When are limits going to be placed on boss leveling?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by pappadoo1970, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Jon Ward

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    Sorry polish if i said that the wrong way. I am not declanning the boss blaster. I am declanning the player who allows it to happen constantly the boss owner. Like i said tired. But if i did write it that way my apologies meant the boss owner not the blaster.
  2. polishpimp

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    No reason to apologize John. Even though you didnt mean it that way....some players do think that way...so hopefully we'll have them covered...lol
  3. Linda

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    in the game Jon and I play there are maybe 3 or 4 boss hogs, for lack of a better word, and if I , (which is not to often pick a boss off the feed) , sometimes that boss can be killed before I get the min in by one of those 3 or 4 players :( who can take it down in a matter of seconds, and that can be frustrating, but of course it is because someone did not set the slider, I am in some boss groups where we share and keep it amongst the groups till we get full boats ,open the slider and let people take more, or kill it myself or if I need more people, then I go public , since it can be frustrating when some player who cannot do the min and takes up a slot that someone else who can and does not have a chance, to get the reward, and that is why I rarely go public with my boss, I also am no hurry to kill my boss off to fast , usually kill it after 2 days

    I am starting to ramble on now so calling it a night , have fun all :)
  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    That is what i was getting at what Linda said to. Those 3 or 4 players not there fault they can do it. But you hit a boss and work on it and bam like lightining its dead before you even get 20 or 30 percent of the boss into it. Boss owner's fault not the boss blaster.

  5. Well, doing the math on it... 10,000k hits in 180 minutes is about 1 hit every 1.08 seconds so we're not exactly approaching the speed of light. Of course, when I wrote the word "about", I'd assumed that one would be able to understand that it *may* take a bit longer than that in some cases. The whole point was that implying that it's next to impossible to approach 10k hits a day is false. So, yeah, Genius... I'm sure Kano could watch all day long and find absolutely nothing abnormal about that. :)

    To answer your question of "why they're not using bosses", my guess would be that not everyone can afford to break out their credit card for stamina refills every other day. OR they choose not to support Kano financially, anymore, for whatever reason.

    I agree there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the argument but claiming bosses are anywhere near as limited as you'd claim is false. Now... they may not be bosses you'd normally hit and the drops may not be something you'll ever use but I'm sure your feed (if it's anything like mine) is absolutely littered with HUNDREDS of new bosses a day (all of which are available to level with if one so chooses) and sliders only work when people set limits to begin with. There are MANY that don't set limits and send those bosses to blasters out of fear, ignorance, or a simple desire to just get the achievements/end rewards.

    I don't care one way or another anymore because I've seen this game go to hell in a hand basket with no signs of improvement. I was just playing the devil's advocate.

  6. Of course, you're making the assumption that the boss owner actually wanted one single person to take 90% of their boss. If that's not the case then it would make more sense to declan the blaster.
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    No limit set means you want the boss dead asap.Otherwise,you would set some type of limit.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Apparently you missed the "lol" after my comment about Kano watching those that hit 10k a day in 3 hours. But in the end...the limit is there because its the easiest method of cheating. If and when Kano can solve that issue.....I couldnt care less if there was no limit at all.

    it is you that is wrong about bosses not being as limited as battle, regardless of how many players r on at any given time...there r only so many bosses that can possibly be available...none of which can be hit 5k times and none that even come close to the XP derived from battles. Where at any time night or day there is hundreds if not thousands of players on line that could be hit up to 5k times. Like u said.....maybe not all or even most might offer u the best XP or drops....but XP and rewards none the less and for far less stamina. Im sure there is hundreds of new bosses every day....most of which have limits, what remains must be sifted thru to find the best of the crappy XP or rewards.

    Your credit card statement is pure ignorance....simply because you dont have a build that is conducive to killing bosses doesnt mean that everyone has to break the bank. Even if someone is spending exorbitant amounts of money....who cares, its they who r providing everyone a game to play, They have no advantage over any other as the option is available to all.

    Exactly how would u suggest bosses be limited in order to "balance" things out with battles if in fact u were correct? Please keep in mind that when u r leveleing with a partner you have control over the XP received per hit for all 5k hits and that what bosses r available is completely random as far as type, level and limits. Im sure even u can understand that simply putting a limit on how many times u can hit a boss regardless of what they are would be simply ridiculous. For example....if u set a limit of 5k hits on bosses a player would get maybe a tenth the XP someone doing battles would get and at way steeper price, when all bosses r not created equal...how do u even come up with a cap number that would put it on a level playing field with battles?

    Eagerly awaiting your grand plan to make what u deem an injustice fair for all.
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  9. pappadoo1970

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    @Polish Pimp -

    LOL, clearly you've missed the entire point of the therad.

    The limit will come. The title of the thread reads: " When are limits going to be placed on boss leveling?"

    Like I said, the limit will come. It would be better to see it sooner than later.

    As for your comment about me being full of crap, you and the others that are cheering you on need to look in the mirror. I've enjoyed the pseudo intellectual drivel you've written here. It has helped prove my point. Thanks again for that.

    @Mike- Blood Eagle

    Well said, thanks for posting your comments.
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  10. Limit bosses to 100 (or whatever) in a 24 hour period. If you blow it all on useless bosses, it's your fault. I think that would be a compromise that would work for everyone. Blasters can still get their levels but not the incredible amounts a day that I've witnessed. There's no reason for someone to be able to pound out 700 levels in a week on bosses while battlers are limited to only a fraction of that. Either limit all or remove limits for all.

    The fact that you say the credit card vikings have NO advantage shows your absolute and total ignorance. That's like saying Bill Gates has no advantage at all when it comes to buying a house that him and John Q Public both might happen to want to buy.

