VC/PC/ZS/MW:LCN Hidden Recipes and Blueprints

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  1. martincles

    martincles New Member

    War Wolf in Zombie Slayer:

    I think there might be a problem with the hint for the War Wolf. By level 1915, there's only one weapon drop and one armor purchaseable in Anchorage, and I've tried all four Workshop builder parts (Vehicle, Weapon, Gear, Destructive part). Has anybody else had any success with it, or do any Kano employees have any further hints for us?
  2. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    War wolf

    Arctic Wolf (really hard to get random kill rewards from dogsledder)

    Arctic Armor (store)

    Weapon Part (x10)

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  3. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    Earthheart hammer+battlerune axe+viking axes=stonepillar axe
    Tyrs warhammer+blockhammer+seax=thunderswipe
    Garms collar+spellbook+hammer and chisel=cyclone furrow
  4. Kelex

    Kelex Member

    I didn't see this one completed yet, so here's the recipe for the Bladeboot.

    You have successfully crafted the following item:


    45 Attack

    45 Defense

    Quantity Crafted : x1

    You used the following items to complete this Recipe:
    Topaz Dagger, Master Sabre

    x1 Bladeboot has been Added to your inventory.

    x1 Master Sabre has been Removed from your inventory.

    x1 Topaz Dagger has been Removed from your inventory.

    Crafting this item cost you 250,000,000 coins
  5. meezy

    meezy Member

    Im looking for some additional info on a ZS craft. Im look to craft the Super soldier in Russia. It says i need a "Russian Roulette". Is that a boss drop or what??
  6. martincles

    martincles New Member

    Space Soldier

    I think you mean the Space Soldier. The Russian Roulette is another craft item, two spots above the Space Soldier in the list.
  7. Gunny from PC

    Gunny from PC Member

    Poison Syringe

    Required Location: Underworld
    Level Unlock: Level 5210
    Crafting Cost: 600,000,000 coins

    Poison Syringe 58 Attack 58 Defense requires Razor Flint (adventure drop ) Turtle Soup (gift)
  8. Gunny from PC

    Gunny from PC Member

    Poison Syringe 58 Attack 58 Defense requires Razor Flint (adventure drop ) Turtle Soup (gift)

    As of yet, I am Level: 5291 so haven't unlocked the, Master Explorer or the, Skullnado. However, I will share the recipe's when and/or if I can to friend or foe. Have fun crafting!
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  9. Eraser

    Eraser Member


    Rollers Royce Pic
    90 Attack

    80 Defense

    Required Location: St. Petersburg
    Level Unlock: Level 2185
    Crafting Cost: $20,000,000,000

    Private Car (Random Destructive drops/Ballerina)

    Kamaz 5320 (Store/Truck you need for the outbreak at level 2185 the one that drops the "penthouse key")

    Vehicle Part x10
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  10. richboucher

    richboucher New Member

    Stonepillar Axe (viking clan) (69 x 69)
    1 Earthheart hammer
    1 battlerune axe
    2 viking axes
  11. memufasa

    memufasa New Member

    pizza cutter

    anyone got the pizza cutter yet? Paris lvl 2395
  12. pyat1018

    pyat1018 New Member

    the argo is
    siren ship and love is a battleship
  13. Spike Club: Havana Level 2120: $16 billion (Thanks to Gazember)
    x1 Crisobal M2
    x1 Boomerang
    x1 Diamond

    does not work any suggestions as to why
  14. Mike Machado

    Mike Machado New Member

    Where is the Snowcape found?
  15. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Skadi Blizzard random drop
  16. where do i get the jet quad ive looked all over
  17. jules32304

    jules32304 New Member

    evil eye talisman

    Silent Assassin: Japan level 880: 15 million coins
    1x Samurai
    1x Evil Eye Talisman
    1x Wise Old Spirit

    I want to make this but dont know how to get the evil eye talisman, or what it looks like. Any help would be appreciated :cool:
  18. Michael Lock

    Michael Lock New Member

    In ZombieSlayer, in Australia where do i find the Snakeskin Suit to make the Thunderdome? nvm
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  19. Matthew R. Duke

    Matthew R. Duke New Member

    can anyone tell me what is a laser cutter i need it to make lazer battle axe
  20. Brooke Gibson

    Brooke Gibson New Member

    ZS Hidden Blueprint Italy Water Warrior

    OK, so I tried:

    x1 Scuba Gear (Gift)
    x1 Gondalier Uniform (Purchased)
    x1 Gear Part

    Still not working for Water Warrior...what am i missing?

    Grrrrrrrrr....silly workshop.:mad:

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