what happened to 48 hours counter attacks

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  1. it used to be where you could counter attack against someone who has attacked u in 48 hours. now its 24? come on....this doesnt help new players get into this game if you are forcing players to play every single damn day. i play pretty vigorously, but i took ONE day's break and i see that a Level 1089 player attacked me about 30 times, he won every one. im level 837. i suppose he lowered his army to nearly nothing to be able to attack me so many times and still win. i dont see the logic in that but whatever. my real gripe is i come back and want to counter attack this player and now i cant because theres a 24 hour restriction??? thats crap.

    lowering the number of counter attacks is fine, but im against this time limit.
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    I agree! Good comment!

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