[VC] June 17th Update - Valhalla Viking Battles

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    An update was released today that will assist players with empty/short Battle lists. If you are level 720 and above, your battle list may now include some Valhalla Vikings which can be attacked in leu of a healthy vikings.

    If Valhalla Vikings are available to be attacked they will appear at the bottom of your Battle list like this:

    Attacking an Valhalla Viking will earn you no cash nor will it affect the Valhalla Viking's health. However, you do earn some XP and your Valhalla Viking Battle Wins/Losses are tracked in your Profile stats. You are limited to 39 Valhalla Viking attacks at level 720 and the # of allowable attacks slowly increases as you level. It should be noted that the Valhalla Viking's regular Win/Loss stats are not affected when attacked in this state, ie if you are attacked while dead or in hospital it will not count towards your stats.

    We appreciate any comments/feedback you have about this feature.
  2. hulk77

    hulk77 Member

    thank you my battle list has been short a few times and I have had to run threw all kinds of counter attacks and only walk away with 150 bps each time.
  3. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Nice, a good way to test the waters with players out of your range. I see dead Vikings. lol
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I like it a lot...Ty! I especially like seeing my old account out there....but i kinda wish i wouldnt have sold everything off b4 I deleted it. Dont suppose ya wanna max it out to where it was with warriors and weapons to make it a lil more realistic would ya...lol.
  5. Thanks for the higher amount of attacks than in ZS. Now I have a fight list on the main page and not just on rivals. Would be nice if there was a way to sit and attack the same person in rapid succession rather than the screen jumping and having to scroll down 100 times to hit the same player.
  6. YOU WIN!
    You can attack 90 more Valhalla Vikings
    (click on counter attack info) LOL
    Your last attack was 10 hours ago. Your attack count will reset in 13 hours with no further attacks
  7. So this is basically just a Viking version of the Undead Hide-a-Holics club. UHH nice one! It's about time the Vikings got something like this, so many powerlevelled up to the heavens with nobody to fight and bosses presumably not that much lower level than themselves.
  8. Catch Norseman of the Apocalypse off-guard between multiple attacks with a surprise counter attack. Setup one or more counter attacks to foil Norseman of the Apocalypse's weak attack strategies.It will cost you 256,670,943,089 coins and 2 stamina to prepare this next counter attack.

    In order to setup a counter attack, Norseman of the Apocalypse must have attacked you at least once in the past 24 hours.

    guess that only happens for ya para
  9. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    For the first time in months I have some players on my battle page and they're dead.
    Seems to me you've chosen the level of players that I'm able to see, so why could this not be used so that they appear when they are alive. It wouldn't be many players on my battle page but at least it would be some, and they would be alive and kicking, with some interraction and full exp per hit.
  10. attack (***Valhalla***) Viking >> make sure one who is on your rivals list but in hospitall or dead .. than look counter attack info and will say last attack 2 hours a go 10 hours or more LOL

    hi Kano how about if i can attack from hospital (***Valhalla***) Viking dead or in hospital :D
  11. nightstalker

    nightstalker New Member

    it sux for non money players now because when u heal ur on the list right away.Maybe done on purpose for the money players.I love the valhalla thing but the setup for showing ppl on an active sucks now--go back to the old way.
  12. how high is your income???

    increase income to raise your bounty cost
  13. Reorx

    Reorx New Member

    I was just able to attack a level 6206 player, no. 4 on the Facebook world list and see her gear. I could not believe that I lost, LOL. And no fear of repercussions. I like this feature, you can attack them when they are down and only attack them "for real" (when they are on line) when you are ready, when you know that you can beat them.
  14. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    DEVs you appear to be having trouble even organising being able to hit dead people.
    I now have some on my battle page, they're dead and it's telling me that they are out of my exp range.
    What the hell are you doing, it's getting sillier and sillier.
    What's the point of people popping up on my battle page that I cant hit, even sillier that I can't hit them when they're alive. Just open up the battling so that you can hit and get full exp, and stop tinkering and messing around.
    Do something about it, it really is becoming a farce, you say you listen so please listen to this.
  15. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    It looks like a bug may have been pushed out yesterday while trying to make some sourcing enhancements. We are looking into it.
  16. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This should now be fixed.

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