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  1. Attack button is jumping from one place up and down
    it happen when i attack and i go hospital !
    the same on bounty hunt / attack button is jumping and annoying ! :eek:
    and heal fast heal button should show up on the same place where was attack button and after heal up attack button is back there :cool: :D that will be great
    and will be nice to fix attack button on the same place all times

  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I support your suggestions!
  3. Griff

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    Yeah do we really need to know that we have severely injured someone on the bounty list? Does that stupid ask someone to help you attack actually do anything positive? It is totally stupid as no one higher in level can help you and your clannies that are lower level will just get drilled by them. I just dont get it at all. How about either giving your helper a very limited 100000% offensive boost or open them up for your higher level clan mates. I dont like the attack button jumping either but have learned to live with it if it has to be like that. Oh and why do we have a one click heal button if we sometimes have to do it the old way anyways. While Im on it, why when we are fighting and you severely injure them do we have to then click on their avatar then go over to the far left attack button to get back to fighting? Man I could go on and on!
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  4. Michelrpg

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    - buttons that shift.
    - Not being able to actually "help" when someone of your clan is bountied or mass attacked.\
    - the buyable weapons costing a retarded amount of favor points. Really, 25 points? wtf.
    - The whole idea of having to friendwhore to have any sort of army in the later levels. Again, empire size should increase army size.
    - Noodles
  5. when attacking someone on bounty,bounty achievement button gets in the way multiple times.
  6. Michelrpg

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    not being able to heal entirely, instead only healing to 2/3rd or something of your health.
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    lmao its myspace :eek:
  8. i am not a fan of counter attacks being called "attacks". i have counter attacks on a player and he attacks me twice while im away and when i go to add 2 more counter attacks, it now costs over a friggin zillion coins. it explained that he attacked twice in the past few hours and i attacked like almost 40 times in the past 2 days.

    1.) i did not attack HIM 40 times, he attacked ME 40 times. i just happened to have them as counter attacks.

    2.) why is it judging the time for him in hours and mine in days?

    another issue im not a fan of is when someone attacks it gives me a notification. i dont think this is necessary and frankly a tad overkill.
  9. yea why counter attacks must be counted as attack on your enemy's rivals page? if some one attack you than its counted as attack from rival >>> its bloody ambush and not attack ... !!
  10. it reads:

    "" has 18 attack(s) on you (In 1 day). You have 41 attack(s) on "" (In 3 days).

    the truth of this is that he did 99%, if not all, of these attacks. the 41 attacks i did are, more than likely, all counter attacks.

    he's gone through all my counter attacks now. i go to add one and it now costs over 135 billion coins. the only way this price will go down is if he attacks and wins a bunch of times, which im sure will be the case here soon.

    it's whatever at this point. i dont even care. im just posting up the details. i still think it's weird that his number of attacks is based on 1 day, but mine are based on 3 days. shouldn't both players be judged on the same amount of time? is this one of the reasons why his counter attacks cost so much right now?
  11. sspyndel

    sspyndel New Member

    I get annoyed at people to lazy to find another person to attack, they think it's fun to take you all the way down. you're busy trying to kill a boss but you have to heal, you've just been attacked 18 times, and didn't even have the time to set one counter.

    there should be a maximum amount of stamina you can use vs others UNLESS they attack back. IE : hit me up to five times, but I don't answer: not interested in your little war, the attacker must find someone else. but if I attack back, it opens the floodgates for a battle. (it also opens the bounty kills for more people, use your attacks wisely )
  12. Vampryss

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    I disagree with this while heartedly. The one thing I have loved about Kano apps & most of the players is being able to attack multiple times. If you don't hit back or set counters then don't play. No one is being lazy, the battle lists are already short in all 3 Kano Apps. It's all in fun & should never be taken so seriously. If you are getting attacked & can't win when you attack back, get more clan, power up with better weapons or start putting skill points in attack & defense. But don't whine about getting attacked multiple times. Thats the nature of the game.
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  13. well if they put attack limit it than that will be problem for players who have levelling partners >>> i think best for chain attackers will be block button for 3 days and after that he will forget or give up chain attacks :)

    well 5 attacks thats not 2 bad :D
  14. sspyndel

    sspyndel New Member

    remember, it's only IF I do not attack back that it's locked at 5 a day / 24 hours.
    that's less than I attack each other player. I try to hit them once a day. that way, IF the other party wants to battle you, all they have to do is attack back and no lock anymore. I can easily attack back and win, Vampryss. it's more interesting to me to fight bosses continuously, and I think I am not alone in that. LOVE fighting bosses. don't mind a little bit of a campaign once in a while either. But if this game was only about killing each other, there would be no bosses, no adventures. No "Explorer" class. Look at it this way, if the opponent doesn't bite, and won't battle you, you can just find someone else to try without wasting 20 stamina. I usually have a 10 minute time window to play, and really can't get into day long wars. Some weekends I'm lucky to have any computer access at all...
  15. Vampryss

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    If you're not interested in battling at that time, don't heal up. Otherwise you end up on the battle lists. You are right, there is more to do in the game. But the base of the game is fighting. You play the way you choose to play with the time you have. But that shouldn't mean the rest of us need to conform to the same limited standards.
  16. sspyndel

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    Ok, so, you are limiting me then? I can only play and kill bosses when I'm not in the hospital? No longer allowed to eat my golden apples? I am not complaining about being attacked, I answered the thread's name by being annoyed with the overkill kids. I thought I was playing Viking clan, not Mongol Horde. Thanks for not understanding.

    back to levelling up.. I got a giant shellfishie to kill before my allergies get me :p
  17. Michelrpg

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    When I see a name on my fairly limited attack list that I can fight, I attack until they can't be attacked anymore. Then I move on to the next user. Eventually my list is cleared, and doesnt "reset" until I level or until 10 minutes have passed or something.
  18. there actually is a limit.its 5000 attacks in 24hrs.
  19. Vampryss

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    I'm not saying I want to limit you & take away your 'golden apples' and I do understand where you are coming from. What I am saying is that I don't agree with the idea of limiting the attacks to non-responsive players. I pick players off the battle list & attack till they are down & move on to the next. If I win, great.. If I don't win, I move on or look at why I'm losing & try to adjust various weapons, boosts etc so I can win. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.. but that's what I enjoy about the games, strategy. The other thing is everyone has their own definition of overkill. For some it's more than 2-3 attacks. Others its over 10. So it's hard to gage a general limit for everyone I'm sure. Personally, I don't have a number. If you are on the list, you're fair game till you're off the list & I expect to be treated the same way.​

    On the other hand, what could help is an updated in game message like the one Eddie suggested above. I would be respectful to someone who lets me know that are busy or trying to fight Bosses only & not able to battle one on one. The only thing I do see as an issue with this msg is some people would use it all the time to get out of fighting all together.​
  20. William Grim

    William Grim New Member

    The battle system seeming totally random and not making any sense at all!!!

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