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  1. ckleavell

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    Putting aside that this new option took me by surprise yesterday, it would be helpful if there were more details provided in any future news updates to tell us about these upgrades. I asked for help with my first boss fight and before I had time to inflict much damage, my "helper" came along, took the sorceress down and pretty much claimed the entire reward.

    Later I managed to help someone else and took the sorceress out completely by myself (why this person asked for help and did not battle with her is beyond my comprehension) and I STILL did not get the Serpentine Armor. What gives??!!?? Are they ALL gonna be like this?? Can this be "fixed" to be more fair to those that help and to the owner of the boss fight?? Perhaps include lesser rewards for those that help?? I cannot even see the other two boss fights I participated in on my profile!!!

    Signed: Reward-LESS in Indy
  2. Jane Athelstan

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    Coop Boss

    I think the reason people ask for help is that they don't have enough stamina to do the job themselves. They load up on attack and defense and forget about health and stamina.
    For me these last two have been more important than anything at this point.
  3. people ask for help because if you look at the left side of a specific boss' page it shows unlocked power attacks. if a certain number of players join in attacking that boss then i believe the next power attack can be unlocked to those involved in the boss battle?? i think thats how it goes.

    also there is a link shown underneath the boss' picture. if you click and copy the link, u can post a bulletin with the pasted link and thus add more to join the battle.

    i dont know. its not explained very clearly...
  4. ShadowRayn

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    Boss Battle

    yes i concur with grim, it says on mine 4 more friends needed for the Loki Blitz power attack
  5. Gavin

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    As stated above, asking for help does unlock the power attacks.

    ParashuramaBloodAxeLegend has helped in finding that with 5 clan members helping you get to use the first power attack and with 10 clan members helping you get to use the final power attack.

    Other clans below 100 have said the power attacks use 5 energy do quite more damage (500+ compared to 20-30), for higher levels the power attacks do about the same damage as 1 normal attack.

    Also, yes some lower level clans do need help to defeat the bosses as the level 5 bosses take about 80000 damage to defeat and it only goes up from there.

    In helping out other clans in defeating the bosses, you may not get a reward if you don't get enough attacks in (damage doesn't matter its number of attacks) so even if you do 4 attacks a cause 15000 damage you may not ret any reward.

    Finally read the owing clans message in the boss page as they might want additional members to open the power attacks, and only certain levels. As high levels with enough energy/stamina can use 20-30+ and kill the bosses easily. I think some lower levels like having 5-10 additional equal level helpers as it can be fun in having a group co-operative attack.
  6. Michelrpg

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    I wouldnt worry too much about helpers stealing your thunder. Yeah, right now the bosses are fairly easy. But they level up after every battle. And I'm sure there will be more bosses added as well, so eventually in time bosses will be stronger and in more numbers. Something tells me you will need your friends to help you out eventually.
  7. self

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    here is a hint. If you are looking at increasing your attack by coop, mention that to your clan. Also be aware that higher level users can do 4,000 - 6,000 or even more damage with one whack. A higher level user with a ton of attack can clear a boss in 15 power whacks (that's what it takes me).

    also mention in the boss feed if you want the boss taken out quickly and a higher level user can totally whackify them for you in a hurry
  8. in mobwars and pirate clan my clan message me on game to help kill boss so i click on hes name and look change from stats to clan feed and than i see that he posted help attack boss so i kill boss in 9sec :) normaly its 20 stamina so faster way is see who from top is online and email foe help !

    so i kill boss in 9 sec who did faster ?

    Developers shuld add new page on leaderboard who kill most of bosses 1-20-100- ... he he
  9. yummymonkey

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    battle damage?

    how is damage figured? I know for a fact that my attack and def are higher than some of the ppl i battle bosses with yet i only do 400-500 damage with a power attack. This as messed up as ppl with 500-600 less clan members able to defeat me when i am stacked with the best weapons possible. :mad::confused::mad:
  10. self

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    know that exp is about 1/7th of using regular attack. more exp and gold using power attack

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