Why are the Links Disabled on Squad Contracts ???

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by HeyUwereWTFpwned, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. You used to be able to check them out.. Now there are no links ?????

    Whats the reason behind this??? More Crybabies whining??

    Okay i see you can Disable them... hahahahahah and this is neccessary why?? So people dont Die and get attacked or so people can hide their alts better??

    Thats like Enabling the Cheaters..
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  2. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    You can disable your contracts, oh boy, although I'm really not sure what the hell the point of that is. Who wants to remove a 5% attack boost or any of that?

    Maybe I don't get it, but this "update" seems really stupid.

    By the way, it's not just Facebook that has this stupid ass update lol ;)
  3. So what

    So what Member

    typical ...another way for the whingers to cry ...they can find me :mad:
  4. So what

    So what Member

    not what hes saying

    now you cant clik the link for the contract to see their profile

    bit of a difference
  5. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Well, at least I agree with him on something, cause I think it's complete BULL! :)
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  6. what kind of stupid update is this????????? thats ridiculous. What i was asking about was the fact you could click on the Links.. So you could see who's who, you are no longer allowed to do that.. i wasnt aware of the sq contacts being used or not used..

    I know you want them to all show Disable or you lose all the boosts... This update makes Absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever...
  7. clubber

    clubber Member

    Good question. It was nice to have a link to visit our buddies. Now we have to search them to send them a "thank you for adding me" message (lame). Seriously, why?
  8. The thing about the links and to click on them, is if one of your friends has a person your not squaded with you could send a msg, add sq, what not,, Why was that removed??

    This whole thing needs to be removed, Make it like it used to be.. This is really stupid.
  9. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Yep, the removing of links is a really big fail. Sometimes it doesn't even display the profile of a person properly any more. Can you say "royally screwed up"?

    I understand removing the 5% attack boost when you battle players with low def, to get better xp, when you're a def-monster lowering your def by 5% will also give you better xp when you get attacked.

    The links, though, are way to useful to easily find a buddy or rival, removing them was really a bad move and I hope Kano re-implements them, soon. And while they're at it, they could check, why some profiles are displayed wrong.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Seems like you guys had no idea why they removed that link :) I think it is because of the "random listing". Maybe if you are playing in myspace, you'll know what that is ;)
  11. So what LOL, I'll random list someone in World Chat and or Punch... Its a game.

    Why do people play a fighting game if they dont want to fight?

    Besides other people added others to their squads with those links..

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Well, that's your opinion but not those who complaint lol
  13. I keep seeing this phrase pop up.

    "Why do people play a fighting game if they don't want to fight?"

    It's not that players don't want to fight. Players don't want to fight against players who are hundreds of levels higher than them, abusing their level and power to "bully" the weaker players. I.e. Random listing and punching.

    You all speak about how it's a game, and yet it seems you're all dedicated to being the biggest pricks in the game. As if it's some sort of ego stroking game.

    That's just how I view it from my perspective. I battle and kill players all of the time. I'm not going to be one of those players at level 1,000 attacking and killing level 200-300 players. It's pathetic.
  14. Tell me your one of those people that believe a Lvl 90 should go after a hitlist of someone that is Lvl 1000 and not be punished for it either??

    I was low level also. I worked hard and still level to this day. I know exactly how it is being a Lower Level and i've seen the sh*t talking from alot of those lower levels that think they are all that..

    Everyone plays the game different.

    I play the game with the belief that if you Punch Me, go after the Money from me being Hit Listed.. I dont care if your lvl 2. I'll beat you down for the Max amount of Attacks, and I'll List you on top of doing that and throw some punches your way..
  15. As one of the higher level bullies / assholes.... i can see why kano put this update on for lower level protection, however, this is like WTF and pog said... a fighting game and if kano are going to cater to the whiners they are ignoring the daily / long serving players who are higher levels. It's bad enough that higher levels have little or no fight list this is just making things a bit harder for the higher levels to entertain themselves.

    It seems as more and more updates come out, they involve lowering the PvP side of the game. No wonder people are leaving ZS since kano are too busy playing foosball rather than improving their system and sorting out issues like the energy bunnies, alts and especially the energy alts.

  16. PS. what the F is the point in disabling your squad contracts? who the hell is going to do that????
  17. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Some players have requested it to so they're better matched to maximize their XP for attack/defense.

  18. I hope Kano doesnt just accept every idea or suggestion in this game as The Right Thing to Do LOL..

    So whats the explanation for getting rid of the Links for the Players??? People are scared to be attacked???
  19. slave

    slave Member

    some players requested it to get better xp?? come on you have to do better than that

    and wtf you forgot a few things, after you have run your forty on these lower levels who feel it is ok to to try to collect you off the list, listed them thrown a few punches, straight kill them, then when they are lying on the ground broken and bleeding, you add their friends to the pile.....and i dont want to hear how we should be the bigger man and not retaliate. learn from your mistakes, go after a level 1000 when your a level 280, pay the price and maybe just maybe you might think twice about it the next time, probably not...but im not going to lay off just cuz your lower...
  20. alka

    alka Banned

    Can I request that I get my stamina back if I lose a fight? After all, if you change the game for change sake then I have a case.
    I literally just helped a buddy by clicking on one of my contract links then clicking on his and found another buddy needed a leech.

    The idea that this new implementation will increase exp is a farce. It may increase for noobs and guys below 500, but what incentive are you putting in place for the higher levels who cannot increase their exp with this ludicrous implementation?
    Once again this is becoming an app that changes the goal posts to encourage new players while sticking 2 fingers up the the guys that made it the success it is, or was as I feel it's fast going down hill!
    Address the balance and allow us higher players to get out of this void and start playing the game as it was intended. Start by increasing undead to 300 if you can't offer us a fight list, and allow us to hit a puncher 40 times each time they punch. That said, you could auto heal players every so often but put in a safety net so they don't die (can't have people dying while off line, think of the heart break it would cause them..lmao).
    I think my suggestions make more sense than blocking a few links.....:mad:

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