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    when we attack someone and look at the battle details, it shows what was used for our offense and their defense as far as weapons and warriors. if warriors and weapons are used for offense, are the same ones used on defense or only others that are not used offensively? I'm wondering if I should be holding on to warriors and weapons not used in offense even though they have upkeep costs.
  2. if you have a good defense warror/weapons but theyre not used in offense but have a greater defense then keep them.best way to test is to have a clan member declan you and attack you and have them tell you what your bottom item is for weapons and warriors and how many.then attack someone and see what your attacking with.

    then subtract(or add)whatevers needed.
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    From what I can tell, the system uses your "best" offensive items for attack and your "best" defensive items for defense, with no differentiation for items that have higher overall stats. So, for example, if you have 100 each of the Yeti Ice Helm (36/38), Hugin and Munin (36/36), Forged Helmet (36/35), and Minotaur Flair (36/25), but can only use 250 for some reason, it seems completely random which items you'll use in an attack, since they're all the same attack value.

    Similarly, on defense, the system seems to do the exact same thing, and I'll often see items listed higher up that have the same defense value but a lower attack value than something below.

    So as a result, there's no reason from a DR standpoint to keep hold of a bunch of "extra" items that replicate the same stats you have with other items, but (and this is big) it's entirely possible you'll want to keep some of those "redundant" items for other reasons, such as if they're requirements for a later adventure or ingredients for a more powerful blacksmith item.

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