why do people kill other people's bosses?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sln88, Jun 7, 2010.

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    its not even close to the time being up and they might only need 1 or 2 more players to unlock(whatever it is that gets unlocked) and they go and kill them. I have enough stamina to kill but I usually just stick to 50-60K damage to give others a chance.

    Am I doing it wrong by 'sharing'? Is there an advantage to killing the boss?

    and, what the heck DOES happen when something gets "unlocked"?
  2. It helps if You leave message on your Boss feed to not kill Boss and almost everyone follow what You say on message :)
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    Jack is right.. you need to leave a message on the Boss Feed page to let people know how you want help when you request it.. Many people want others to kill their Bosses and some want to do it themselves.. no one will know unless you leave a msg :)
  4. Gavin

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    The power attacks are "unlocked" are when you get the required amount of people to join the fight against your boss, usually it's 5-10 people. I guess it helps out if you don't do much damage w/ a single attack.
    Also the "unlocked" power attack is only good for the duration of that single boss battle. You don't get to keep it for other attacks or bosses so it's temporary.
    As for others killing your boss, JAck and Vamp are right leave a message like don't kill want 10 total clans to help or something like that. Also I've seen other leave messages like that then later place a message to go ahead and kill the boss.

    Personally I usually do a good amount of damage to my boss then ask for help, As if you don't do enough attacks or damage you don't get the final reward for the boss kill. Also since I know I've done enough damage and attacked enough I don't mind if others kill my boss, I'm thankful cause they helped and save me some stamina... as some bosses take a lot of damage and use up a lot of stamina. Like the Rock boss.. it takes like 800000+ damage to wipe that beast out.

    So hope this helps.
  5. Good Explained Gavin ;) so no message Your Boss will die - specially Rock Giant :D
  6. sln88

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    well, I was not really talking about my own bosses. I do put a message in there but I usually don't get that much help

    I see it more when I help others- they maybe only needed one more to unlock but then someone comes along and kills the boss before they can get all the helpers. I guess if people don't care, I could go and kill the bosses too- but I thought people did not want that. I have found if I do about 50-60K damage, I get a reward/

    but, it sounds like the unlocks are pretty useless anyhow?
  7. unlocks will deal more damage and give more exp than 5 reg attacks.however you dont need the unlocks.they wont help in anything other than the boss.so yes they are useless pretty much.
  8. I always leave a messages on Bosses and even to the point of repeating message on clan feed - if I am looking for new attacks on Boss- I will not kill someones Boss unless asked to or I see that unlock has occured - Its a shame that some people don't read the messages left though.....Eh Jack! lol
  9. yeah 1time i didn't but now i do :D
  10. I was kidding hun! lol.....Mistakes happen...
  11. While we are on The Boss subject - May I ask what has happened to the notes that are left - some are now missing and some not there at all - even though it may say that a number of people have attacked - I have only noticed this in the last few days - but if we are going to leave notes to the above effect,this will all seem pointless if the notes are cut off.
  12. angua

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    Whenever I post for help no-one bothers, almost given up on posting for help with bosses. If anyone likes helping pls get in touch and I'll add u to my clan
  13. hey :) i have a solution for u'r problem if u haven't maxed out your chieftains yet..u should try to add people who are over level 1000 from the leader board, they have a high amount of stamina and high personal attack, so they are more likely to aid in your boss fights than smaller levels and quickly finish them off :)..that's wat i've done and it's going great, the minute i ask for help the boss is half way in his health...Or u can keep asking for help so many times,making your post appear so often among other peoples help posts...or u can simply attach a post to u'r help request telling them to hit once or twice so that when all powers are unlocked the boss will go down easily and u will earn much more XP...hope i helped:D
  14. add me and i will kill or help just send me private message on viking clan ;)

  15. I'm more then happy to help, Like our leader Para said, send me a message and I'll add you..
  16. i got a question guys?? how many times are we gonna have to kill the bosses, i mean doesn't end or do they keep coming until they reach level or 100 or more lol!!
  17. i think it keeps going lol.last achievement so far is for killing the level 10 boss.i would keep killing them though especially the higher level as drops are strong and more you have the better.
  18. ya u'r right, the'r becoming annoying lol the higher we go the harder they become and the more stamina u require and people are starting to give up on boss fights..instead of taking a few minutes to level up it takes hours, we keep wasting a lot of stamina on them, the administrators should make them a bit easier to beat down, or maybe reduce the stamina increase to 1 skill point for 1 increase..could help a lot :D
  19. like the way you look at boss levels and fights future :)
    yes they be come stronger and still the same EXP power or 1 stamina attack
    will be great when player build stronger bosses and it gives more exp
    example:- like level 5 boss give ''200''exp per power att- and after u get that boss level 20 you get 400 exp so players have interest get bosses high is possible


    also Warriors hard to get so drops can be can be WARRIORS like you help some one kill boss and you pick up WARRIOR as ex boss prisoner :D
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