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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Lucifer, May 4, 2017.

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  1. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    UMMMM....Excuse me, but but you need to make it right with EVERYBODY!!! We ALL buy FP's!!! AND Fix the New Land Drops!!!
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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    As I mentioned in my reply, the Drops for Vinland have been increased by an average of 10 combined for each. The Pecked Explorer for example originally had stats of:
    128A 120D total: 248

    We did make this mess and we did step in it with this change. We may not have gone about fixing it in the best way this time, but I'm trying to sort it out.
  3. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    well i have 6,321 Wayfarers
  4. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Follow the tunnel and wade through magical underground pools Completed 8423 times ....... i need a very very good compensate for that
  5. elrusso08

    elrusso08 Member


    Gracias a DIOS aun no me han desbloqueado ese ítem pero eso no significa que no pueda dar mi opinión al respecto.

    Las cosas deben ser equivalentes. Nosotros recibimos regalos de 3 Fps cada 3 semanas y no decimos nada. Recibimos otras cosas como son el servicio al cliente (en persona) creo que nunca podre tener por razones regionales.

    Si KANO toma la decisión de reducir los valores de un ítem, que podemos hacer? Solo quejarnos como muchos siempre hacen?

    Creo que es una tontería y las cosas proseguirán su camino pese a que TODOS los miembros de la comunidad nos unamos para reclamar un derecho que nos asiste.

    No soy de los que siempre entran a estas cuestiones a dar todo tipo de opiniones que en muchos casos suelen estar lejos de la realidad. Dejemos que KANO haga lo que tienen que hacer y TODOS NOSOTROS sigamos haciendo lo que tenemos que hacer. Suena maravilloso, no?

    Saludos a todos y suerte con el juego y buen fin de semana

    ATT: RFT (RETIRED FROM THIS Vc server 1 y 2, LCN)
  6. Sweyn I Forkbeard

    Sweyn I Forkbeard New Member

    4,030 Wayfarers here and I assigned about 4300 more skill points to my energy to make them. what can you do about my skill points assignments since the warfarer was introduced.
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  7. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Well Now you have A LOT of angry people. Like I said we ALL buy FP's. At least I know I do, & you can take a look at how much I spend!!! You can't make changes for some, you have to make them for EVERYONE!!!

    And another thing, How can you say that the 'Pecked Explorer' With Attack 133/125 Defense is OK when it has LESS Defense than the Wayfarer!!! The drops are SUPPOSE to get BETTER, not WORSE!!!
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  8. Suzie

    Suzie Member

    Yes there are players who collected a large number of them and some who may not have collected as many. The simple fact remains, those who stuck to that adventure drop was because of the stats if the warrior. As it has been previously stated here by a few people. If we had known it was going to be changed, we would have done it differently. Everyone who choose to do that specific adventure for the Wayfarer warrior, should be compensated for the energy loss, favor points used etc. of course some will be compensated bigger than others depending on how many one has - but point is - everyone who went after the Wayfarer warrior to accumulate them, should be compensated. Also, that was a pretty rotten thing to do to start changing stats and not bothering to announce it or take a poll on what we think - I mean really - who are we? We're just the ones who play your game and give you money - why would what we think matter? ;-)
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  9. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The Wayfarer has a combined stat total of 250 and the Pecked Explorer has a combined stat total of 258. The Pecked Explorer also has 11 more points in Attack than the Wayfarer does.
  10. Aethelred the ready

    Aethelred the ready New Member

    im too low a level for this to affect me but I would suggest, as well as sorting out the problem you should award some compensation in some format to the aggrieved - reg Paul Alllf
  11. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Seriously?!?!?! We dont care what you have do on new Adv... we care about what you have destroy for us.... and that about 5-6 months after we got last world........................
  12. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Well Whoop-dee-doo. As far as I am concerned your math is off! So you make the Attack a whopping 11 points (snark) more but subtract 3 points from the Defense! Just HOW is that better when BOTH are not improved????

    NEWS FLASH ~ ~ ~ We are Leveling UP not down!! In every Battle game I have played before EVERYTHING got better as you leveled up!!
  13. koo22

    koo22 Member

    "UMMMM....Excuse me, but but you need to make it right with EVERYBODY!!! We ALL buy FP's!!! AND Fix the New Land Drops!!!"
    Just change it back to what the original stats were. For everyone, not just "who has the most". That is the only fair thing to do.
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  14. Sweyn I Forkbeard

    Sweyn I Forkbeard New Member

    Time, Energy, and money for the last 6 months have been impacted AND let you NOT forget about SKILL POINT assignments. SKILL POINT decisions were based on game data. Which BTW can be changed without notice.. What game decision should I make based on current game info? The answer is not clear. Because any value can be changed without discussion or notice how can we as players make a game decision.
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  15. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    i have 1,821 Wayfarers, 335 energy per attempt, i will be nice and say got drop 50% of time (i wish) so 670 energy x 1821 Wayfarers = 1,220,070 energy you owe me. Will i be getting that this week or next week??
  16. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Think they just want us to send our CC and left them do as they feel for
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  17. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Wen will i get my energy????? 1,247, 540 used that i have get 0 for So wen do i get that back and the fp spent to them???? are some used there too
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  18. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Mi7ch the fact that you guys tried to sneak it by everybody shows that you KNOW you guys are WRONG to do it!!

    Kel ASKED you about it here ~ http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/new-warriors-from-adventures.24762/
    Y'all can't just go backwards in the game when ever you want to!! You NEED to do the right thing & put it back!! Chalk it up with the rest of things you guys have screwed up.

    AND Another thing ......What's the deal of releasing a New Land with NO Announcement???
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  19. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I'm working on another solution which might be more sensible. I will update when I have confirmation.
  20. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    The only sensible you can do is make it right again as it was... Is our Time and Money you play with
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