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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. David Stroud

    David Stroud Member

    You do not know anything what is going on to know what I am talking about. Nobody in my range and below attacked me for War Guild points. It was nothing but 1000 levels and higher. I am only over level 1600. I had someone at the level 7760, and killed me with one hit. I had nothing to do with him for him to attack me. I have several of his guild mates in my clan. What this War Guild is doing is destroying guilds, not helping them. The guilds are losing their good daily point players, and they drop in rankings big time. My guild leader decided to turn it off. It was not helping us at all.

    Just looked you up on the MySpace leaderboard, and it was people in your guild that attacked. One is at 8100 level. I do have some PIMP members part of my clan, and I always have helped them out and they helped me out.
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  2. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Guild Wars are in essence a Free For All war, there are bound to be casualties. War is about destruction and death. It seems your guild didn't realize what they were getting into. There was a time, when leveling was only done with Battles, many of the old players remember this time of fierce battling and brutal retribution. And now they have a chance to get at least a glimpse of the old times back.

    The War feature is not for everyone, it is meant for those that wish for harsh PvP battles. And I do hope that the War Attacks will be increased to 10 at least.

    Furthermore, if you get killed this easily by a high level, you had low health at the point when they attacked you.

    Most of the people attacking me for War Points lose to me and give me free XP/Wins/Kills, some even kill themselves by attacking me. And there are enough low levels who do it. Some are below Level 300 and attack me. I'm Level 3700+.

    This game is about killing, getting killed and leveling up by any means provided in the game. And I doubt that you will do a suicide run against a bigger player, just to donate them xp. You do something like this when you're bored and want to help a buddy. But not when you want to level. You'll search a target you can beat, then.

    I'll say it again: You can't get really bullied in the game. There are ways to stop players who constantly attack you. Drop off their Rival list, if they're out of your range and they can only list and slap you. Get a high bounty price and they're less likely to list you. Get enough health to be able to survive some slaps. Commit suicide before logging off, no one can kill you then. If they're in your range, ask a higher leveled friend to lend you a helping hand. Increase your defense/clan and have them bounce off you. And most of all, level until you're in their range and then beat the living daylights out of them.

    By the way, if you opened yourself for a War Retribution from one of the Big Three, you have attacked one of their guild members. As stated in the War rules: Your guild is at war and you attack another player from a warring guild, then their entire guild can attack you, as you personally made it on their War Rival List. Read the Guidelines before crying "Bully!". To get attacked by a higher level, you must somehow open yourself for attacks from them, directly by slapping/attacking/listing them or indirectly when both of you are at war and you attacked one of their guildmembers.

    Never forget, it's a killing game. Just because you played a peaceful Viking Clan, doesn't mean everyone else likes it as peaceful as you do.

    BLACKDETH Member

    I think all the trophies/rankings should say: "finished in X place behind RVV and Blackdeth!"

    just sayin'

  4. Really enjoying the guild wars a the moment I'm getting my arse royally kicked but its all in good fun.Keep them axe slaps coming you yellow bellied fools.

    Viking Forever!!
  5. Stan

    Stan New Member

    Doesn´t really balance up for me though. I am level 1795 and have pretty good health, no problems attacking, knowing i will be beat, its wp for guild, however, when i attack a level 5000+ and get killed, i lose -1799 xp. The 5 defeats i dish out garner me 535xp. Basically, i am going backwards. It only needs a few kills and before i know it i am -1500 chasing 39500 xp to level up. I can quite easily do that by leaving GW and levelling faster, then who are you going to get the points from? This is also for Polishpimp.
  6. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Well, my first thought after reading that was "Oh, another Suicide Runner." Yes, I have some War Rivals who kill themselves by attacking me.

    My second thought is "Why attack someone who can kill you if you attack and vice versa." Sure, you can chain every warring high level for WP's and XP, but if you do that, make sure that you have won a lot of battles against players you can beat and get good XP from, prior to chaining the high levels. And then, once you have some dozen to hundred WP's commit suicide. You die once this way and your rivals can curse the sky green, as they don't get the chance to get WP's themselves. It's not really a fair tactic, but then again, this is war, fairness doesn't apply here. So, easy targets first, suicide run later.

