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  1. maybe they think its funny cause

    "im not cheating"

    "the system is wrong"

    "i donated my life savings to kano"

    "the system is really the one cheating"
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    POLISHPIMPN 2 has just killed Olaf the bung hole tapper. Uh...yea...he only paid for missionary...lol
  3. Kevin Sievers

    Kevin Sievers New Member

    Here's my favorite one from LCN:

    You just put your BIG BUTT in the hospital.

    I'm attaching a screen capture.... LOL

  4. cant see a thing in that capture
  5. Whitelock

    Whitelock Member

    "you just killed YOURSELF with an axe slap"

    And Then he bountied me and a level 4357 player tried to take the bounty attacked me 4 times, I'm at lvl 271... Yes more than 4000 levels difference, yet he took 4 blows... WEAK! LOL
  6. Whitelock

    Whitelock Member

    You just killed prosperity
    I guess that was a prosperous kill ey
  7. Joe Hains

    Joe Hains New Member

    get your Cologne now for only 25 favors points not only can you kill people with it but you can smell good at the same time (while supplys last)
  8. Corey Carstens

    Corey Carstens New Member

    here a better one for you, [THIS] Wrecks Da Hitman Level 3446 Tycoon attack me and lose 90% off all fights on me and Im only [OMA] Rough Neck One Man Army Level 2171 Tycoon,
  9. You were just Axe Slapped by The Siamese Berserker Of Odin taking 2 damage. Take revenge now!

    [PARA] The Siamese Berserker Of Odin Level 3789 Merchant Viking

    The Siamese Berserker Of Odin is a higher level and out of your XP range. Any form of attack against this player will open you up for retalliation attacks.
  10. Whitelock

    Whitelock Member

    2 damage? rofl
  11. It's because Eddie is being biased again, banning some of his accounts but allowing other accounts of his to cheat at will.
  12. Whitelock

    Whitelock Member

    this link is supposed to be funny, you got any tyndall jokes? lol
  13. You have severely injured Clan Leader DINGDONG.

    +500,000 coins | +201 XP | -2,250 Health Lost | 2,250 Health Damage Dealt
  14. Who's there?
  15. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    It's not very funny if you leave a 'Knock knock' joke UNanswered...

    YOU WIN!​

    Close [​IMG]

    You have killed Chuck The Norris.
  16. I'm still Chuck'n him about when he's UNdead too.

    That's what makes this funny...

    (hey look, i just realised i can make that Close [​IMG] lead to ME.. Howzabout some people punch me and give me some new peeps to play with? )
  17. Seems everybody is too pussy to do any punching or anything

    So howsabout i show that i'm not actually all that...


    You have severely injured Clan Leader Ye Vertical Smile.

    -500,000 coins | -508 Health Lost | 489 Health Damage Dealt

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