What is best to build :S?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Samme, May 2, 2011.

  1. Samme

    Samme New Member

    Hello everyone i'm wondering what's best to build as a raider in (pirate clan) since i don't really figure out what to put stats on and so, i'm not sure if its the right section to ask it on, i've been searching and looking around in the pirate forum in faqs n tutorials can't find anything, so basiclly i wondering what should i put on at

    Level 200-500

    Just now i got also.
    Max Energy 557
    Max Stamina 166
    Max Health 1480
    Attack 150
    Defense 136

    Well i kinda loose alot of battle might it depends on my size on the inner circle? i'm kinda new to this game to, i've started it 10-40 days ago. so i need some suggestions what's best to do. thanks

  2. for the life of you dont make the mistake i did with stamina.that is vital.
    but it really doesnt matter which class you select on how to build

    my personal favorite build is mostly stamina attack and health.
    that build right there if done correctly is a perfect speed leveler

    if you want to be solid then attack and defense heavy but dont neglect your stamina

    if you want to build like a tank then attack defense and health heavy but dont neglect your stamina

    plenty of other ways to build as well.

    also inner circle or your total size?

    your inner circle has 0 effect on fight result unlike zombie

    if you mean your total size well then yes add everyone in sight weed out bad clan later
  3. Samme

    Samme New Member

    Allright but i think i'ma go thats way attack def stamina :p
  4. clever choice.
  5. Samme

    Samme New Member

    Yeah i know, but i still don't get it how people get so much inner circle, since my friends using some stupid program or something to get friends, he sent me a link to some add trains but thats add trains sucks (sorry for languange). i dont get it :p
  6. i got big rather quick by adding everyone in sight and weeding out bad clan later on

    spuko is also a option(though i think adding everyone in sight is better)
  7. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    As Atheistic said, it depends. First of all, add anyone and their grandmother to your clan.

    Buy Captains with FP, nothing else. I made the mistake of buying loads of refills and now useless God Items and am now quite the punching bag with tons of Boss Drops.

    Your Stam should be around 80% of your level to level safely.

    Energy, well I recommend having 2000 Energy very fast as Adventure Drop Mateys and and Adventure Drop Ships are better than anything you can buy. Plus some are used in the Blacksmith for even better items. You can't have too many. And Raider is a good character class for energy-heavy players.

    Attack and Defense? Well, my personal experience tells me that you can increase these slowly as you go, Energy and Stam should be your primary concern.

    Health is a good question, if you want to level off bosses, then you need high health and attack, if you want to be a PvPvM (Player versus Player versus Monster) you need medium health, as you'll only go for minimum damage and not the kill, as a PvP build, you'll need only 3000 - 5000 health, more would be a hindrance for PvP.
  8. Samme

    Samme New Member

    Oh fwk me :O with all my fp i bought alot of items in thats shop i thought u get new items by buying thats thing :O shiet well now i know thanks!, and thanks i'ma try out spuko to :p
  9. get your 1000 hired and THEN you can get those items.lol
  10. Ace

    Ace Member

    Well, to increase your inner circle's size, send invites all over the world and post Add me on World Bosses, those are relatively quick ways of getting people. If you have much free time ask friends to ask their friends to add you, but I don't do it coz I'm lazy :D

    Always buy Chieftains with FPs as people stated above.

    As for stats, no build is universally good, all has pros and cons and well, it's up to everyone to find a good balance. Here's basically the use each status has:

    Attack: Substantially helps winning fights when you attack other pirates and Cagematchs, helps a bit on damaging bosses too. Good attack will help you hunt the hitlist too.

    Defense: Substantially helps winning fights when you're getting attacked by other pirates, or they challenge you to a Cagematch. Will not be of much help against bosses. Good defense will help you ride the hitlist if you're sort of a god and are able to lol

    Energy: Many people used to ignore it after they reached 500 because leveling up refilled you 500 points, but ever since Daily Rewards and Energy Boosts came out, there's a use to spending more skill points other than just getting a few achievements. While energy isn't the best stat suited for leveling up fast, it's a great way of gearing yourself since there are lots of good drops obtained on Outbreaks that allow you to get tough on battle. Apart from outbreaks, the only use Energy has at the moment is placing Bounty Traps (5 each one)

    Stamina: An esential stat indeed, stamina is required to fight people, fight bosses, and do almost anything on this game. A player without stamina can barely do anything, so keep it as high as you see you're needing.

    Health: Here's an interesting stat indeed. Many people completely ignore health and are able to play this game without having any kind of trouble. Having low health will help you having the other stats higher and will make you able to fight the same person like a million times before putting that person on the hospital, which can be an advantage. High health will require to invest more skill points, will make it a bit harder for you to get fight wins too, but on the other hand, it will help you fight bosses properly, since health's the main factor when fighting those, deal powerful Pistol Whips for people you don't like, and will make your life a lot easier to hunt the hitlist, which is a great money source.

    That's mainly what each stat's for. Keeping a good balance is the hardest thing since all builds have strong points and weaknesses.
  11. myspace world boss has NO feed so scratch that option.
    had a nice flame war going on so its gone for the moment if not forever
  12. Ace

    Ace Member

    Then discard that method. Another one that works well is picking on some person and start inviting him and jumping on elite chieftains. Elite Chieftains are always people who logged at the very least on the last 2 days, so they're very likely to reply even if it's a "No."

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