What is annoying in Viking Clan -post here

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ParashuramaBloodAxeLegend, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Apollo

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    Thanks for the answer Vampryss but the devils in the details. I can't bounty lower level players who've bountied my clansmen. I just tried and got denied because"is out of your experience range and cannot be placed on the bounties list." So why would someone be able to do that to me or is their some strategm to make it work? Also I don't what this means: "Don't set counters" Do you mean counterattacks or bounty traps as I just checked on it and I don't have any on the guy who bountied me.
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  2. Eric Maximus

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    Just my two cents. Any lower level can bounty you. If of course they can afford it. However, when they bounty you, it opens them up for both attacks and the opportunity for you to bounty back. 24 hours (or less) is the window to do it. Once this time frame passes, you will then get that message you talk about- so, attack fast and often. Also, it's a common practice for higher players to have lower alts, just last week I was bountied by a level 26 (yes, 26!) and I'm at level 1950 and my bounty at the time was 340B, lol (not much sub-100's have that much gold.. but it was obvious this was an alt, since this person registered over 400 days ago- I even know who it is, lol). I just smile since it's all part of the game.

    Re: Counter Attacks, you cannot place counters on anyone unless they attack you first. You could a few months back... now it's not an option.
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    Ok what annoys me on VC, so how come over the last day or so i've been getting axe slapped by lvl2000odd players!?!?!? i'm only lvl730 and have not/will not/never even dreamed i could hit someone that high! Lol
    Is my link on some list somewhere?? i don't think i should be if i am, i play fair...hit ppl on my battle list, counter when i'm gettin beat on and very occasionally bounty when that don't work.
    Any help/ideas would be appreciated ^__^
  4. Vampryss

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    That is odd because I've been bountied by higher levels on all Kano apps that I've never attacked for attacking their clan/mobsmen.. I've also seen higher level players bounty players that have attacked me without provocation to them.. so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work for you..
  5. Eddie

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    Some people like to keep an eye on their inner circle 6 and bounty anybody that bounties any 1 of the 6 :)

    Princess Warrior Menja has been successfully placed on the Bounty List.

    R Asher Loves A Asher has been successfully placed on the Bounty List.
  6. thats annoying?
  7. Vampryss

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    I believe he was responding to the person I quoted below my post..
  8. oh i see now lol.yeah that was probably it.

    back on topic now,its annoying that attack button is still jumping up and down(as para said in the very first post)

    there has to be some way to stop that button from jumping.i keep hitting help attack by mistake even if i try to adjust where that button is going to end up after jumping.
  9. 1250isac

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    What annoys me is not being able to sell items you get during boss battles. You have to work hard for them you should have the option to sell if you wish.
  10. sln88

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    sounds like a good idea. or trade them in for something better

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