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  1. Crazy William Storm is under heavy attacks from Kendall Sigtrygg Silkbeard. Help out a fellow Chieftain!.....lolz is this the kendall of kano?:eek:
  2. no its not .. but its funny :D
  3. wow what a name :D

    You have killed Clan Leader Viking Axehole Timmay and collected their Bounty of 132,776,880,611 coins.
  4. You have severely injured Clan Leader my butthole.
  5. Dead Viking has just killed Im Easy Experience. Kill the enemies, Vikings unite!
  6. Grim Reaper Griffins Scythe has killed nutz hang low and claimed your Bounty of 13,206,246,480 coins.

    I'd say someone got neutered.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    this hasnt happened but i thought it would be funny if it did..."polishpimpn has killed franchize hoslayer"
  8. You have killed Clan Leader Hells Guardian.

    uh oh hell just lost its guardian.

  9. You have killed Clan Leader Bruce Lee hands aka sunday shoes Hasla and collected their Bounty of 203,856,804 coins.
    0 coins | +1 XP | -9 Health Lost | 205 Health Damage Dealt

    This suck i got Only 1 exp from Bruce Lee a.... well at list i got his Sunday shoes for my sunday :D
  10. You have killed Clan Leader da ghost.

    now "da ghost" is a ghost.
  11. Your wife was great, Level 206
    3 attacks in 3 seconds 44 minutes ago
  12. under kano/apps jobs-

  13. You just killed My CELTIC sausage in your mouth with an Axe Slap!
  14. You put Super Special Happy Fun Time in the hospital.

    You just killed Killerclown with a punch to the face!

    You just killed Dead Face with a punch to the face!
  15. You have killed energy faster.
    +$60,058 | +2 XP | -6 Health Lost | 118 Health Damage Dealt
  16. You have killed ur gonna die.

    You put DR BLAST in the hospital.

    You put penis in the hospital.
  17. YOU WIN!
    You put Holy Balls in the hospital.
    +$209,453 | +17 XP | -53 Health Lost | 200 Health Damage Dealt

    lol and balls out of hospital ..

    You were attacked by Holy Balls with a Fight Boost of 4% and won the Fight, earning $209,453 and 39 XP.
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  18. You have killed Some Random Dude.
  19. Terrie the Extraordinary Bounty Hunter has killed Hrafn Onundson Throald and claimed your Bounty of 32,859,769,824 coins.

    She's doing her job

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