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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Mirana, May 15, 2012.

  1. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    Hey Guys

    In the Warmode is currently no more a real challenge, because of not enough syndicates that join it. For the weekly first ranked Syndicate SIKU is in the moment not really a competitor. So i got a new idea in my mind ;)

    To encourage more syndicates to enter war mode Kano should offer an additional incentive as well as the xp that is awarded at the end of the season and they should consider awarding a unique weapon/amor or vehicle of high att/def to the team which finishes first. I think the warmode would be way funnier when more Syndicates would join.

    Another thing is... the level protection is ridiculous - if you are war mode it shouldn't matter what level you are if you want to participate then you play by the same rules as everyone else. There are so many low level in Warmode but no one can touch them, i think its not fair, they join warmode so they have to take the risk.​

    PS Thanks Hylda for your help ;)
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  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Level protection?As in 30 day protection?That protection should be nullified when they join.If not,it's a bug that's still in effect.If it's just a low level player,they can get hit up to the maximum 5x.
  3. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    I absolutely agree with you!
  4. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

    I think they need to scrap war mode all together and start from scratch. War should not be a constant thing, people get bored with it week in and week out (ME), to the point that I won't enter it again in it's current state. War mode should not stretch over the entire game for anyone to join, but rather for two "warring" syndicates to enter into for a predetermined amount of time. To make it more interesting you could be able to invite 2-3 syndicates from your alliance list if you have them. When entering war mode the time limit should be no more than two weeks and maybe even an option to choose your time limit...3 days, 5 days, 1 week, 2 weeks etc. Once a syndicate joins war mode the rosters should be locked and any people who drop from a syndicate during war mode should not be able to rejoin a warring syndicate. As for opening windows, I completely agree 5 attacks, 5 punches per day and 1 hitlist are not nearly enough to make war mode interesting. If you have the cojones to get in there and mix it up then you should be able to. The point system is horrible along with it's limitations. If you are in war it should be all out, hitlist, and attack as much as you want and get points for all of it...but please just one punch per hour :p If a lower level opens a window, current rules are fine...have your way with them until you kill them then the window closes until reopened.

    Sorry Mirana, didn't mean to hijack your thread :(
  5. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    No Problem Scott....thats why we are here :)
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Might as well scrap it or at least rename it to something like "restricted pillow fight wars", its not anything close to what Kano first said it would be and way to many players have to participate with one arm tied behind their back. Its a colossal failure just like gamer points, which has we yawning when I think of the upcoming battle arena.
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Yes,no doubt the battle arena(at first)will be what it was meant to be.Then the whiners will come and make it so restricted.When will Kano say NO to the whiners and leave a perfectly good feature ALONE?Probably never.
  8. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

    Or maybe have two types of war mode...general war mode like it is now and true "elite" unrestricted all out war mode (not for the feint at heart).
  9. I'm sorry I have to disagree on this, I think the war mode is currently limited for a reason to keep thing's balanced, if they started dishing out free powerful weapons, then everyone won't have these, and you can't force people to join a war as they aren't for everyone, maybe if you award a certain percentage of the cash you've spent listing at the end of the season that would be a nice bonus I guess :) or even a few fp's or something along those lines :)
  10. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Or maybe just have war hitlist only available to those in war :)


    What Mirana means by lower level protection,is that the lower level players in war mode can only be punched by high levels for 1 war point..For example,when I was in war mode I could list a lvl 400 but I wouldnt get credit for the 10 war points cause it would say they are out of my XP range..Wtf?!?..If they are in war mode then there should be no boundaries on xp range..That is ridiculous..Alls fair in love and war but its not fair if I cant list them for my war points..That really needs to be looked into and changed..The way I see it,if they in war mode then it shouldnt matter if they are level 30,you should be able to get your points on them!!
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    no it prob should not, it may be a glitch ,, but since I do not play war mode I really do not know so let support know about it :)

  13. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i like this idea alot as many have said that war mode is not challenging
    maybe re design it and make more features or incentives to play
    or scrap altogehter
  14. Crunk

    Crunk New Member

    I like the idea Mirana has posted! My syndicate only participated by votes in war mode 1 season. We placed 7th or 8th and I will say it sucked when as the leader I had to punch low levels just for points but could not attack them nor list them cause they where to low of a level or dead. I also had to demob due to the low # of participants.
    I am going to add to Mirana's idea by simply asking " What about all the solo players out their?". I feel they should be given an option to be part of war mode as single player with single player rankings also. Even when in a syndicate they can be attacked and attack syndicate members, the same as a syndicate war mode player just with out the syndicate. I know some would do it and it sure would stir up alot more players to join war mode!!
    I have noticed that many in syndicates still want to be in war mode but many in the syndicates don't, thus they are not in war mode. So giving the solo war mode option I feel would help them out and make the app. more fun for them and others cause now thats another person to attack and get points from!!
  15. More syndicates would join if they could choose who they wanted to go to war with. Right now it is just a free for all! If I want to go to war, I should be able to decide which syndicate I want to fight!
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    hmmmm, the problem with this is ....u might pick who u want to go to war with....but maybe they dont want to go to war with u, obviously it would have to be mutual. Im thinking that some of the more powerful guilds would end up not getting to compete at all.....not much fun or them Ide say.

    The whole idea of guild wars is to find out whos #1 and reward them for being so....would be pretty lame to have multiple winners.

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