why are none of the Ice Dragon items able to be crafted into elite?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Hank Kershell, Apr 25, 2012.


should Ice Dragon drops be able to be crafted?

  1. Yes, of course dummy!

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  2. No, what is a blacksmith dummy?!

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  1. Hank Kershell

    Hank Kershell Member

    I have almost 1200 Mountain Hearts, many players whop have played much longer have many more, and they are useless, no player 2000 or above uses Mountain Hearts, we should have the ability to either craft them into elite weapons or something useful that we can actually use, otherwise they are a big pile of junk
  2. rickgaut@yahoo.com

    rickgaut@yahoo.com New Member

    I agree. I have several myself and they do nothing.
  3. !00% agree and the vampire wraith drops need it too.....
  4. Hank Kershell

    Hank Kershell Member

    yeah I agree on the Vampire Wraiths, I just get frustrated as I see all these Mountain Hearts drop and knowing it may as well say a pile of #### 1 att 1 def and it would be the same thing, which in my opinion is a huge oversight
  5. I dont understand why they haven't made these drops yet. Maybe it's just a time issue. Someone post this up in the ideas section and I will give it a 10 for sure.
  6. I believe that any obsolete item from your inventory should be able to be crafted into something you can use :) This should be brought up as an idea as well as a poll so you can get some feedback :)
  7. Maler

    Maler Member

    i disagree. those absolete items are in low quantity for most players. the random drops from bosses are the only items that need to be crafted in elite and legendary.
  8. Hank Kershell

    Hank Kershell Member

    I have been playing 160 days and I am level 2100 and I am the frustrated owner of 1296 Mountain Heart axes from battling Ice Dragon, I don't even use 1 in battle, I imagine it is a much bigger problem for the players who have played much longer
  9. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    What shall I say? 2600+ of each Ice Dragon Drop, 2300+ of each Vampire Wraith Drop.

    Using = None.

    I had asked in January when the Eilte Crafts for these items will come, now it's the end of April, 3 months later and the "Soon" promised back then changed into "sooner or later, most likely later".
  10. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    totally agree
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    bring it on. all boss drops should be used at the blacksmith
  12. Angela

    Angela New Member

    Yes, I agree that we should be able to utilize at least one of the Ice Dragon items in the blacksmith.
  13. What makes the ice dragon so special? There are lots off items that cant be used in blacksmith recipes................... yet
  14. Hank Kershell

    Hank Kershell Member

    because Ice Dragons and Vampire Wraiths are lower level bosses than the GT bosses and they are the lowest level bosses that cannot be crafted

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