Who Wants This? Viking Clan Myspace vs Facebook!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric Maximus, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    About 6 months ago, Kel, facebook user, suggested an interesting scenerio... Can Kano create a "universal" battlefield for both Myspace and Facebook users to battle. Even though facebook has a much larger playing field, this "universal ranking", makes it a closer match than expected. A "universal" battlefield would definitely bring more blood to the battlefield. Here's a list I created on 1/15/11 (took me 4mins to do it, lol):

    Rank/Site Guild/Player Level

    1. FB [AGs] Mike Ketil Thorsteinsson 6,062
    2. MS [PIMP] Jillian Thyra Johansson 5,167
    3. MS [PIMP] POLISHPIMPN 5,167
    4. FB [AGs] Bully Thor 4,942
    5. FB [AGs] Harry Sigmund 4,727
    6. FB [RVV] Kel the Merciful King 4,435
    7. MS [PIMP] Thrand Olvir the Soft Fluffy Towel 4,140
    8. FB [RVV] Suzie The Merciless Queen 4,110
    9. MS The Legend 3,964
    10.MS Hail the Aesir and the Vanir 3,898
    11.MS [PARA] Fielding vs The Quasimodos 3,891
    12.FB [AGs] The Lorelie 3,871
    13.FB [RVV] Vanadium Cobalt 3,798
    14.FB [RVV] Chip Lock 3,512
    15.MS [PARA] Gavin Egil 3,497
    16.MS [PARA] Parasurama The BloodAxe Leg 3,497
    17.FB [RVV] Dale Eir 3,453
    18.FB Thomas Gar 3,400
    19.MS [PARA] The Siamese Berzerker Of Odin 3,357
    20.FB [WMX] Slouching Towards Bethlehem 3,355
    21.FB [LGND] Deb Nike of Somaltrace 3,351
    22.MS [PIMP] Death Comes Quick To My Foes 3,341
    23.MS [AA2] Luv2show 3,340
    24.MS [XXX] Ericmaximus 3,303
    25.FB [RVV] ANATHEM 3,237
    26.FB The Emperor of Svalbard 3,191
    27.FB [WMX] Swiss Toni 3,159
    28.FB [DM] deathhead 3,123
    29.FB [AGs] John Harold Gilli 3,086
    30.FB Blade The Red 3,069

    I somehow made it at #24, lol. Kano, any chance of making a "true" universal leaderboard?
  2. your forgetting about hi5.
  3. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    True, dat...

    Highly unlikely (legal issues, etc)... but it would definitely bring more life to the game.
    Probably create some unlikely alliances, hmmm, lol
  4. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I think it would be a really cool idea especially since you can link your myspace and facebook now
  5. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Guest

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    Quite interesting what you did in 4 mins. Good work! I wonder if them pesky devs could do such a thing ... my my ... maybe some would come out of retirement ...
  6. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    Indeed. 6 months ago.. this idea seemed unlikely. Now, hmmm...
  7. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    Thanks Kel! Yes, actually when you mentioned it 5-6 months ago... It really was an intriguing idea. It would definitely create some unlikely alliances, lol.
    I noticed a lower level AGs guild on myspace, and was wondering if it was linked to Mike's AGs on FB. They were in the level 400-500's and tossing bounties up, lol.

    Oh, and 6 months ago, we were all "trying" to hit level 2,000 or 3,000 (my have things changed), lmao
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  8. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    my only reservation is that under kano's rules my facebook account would become a secondary account and illegal .
  9. Dolly

    Dolly New Member


    Funny, Eric how I have been above the 3,069 level for many days and yet I don't show on the top 30 list. You just have to show bias, huh? You really shouldn't be allowed to be a moderator and play the game.
  10. You are right Dolly, thats really BS Eric, If you wanted to show the game correctly you would have made sure everyone was on it. I can see you omitted Dolly on purpose, thats a dirty trick dude. You really shouldn't have personal feelings involved in this. Wow... Thats some sad stuff
  11. Not surprised at all...........
  12. i hate agreeing but your right he did miss you.
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Whether they make a Universal battlefield or not.....its still pretty darn cool Eric! As far as the players go that r already complaining.....please keep in mind that everyones world leader board does not update at the same time....Ive seen it take up to a couple days
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  14. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member


    Thank you for your comment, but this was a list made on 1/15/2011. I have no feelings towards anyone in the game, except players that just play the game. I see lots of Para and Pimps, up there, if you know what I mean (It's hard to believe, but many in your guild are still friends to me).
    I actually disagreed with many you consider my friends, and agreed with some you consider my enemy.
    Btw- I am not a moderator, nor I want to be one.

    Cheers, Eric
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  15. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    Again, getting back to the thread... wouldn't it be interesting to have a universal battlefield?
    Since this is a forum. We should try to improve the game, and not constantly find reasons to attack each other.

    Btw- this was an idea that Kel brought up, 6 months ago, we all had a good laugh with the intriguing battles.
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  16. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    Thanks Gene. I was wondering if defaulting to the higher level account, or having a player choose which account to use. Then again, many players have multi accounts (at least on myspace).
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  17. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Well, as a myspace player I must say that the idea of kicking Facebook Vikings around sounds really good to me.

    My response to the idea is: "From this moment on, I know neither Paras nor Pimps, I know only loyal Myspace Vikings! Let us all work together to destroy facebook." to use a quote from Emperor Wilhelm II. rather freely.

    It sure sounds good and fun, though it will be a pain to create.

    And if there was a World Boss Feed for the common Battleground, I could go on and bounty all those "add me" facebook Vikings. Fun for days and a fast way to get my Hitlisting Achievement. lol
  18. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    LOL @ Beil. Aye, I enjoyed that part of the feed. Just make sure, Mike K (#1) on FB, not saying "add me" on that feed.... his hoard shows 850trillion (as of 1/19), lol
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  19. waldo1984

    waldo1984 Member

    Add me, please. Daily player:


    Sorry... couldn't resist :D
  20. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

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