    Guild Wars are PvP actions and one of the biggest principles of PvP is that you advance as fast as possible, while keeping your rivals from doing the same. This old style PvP is about advancing to the top, while ensuring that the lowers stay below you. Or do you like seeing your rivals shooting through the levels while you only sit there and wave to them?
  7. David Wells

    David Wells New Member

    i'm level 400 and i gain exp even if i lose i only lose exp if i die and if you slap attack heal attack heal attack heal attack heal in that fashion you'll level not drop you just have to play smart. if your getting hit by to many people stay in the hospital for a few let them forget and attack heal ive lost hundreds of times but have only died from bounties or lucky attacks not nearly as many loses but regardless i don't think you should lose exp i think if anything you should gain exp for a death in a guild war it would entice more people as im attacking the same ones over and over because there's just not that many people alive and fighting
  8. Stan

    Stan New Member

    Thanks for a sensible answer. Yeah the suicide runs come later, but finding players upto lvl 2500, the level to which i have a fair chance of winning are like rocking horse shit.! Also, i seem to notice you can be attacked anyway by higher levels, whether you have gone after them or not. Maybe its my imagination. As for the hitting and running, unless you are ready to log off its probably the bounties that piss me off. At our level, its chicken shit to be bountied then you lose the xp anyway.
    Nope, i aint one to back down and will keep going. As the phrase goes, A clever man learns from his own mistakes a wise man learns from others, just need to be wiser i suppose.

    That last bit ties in with what i was saying, its hard to find people alive and fighting, but from what you and Das have said, i am not far off, probably just needed a different perspective.
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  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im a bit confused....U stated nobody in your range or lower attacked you and that it was only level 1k and higher....in the next statement u said u were a level 1600, this doesnt add up for me.

    Someone level 7760 may have killed u....but Im sure u have the same capability of doing the same to someone else at or below your level and possibly even a higher level depending on how your account is set up and/or the health and Defense of the higher leveled player. You r also perfectly capable of axe slapping someone to death at any level.

    Im not sure what diff it makes if u have clan in the same guild as someone who is attacking u. Personally...I have clan in every guild but 1,,,,if i didnt attack a player who was in a guild thats participating in the guild wars simply because I happen to have a clan member in that guild.....it would be pretty much senseless for me to participate wouldnt it. I think u will find that this is the case for most if not all the participants.

    This is Guild wars....its a competition in which rewards are awarded for aggressive play. The whole point of this feature is to enhance the gaming experience for those who enjoy the more aggressive PVP gaming style. Until Guild wars was brought online....nearly every other new update was geared towards the less aggressive players who simple wanted to not be bothered while gathering gifts and performing actions that took no thought and had no repercussions.

    Sorry to hear youve lost guild members but this is not because higher levels r bullys....these players are doing exactly what they are suppose to do to help their guild rank higher and achieve a better reward. This is simply one aspect of the game that is not for everybody, thats why a guild has the OPTION of opting in or not. You guys tried it and it wasnt for u...so be it!. I applaud the fact that u gave it a shot

    This feature has already been tuned way down and actually penalizes the higher leveled player for being successful at this game (very much like every other aspect of this game), it is the low to mid range levels that have the most opportunity to score big for their guilds. But like everything else in the game u must be proactive and diligent in your efforts if u want to be successful at it....just be careful of what u wish for.....because once youve achieved it you may very well find that its not what u had hoped and that it will most likely decrease your positive gaming experience
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  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I would suggest u be a bit more careful when hitting the higher leveled players, there is nothing that says u have to get all your hits/points all at once. Make sure u have full health before u hit them and hit them slowly while watching your health, Keep in mind that once u hit them ...u have alerted them that u r online with health and they will most likely retaliate to get there own points...if u r hitting them while they r hitting u...your chances of dying greatly increase. Perhaps u should hit them once.... and then just heal for them until they get their max 5 hits in and then go after them....keep in mind that the higher leveled players u speak of r on line and playing more often than most, thats why they r higher leveled...just be patient and play smart with what u have....you'll get your shot. Just b careful not to hit them more than 5 times...because they're those who will take full advantage of this and make u pay dearly. Like I siad to a previous poster....its the low to mid level players who can potentially score more than anyone due to level range restrictions....but u still gotta play smart....hope this helped. Good luck!
  11. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    It may have started off as a pure fighting game but over time it has evolved. Nowadays once you have passed level 720 you can happily play without having to attack another fellow player (Valhalla entries permitting).

    Attacking a weaker player is not necessarily bullying. At some point I am sure we have all had to attack a weaker player but when you exclusively attack weaker players (as you imply above you do), I would call that cowardice.

    When I am put in the position of having to attack a real person, given a choice, I will attack someone who is higher/larger, rather than lower/small, than me because LETS NOT FORGET THAT THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT LEVELING AND OPENING NEW WORLDS, ITEMS, BOSSES...ETC ETC and attacking a higher/larger player will give me more XP than attacking a lower/smaller player. It is also more satisfying when you win too.

