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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by big papa grendal, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. why is it that we find our self battling people that quit and sold all their property and listed people 20 to 40 times and then deleting their myspace account and then come back some how :mad:
  2. Tylerbmiller

    Tylerbmiller New Member

    What do you mean? :confused:
  3. theres 2 players on vc that quit and deleted there myspace accounts and now those 2 are back with there same vc account on a new myspace.

    nothing against the rules though as Kano did it.

    To Grendal:were you enjoying it when those 2 were gone or something?are they back to beating you up now?is that your problem here.
  4. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Yeah looks like some of the accounts are still being played. The thread on those leaving the game is now nowhere to be found, which I don't see why it was removed. Possibly because there is a bias in certain moderators and she knows who she is. (will address this in other thread)

    It doesn't matter if you leave the game or still keep playing, in fact keep playing. But, why the big posts/thread on leaving. Maybe it's the Brett Farve complex, well he was a Viking and who knows may return again.

    Hey, Lady Jewel returned yesterday to attack me, and I thought she left... It's all good I'm glad she's back; at least I hope it's her.

    Here’s a suggestion to a certain moderator, why not do something worthwhile other than being the forum McCarthyist, check into those accounts that quit and are still being played.
  5. what bias?nothing bias in that other thread so nothing to be bias bout.did you ever think the one that started that thread could of deleted it?or maybe it was found to be a pointless thread and got quick to jump on this mod arent you gavin?
  6. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Yep there was nothing wrong with the thread so where is it, yeah it could have been stopped by the person who started it, but since you so all knowing if it wasn't deleted by a Mod. It would still be arround in the profile of the person; in things posted by so and so. Who's quick to judge???
  7. ive deleted threads ive started and no they dont show.

    maybe when you were a mod you could still see the threads but thats not the case for non mods.

    You just Axe Slapped Gavin Egil and dealt 344 damage.
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Grendal, your just mad that you saw 250 trillion fly in bounties and you didn't get any of it.
  9. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    First of all, a moderator only moderates the forum. Secondly, do you have any proof that these accounts where actually deleted?

    Third, The only reason you have a problem with Vampryss is because she stood up for what she believes in instead of listening to the orders you and Para where barking at her.
  10. The reinstatement of these players accounts was done by Kano so it would have to be within the bounds of the rules they set.....unless of course it was done by the Botmaster-in-Chief whom we all know and revere, and no use fighting that unless you want your car to get struck by lightning or your cats to get soaked in the rain. He controls the weather man.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    If that was really you playing your account this whole time, you would have known she was playing for the past few weeks, after all, don't you remember attacking her that whole time?
    You should make para give you reports of his actions on your account that way you will get your story straight. :)
  12. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Eddie your just dim-witted... This account stuff... you are the one who said you quit. yet your back now is it really you? since you quit...

    So you silly inane thoughts should really be pointed at you...

    Also, isn't it funny Lady Jewel sold all her empire and so forth then posted on leaving the game all just to come right back??? Eddie weird isn't it. And as I said I'm glad she's back. the other comment was to raise this commotion.... which the regular stooges chimed in on.

    Also weird how you know her game account status/ attacked by so and so.... And before all you other chime in on yeah they talk... it seems he has more detailed game info of this other player.... that's just how you presented it... not once did i say you were the same... Eddie you're comment/reply just poses that as a possibility.
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  13. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I dont see why you should question our returns. If there was anything done against the rules, the developers would/will take care of it. People dont have to cry foul every time something unexpected happens.
  14. and lots of the unexpected happens and quite often
  15. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Eddie I never question your return, as I said at first I'm glad... I said why the big posts of leaving then and so forth.
  16. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well as you know, I'm vc's biggest celebrity and my fans want to know everything that is going on. So if I decide to take a break I need to update my fans. ;)
  17. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    okay, well said... btw why was the thread removed?
  18. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I guess people needed closure after such a big loss of their star The Legend. The thread was removed so people would move on instead of being stuck in the past. But it's okay Gavin, you can move on now too. As you see, I am here so you can stop mourning the loss of your favorite vc character.
  19. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Damn I burned a Viking ship in your honour and drank for hours watching that hugh ship sink. oh well was a good fire.
  20. Well when you are 97% of the players on VC it's easy to be popular amongst yourself. The game would fall apart without all the Eddies, not to mention Eddie = Kano and thus owns the servers for the game.

    Trust me this is the truth, a Professor told me so.

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