Why are the Empire Buildings Much More Expensive?

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  1. Eric Thunderbone

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    Why are the empire buildings much more expensive on Helheim than they are in previous worlds? I buy 200 of each (10 at a time), gradually of course. I have 200 of everything prior to Helheim. I was wondering why it was taking me so long on Helheim until I did some quick math. I have only 130 of the Mansion (which generates 50 mill income), the cost for the next one is 280 billion.
    Back on Muspell, I have 200 Fire Fortresses (42 mill income) and the next one would "only" cost 168 billion.
    One thing I liked about this game is that the math was consistent throughout the levels so I didn't always have to break out the calculator to find the best deals. Not any more I guess

    What gives?
  2. if thats one of the new worlds then the cost skyrocket in price.
    just like legendary items skyrocketed in price.

    still empire in viking is much cheaper than in pirate.take a look at this

    first building in first of new worlds

    Cotton Plantation

    Income: 60,000,000
    Cost: 120.000 billion
    Owned: 10
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  3. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    Thanks for the answer (unsatisfying - although not unexpected - as it was)!

    I am curious as to why they did that though....
  4. they probably figure that high up in level should be able to afford it no problem
  5. Mythrandir

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    The ROI of the new properties decreases approximately 2.5 times as fast as the old properties, so the best approach is to purchase 40% as much new property as old property, which means you should buy all the property through Muspell up to 500 before buying any more of the new property (unless of course you unlock more).

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