    As I said, I don't really care one way or the other. The devs have shown no desire to do anything about the real issue that drives people away from this game (the alts). Now if you'd care to talk like a rational human being, we can do that. OR we can just skip to the part where you say something condescending and stupid, a few sycophants rush in to your defense for the obligatory taint lick, and I explain to you why you're being stupid using monosyllabic words so that you might, hopefully, understand.

    Your choice.
  11. Maler

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    i don't think i can call myself a boss blaster, even though i kill any boss that offers at least 500 XP per 20 stamina. i usually pass the 50 bosses per day, but i would NOT like a limit on bosses done, be it 100/day, 500, or 1000. it is fine the way it is.
  12. Linda

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    Amen to that :)
  13. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Show us a quote of a developer saying this limit will happen.Show us the quote,and then maybe we will believe you.None of us ever saw this mentioned by a developer,just players that hate bosses.
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I certainly appreciate you pointing out that I misread your title, I def wouldnt want that on my conscious. Your gracious generosity has inspired ...no compelled me to act in kind. The "full of crap" thing was posed as question...not a statement ;).

    BTW, how is it your privy to such information? You are stating your information as fact and that its only a matter of when. Kano has stated numerous times that they dont provide such info to individual players and that all players are brought up to speed at the same time here in the forums. Why if you have such a great relationship with Kano are u posing your question of "when" here and not calling the devs up on speed dial?

    Oh, btw, your title may say "when" but both it and the body of your post both read as if you are asking for boss restrictions and or a lifting of battle restrictions, which in turn supports my idea that you didnt think through your idea nor did u research any of the other numerous threads on the subject which is is clearly what your suppose to do rather than clogging the forums with another thread thats already been done countless times.
  15. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Okay i am waiting on a developer or an admin to comment on this thread and to end this thread. So be patient they have been sent the link to it so hopefully a response will come soon as they are able to get to it.
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ok, still waiting for your grand plan thats gonna make the world a better place. 100 bosses...r u kidding me? Are u looking at this from players of every levels perspective or just your own? 100 bosses eh? So lets say I choose 100 bosses that will give me optimal XP, i then must sift through them to find the ones that dont have limits or I would have thrown away one of my 1/100 bosses just getting the minimum set by the owner. Not only would this be very time consuming and unlikely that I could even find 100 bosses a day that would offer me this, but while doing so some other boss blaster comes in and takes it out.

    Lets say I say screw the XP and just go for the better drop bosses, Once again i must sift through what bosses are available which are pretty limited as far as what I would consider a good drop but they would also cost me approx 3-8 times the stamina than it would to go after the better XP bosses or even worse if I were to just battle.

    Listen...Im not trying to slam on ya here but what your proposing would be as far from fair as possible, there r way to many variables your not taking into consideration hence my frustration with your reasoning's. The simple fact of the matter is that ALL players have the same opportunity to build and execute a boss blaster or a battle leveler. Because someone chooses to go one way rather then the other and then suffers from buyers remorse is not a legitimate reason to trash or in other words render useless another segment of the players populations games.

    So do you or others not have the same opportunity as me or anyone else to purchase favor points? Sure....some people have more money than others but thats hardly a reason to cite an unfair advantage as you could use that same argument for anything in life. The simple fact is that the opportunity is there for everyone if they so choose to take it. Im sure there r many who have boat loads of money that dont spend a dime on these games, Im sure that there r others who r spending money they really shouldnt be.....but in the end thats on them, its their choice. As long as Kano gives everyone the same opportunity than its fair. The only time it becomes unfair is when they make game changes midstream that adversely affect a large portion of the player population and their game is much to mature to be able to right the ship
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  17. kayjay

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    totally agree with you linda
  18. Linda

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    Raises hand , as someone who spends money and really shouldn't lol someone rip up my credit card please :)
  19. Serious? You must not play VC on FB. A lot of us are not in our right minds! We have clans that can and do hit thousands of bosses a day for unreal amounts of levels. The battle levelers can NO WAY keep up with them. I'm not for any limits on bosses but , How many bosses a day is enough? Why is this forum so biased against anything that may limit a boss leveler but so fast to want limits on every other way of leveling? I know that most of the one's participating in this discussion are "normal" players and it seems you all are quick to point out that bosses are limited this way or that way. OK, if they are indeed limited - how are the boss levelers leaving everyone else in the dust? It's simple, they have made sure that they try to rally folks against every other possible way to "buy" levels and somehow have convinced people that buying levels by hitting bosses is somehow ethically better than buying them from challenges or buying stam to fight. I want to remain civil and hope we can disagree rationally.

    Their are folks that feel it is an injustice to limit their way of leveling. You may think they are crazy or biased or whatever you want to think. We feel how we feel.... I don't want limits on bosses but there are people that are taking advantage of them just as much as clans who bought arrows in the challenges! I swear , I just don't get it. The arrow thing was dealt with SWIFTLY and a limit was quickly put into place. Battle levelers were running away and the 5000 limit was thrown in. It just doesn't sit right with some folks. I totally get how they feel like they do.

    Most of the folks in this discussion are not in FB VC. My comments are geared toward our game as it has evolved in a much different way.
  20. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Currently, we have no plans to limit bosses.
    • Currently battles are limited to 5,000 in one direction for 1-on-1 battling.
    • A lot more XP can be gained from attacking a single opponent than fighting through all their bosses.
    • The 5000 fights limit is over a 24-hr period. The Boss cooldown is 48hrs.

    Essentially, you need more battling partners if the lack of boss limit is in some way inhibiting you.

    We are considering and analyzing the effect of bringing Power Attack to VC this week which will allow you to use 5 Stamina for more XP. This will effectively raise the limit on the amount of XP that can be earned off a single opponent.

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