When are limits going to be placed on boss leveling?

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    I have to nitpick.I thought it was 22hrs for the fight cooldown.
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    raises hand again, Plays on Fb :)
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    You have successfully made a fool out of yourself.

    Thank you(for once).
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    Gather Round, Mates! Let me tell you a story.........

    Okay, Okay, Okay! I got something to say! I will apologize in advance for the numerous players, friends, and enemies I am about to piss off here.......

    I play Pirate Clan on Facebook. When I started, I had never played a battle game before, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

    I was pretty good at making enemies, (lol), and did some battling, but for a very long time I did not have a level partner of any kind.

    Now, when the Boss fights were introduced in PC, I was pretty excited! I was hanging around in game a lot hoping for bounties, and the bosses gave me something to do......so, I fought a lot of bosses, and helped many of my clansmen with theirs. Some of the higher level players ignored the boss fights (compared to me) Others, say a handful of high levels, ate the bosses because they had a lot of stam and nothing to do with it.

    Now, Armadas came out and I joined one, then jumped ship and made my own. Now, this ticked off some other high level players (I was barely a medium level at the time).....so, I had some declanning happen to me. And some bounty listing, etc. (I told y'all I was good at making enemies).......

    When I hit around level 2000, a strange thing happened. Some "Big" Pirates started losing a few to me. And I was able to win some fights I never would have tried. It freaked these big pirates out that a little one like me was so strong.....

    so, a couple things happened: Some got upset, and said it was not right that a 2000 was that strong, they felt cheated and "left" the game. Others figured out my witless plan and Amplified it, eating the bosses like there was no tomorrow! It got so bad that the Slider was introduced, to keep the slaughter to a minimum. But before that step was taken by the devs, some players banded together in closed groups for sharing bosses, to protect them from the "Hogs"......(I am an admin in one of these groups)

    One notable player faked a facebook death, came back incognito and restarted the game, and went from zero to top ten in about 90 days.....all eating bosses.......yes that player is strong, but at a great cost financially, I am sure. (Kano probably did not mind look at the income!)

    Now, Children, here is what I think.

    These bosses are like a natural resource. Boss owners that toss their bosses out for whoever to kill (for protection, for the achievements, or whatever their reason) are Cheating Themselves, and will wind up a with a Weak Character and Large and Difficult to kill bosses. They will become Slaves to the Hogs, who are capable of taking their bosses out for them, and Essentially HOARDING the drops from the rest of the clan.

    I am called a leveler, although I have NEVER hit a 5000 limit with anyone............here's an idea, PLAY THE WHOLE GAME!

    Then and only then will you truly have a well developed and strong character.......

    That is my view......take it or leave it.

    PS. when I saw what was happening, I wrote to the devs and asked about limiting the bosses somehow, as I saw the abuse. It was shot down. I think we will all see the results of greed on the part of hogs, and irresponsible boss owners, take their toll, as a natural process.........DOD
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    I'd like to start off by saying learning is fun. After reading through this thread and other information on bosses, I feel like I can finally make an educated comment on this issue.
    Here's what I think: both sides of this conversation have merit. The main proponents of both sides have all been playing the games for a while, and it's clear they simply disagree on what's fair and/or balanced.
    As Diva said in her very nice story, there has been changes made to the Boss system in the past because of balance issues, and it is definitely possible that further changes are made in the future. There do seem to be limits inherent in the system itself, such as the cooldown, and it's possible that the reason an actual boss# limit hasn't been put into place is because these natural limits do the job already.
    I would like to note that I appreciate all the thoughtful and generally respectful dialogue I've seen in this thread. Logical discussions are awesome.
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    Thank you for that Diva. It was very well put and to the point. That is why so many players who just battle are upset because they neglected there bosses. 2000 captains means nothing in this game unless you play the whole aspect of the game. And wonder bread there is no reason to even consider a future limitation on bosses. What you guys at kano have done with sliders and the way the feed is pulled into finding bosses is what makes the bosses the more difficult thing to do in the game having to search through the feed. Wondering if your going to attack that boss and before you can even do the min or any damage someone comes out from underneath of a rock and pummels the boss and kills it. We all take that chance and we lose stamina out of it. Were if your fighting someone you should know by now who you can or can't beat in this game. If limits start to show up in the future on bosses your going to have players not being able to finish there bosses since they won't be able to find help. What some fighters who went straight to fighting fail to realize is the higher the boss goes the more and more stamina your going to need to beat it or the more help your going to need. Some players bosses are already in the 200's and they are the originals. Sooner or later they are going to have to fill there slots also. Or waste all there stamina on there own bosses since no one will help them. The way things are right now are fine. Leave it alone. The fighters will have the battle arena coming soon were if your just a strictly boss player the battle arena is not going to help you one bit and you will get your butt handed to you. So the fighters will have something for there own selves to do to.

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