 50% if they suffered few losses apart from that of regular leveling if they didn't just allow their friends to level off them without wanting to level the same amount in return.
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  3. Some people can hit you many, many times - all for wins - and then hide so they don't incur many losses. This stat. might be the best way to identify those players - other than that it probably doesn't mean much in this game.
  4. along with a high deal count. These types get listed or slapped to death all the time.
  5. the tyndall
  6. tyndall...nature's cruelest mistake.

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