    Ah. Once again the PolishPimp mantra. Why don't you go and follow your own advice.

    I see there is no question in your mind that it is the less aggressive members who should leave. Just like in your own guild where, despite the loyalty they had shown, the less aggressive members were 'replaced' by others of a more belligerent nature.

    I think what was being suggested was it was a stupid move to make everyone in a guild go to war. The developers must surely have thought through what would happen when some guild members wanted to go to war and others didn't but because a small but vocal band of PvP players wanted it, it was pushed through regardless.

    What should have happened is that they should have kept this on an individual level (forgetting about guilds and a guild leaderboard altogether) or allow individual in a guild to opt in or out of the war feature if they wanted to or best option of all, allow a player to join two types of guild a gamer guild and a war guild.
  12. in the end it IS a fighting game

    bosses were added in later on

    but the main element(the fighting)has remained

    and still gives best exp per stam

    wars are not for everyone

    thats why its a OPT IN feature

    if you cant take the heat of the constant battling

    then dont opt in

    plain and simple

    dont ruin it for those that like the wars

    wars are MEANT for CONSTANT PvP action

    its not meant for players that only want a touch of PvP

    its meant for those that want to consistently battle
  13. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I would like to add something. I'm not a big fan of fighting all of the time, but I do understand that it's a part of the game. My guild is not participating in guild wars for several reasons, but the main one is that the majority of us don't like to fight as much as those that are participating. We have lost some good players over the past few months because they like to fight more than the rest of us. I will say that since the guild wars started, I have received much less "bullying" from much higher level players (3000+). I believe most of the issues mentioned here have been mentioned on the LCN posts when this went live there first. If players want increased PvP action, they should be in a guild that has opted in to guild wars and fight those other players that prefer as many fights as possible, win or lose. As time goes on, and players like myself get stronger, more guilds will probably participate when they can be more competitive. If my guild opted in, I would either a) deal with all the attacks as I have before guild wars even went live, or b) leave my friends and find another guild that has not opted in. You can't have it both ways, and the guild leaders should be making sure everyone understands what might happen. That being said, it is almost impossible to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. I believe that Kano is working hard to try to meet EVERYONE'S desires... PvP action, more boss releases, other ways to earn xps, the addition of stamina boosts for either attacking bosses or fighting players, etc. I hope that one of the devs sees this post and realizes that most of us that have played for more than a few days and quit DO appreciate their efforts, even though ALL of us aren't happy with ALL of the changes ALL of the time (and this would include me).
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  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LOL. Considering its only the leader or the officers of a guild that can opt in for the "guild wars"....then that would make them the more aggressive players....yes? R u suggesting they r to leave their own guild? ROFLMAO!

    As far as my guild goes....yes....some players were replaced...but only after they were fully informed what "guild wars" would entail, they were then asked if they would be able/want to participate in said wars. Nobody was just dropped...and those who opted out still remain friends.

    "Belligerent nature"? once again u make me laugh....PIMP holds themselves to a higher standard....we aim to be successful at everything we do and to do it within the rules and how the game and its features r designed to be. PIMP does not just take anyone who sends in a request....we try to insure we bring in like minded individuals as we find it causes far fewer problems. There is a reason we have dominated both "season play and guild wars".....its because we r a team...we work together to achieve both individual and team goals.....Thats what a guild is suppose to be all about is it not? I cant think of 1 good reason to just throw a bunch of players together who have completely diff objectives .....all u have then is the type of crap we see here in this thread with players jumping ship. Sounds to me as if the leader of these guilds r seriously lacking in leadership skills

    LMAO.... make it more on an individual level???? than u have exactly what we had b4 the "wars"....players just going after other players rather than focusing more of their attention on what is suppose to be the more like minded guilds and its players who have opted in to said "wars". Allowing individuals in a guild that is participating in the wars to opt out individually is a ridiculous idea....what would be the point? The whole idea of this feature is a team concept and to score rewards for an entire guild. Its very simple....join a guild that likes to do what u like to do, It wouldnt make a whole lotta sense to join a Green bay packer fan club if your favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings now would it?

