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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by michael mauer, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. michael mauer

    michael mauer New Member

    Can anybody advise which coop bosses have the best/most powerful weapon drops?...also which challenges?
  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

  3. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    My guess is that the highest locations have the best weapon drops :)
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  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    "Best" might be a bit subjective depending on how you're qualifying it, but as others have said the higher level a Location, the better the drops from Jobs, Bosses and Challenges. Try to keep an eye out on the Job board for some high-level Bosses being shared around. :)
  5. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Be careful not to spend too much stamina to get the minimum damage on very high level bosses, while you are still relatively low level still.
  6. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Indeed, random attack drop rate will be very very low when the boss is to strong so you will waste a lot of stamina, only for the minimum damage reward.
  7. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    This is a RPG. What did you expect, getting best drops right in the beginning and then crappier drops as you level? RPGs use simple rules of progression to keep players interested in "clicking the same thing all over again".
  8. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    go for the highest Michael, depends on your lowest item. I suggest do Seoul or higher. challenges items weak don't do unless you haven't finished achievements but some of them need to crafting. go for high rollers you get GF.
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  9. Mr Gabriel

    Mr Gabriel Member

    cheers to that :D
  10. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    and for that you can focus on health, it determines how much damage you will deal.so higher our health, lesser stamina you requires to done min. ;)
  11. Mr Gabriel

    Mr Gabriel Member

  12. Gogolak

    Gogolak Active Member

    forget about high rollers, you can get more FPs from turf wars and finish them faster.
  13. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    every turf war doesn't guarantee Fps. but every high roller does. you can do first 3 high roller in 1 day and half. then do 3 Fps high roller it takes 2 days, by the time all three 2fps high rollers reset again. on the other hand if you started turf wars you have only 5% of chance winning 5fps. it says in the stats. statistically by only using highrollers you can earn 9 fps in 5/6 days. when turf wars gives you 5% or less chance to win a fp payout. at my level it's only 2%.
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  14. Mr Gabriel

    Mr Gabriel Member

    You can be very unlucky in roller and take much more time to finish it... Still think that turf is better option
  15. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not talking about the big high rollers, I'm talking about the first 4 high rollers you find. Las vegas, Moscow and Dubai, then Johannesburg. it depends on how you play high roller.
    ex. first 3 high rollers only need 22,23,24 chips respectively, so you will given 16 chips already at the start 4 free and 12 helps. and these 3 are comparatively predictable I have been playing rollers and trust me Number 7 is the bar. up or high 7 is the bar. and you get less than 7 or low, you go high. if 7 or more, you stay low. so if you do you it right at least you can get 12-15 right then wait for another 10 hours you'll finish first roller. like wise finish the rest.
    obviously depend on luck as well but It regenerate every 1 hour. and at the end it will guarantee you fps. on the other hand you have less than 5% of chance winning a payout. we all have different strategies, but I get 9 fps a week just by doing high rollers, when some people get nothing out of turf, you are lucky in turf it will give you 5fps but that's depend on your luck. i.e it will guarantee 5fps on first time in very turf, rest totally random. So i don't know about others, for me it's profitable to play rollers once i'm done with achievements in turfs.
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