    Maybe its just me.....but I have lots of friends that arent in the same guild as me
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  15. Stevie Mac

    Stevie Mac Member

    On the whole being a new player and still very much finding my feet on VC I think the wars are a good thing, the increased exp from war attacks helps me with levelling and gives me more stamina for bosses. Sure I have been kicked all over by bigger players some of whom do not like being attacked back when I hit them for WP in return but thats how it goes. My bounty gets ever higher with revenge attacks from players who have been hit by high levellers in my own guild but seems a fair price to pay for the benefits I get in return plus the added exp at the end of season. No complaints here and yeah if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the war guilds is my suggestion....... :0)
  16. Hori Proph

    Hori Proph New Member

    Since the introduction of Guild Wars I have seen alot of things change. I left my old guild Death Wish, and restarted a new guild together with Ragnar, Jpark and others. I've seen old chieftains wich I had in high regard seen me declan for some warpoints. I've seen myself go to extreme lengths to get maximum points in and get my kills up even more. After a few weeks I can say I am still enjoying every bit of Guildwars. There is alot more dynamic to the game, guilds are reforging. Some are conspiracing, making alliances or starting wars. I just love it and I hope that this feature will be developed.

    For one thing I would like to see a top board for indivduals, how many points is everyone gettin for a season and for all-time for example.
  17. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    As another GW season winds up for the finish i am reminded of a few issues that as of yet have not been given much discussion. When using the War Rivals tab all the info for the player that has hit a member of our guild is there (GREAT ) ...like how many attacks i have remaining as well as slaps,a bounty...my confusion comes when i go to the skull...under either tab..personal rivals..not accurate...and ..no info ...nothing...and if im attacking a guild thru their guild page and go to the selected players profile ...there is no info there as well...ie...slaps remaining etc...this info could be below the age of the viking...maybe...The original rivals list has become useless as well...its not the most current player that has attacked me...its a mismosh...some GW players ??..why ??...some non GW players....and some (some) of those who have attacked my bounty...i want to see everyone thats hit me..not just GW or non GW....where do i find the most current list of those that have ONLY attacked me ???...In the game history is where i have been going for that...the problem there...if 5 players attack me 5 times each...all info before them is gone...??...On a different note..as a guild leader i would like to see how many axe kills,battle kills and bounties the guild issued during a season.....Oh an before i forget....any word on the Enemy tag /wars...?? could work exactly as the GW in scoring....maybe...?...Thanks for continuing the perfection of this added feature...SN ...LOVES the GW !!...its fierce , fast , furious and not for everyone !

    One last thing...when recruiting is there a way Kano could allow that post for recruits to go out to all FEEDS in VC...when recruiting your limited to those in your clan , another members clan...i do see under the guilds tab it shows if a guild is recruiting..but really...how many visit that ???
  18. the Dude Orkar

    the Dude Orkar New Member

    What about people not in guild wars? The bounties are an issue for me. I like to bounty hunt. If I catch one that someone in a guild war has placed, I become a target because the bounty was 'meant' for someone else to catch? That is nonsense. Bounties are hard enough to catch. With added restrictions, people who just like playing are left behind. I have spent a lot of money on this game by my own choice. Guild wars has helped me increase by bounty catching stats, but at the cost of being a target playing for fun and helping out those in my inner circle is not my style of play. That's my only issue with guild wars.
  19. Terminator

    Terminator Member

    Any bounties listed should be able to be claimed by anyone who is hunting.
    It has been a good system up to this point. Don't mess with it.
    You would force non-guild players to join a guild just to get a bounty.
    I believe (and 95% of the people I have talked to about it say) it should be as it is now.
    Please don't change it.
  20. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    In response to Hori, yes this feature will continue to be developed. It's one of the most challenging and controversial features we've integrated but we are listening to the community and considering your ideas and feedback. Note that this feature will remain fighting focused for intermediate to advanced players.

    We do realize that with the increased pvp action there is a higher xp loss and there are currently discussions around xp and other incentives for Wars in the Ideas Forum http://forums.kanoapps.com/forumdisplay.php?101-Ideas

    @LaScepter - The skull icon will popup an interface showing your Personal Rivals and War Rivals. For someone to show up on your personal rivals list they must either be non warring attacking players or war players who have exceeded their daily attack limit against you. Thanks for the ideas, i'll add it to our todo list:
    1)Add attack info to profile page
    2)Show War stats in the leader/officer stats interface
    3)Global recruiting board (This will be a bigger project which we'll think about)

    @the dude - right now all bounties are accessible to everyone regardless of the feature it originated from, are you saying it's unfair that you become a target because you clamed a war bounty?

    Reminder for everyone, we have a new ideas forum, we encourage everyone to head over and post/vote and participate in the discussions! http://forums.kanoapps.com/forumdisplay.php?101-Ideas

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