[VC] Developer Update June 6th - Boss Helper View Increased Pagination

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We pushed a minor change that was made based directly on player feedback.

    Boss Help list used to be capped at 15 which was a limitation of the design, we recently just increased this number and have made the the Boss Help list extendable through a link that will show up at the bottom right of the list when you have more to view.

    This is a great example of user feedback on a small change that can make a big difference. We plan to get an in-game survey out this week to collect player input on direction of the game as well as small fixes like this that we can make relatively quickly but can go a long way to eliminate some player frustration.

    As always, if you have suggestions on the game feel free to air them on the forum or send an email into support but we will soon be proactively asking you through an in-game survey.
  2. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I can't thank you guys enough for this. Finally it won't be a common fear to lose out on Kill Rewards when you're in a lot of Boss Fights.
  3. Reorx

    Reorx New Member

    Here are a few suggestions that have been raised before:

    1. Allow us to sell back unused God items purchased more then a year ago which no longer appear on the battle list.

    2. Update achievements; income, battle, boss, etc.

    3. Guild tax: Guild leader can set a 1% tax on hourly income of each guild member; this money goes into the guild bank and is used by officers and guild leader to bounty enemy guilds members. Voluntary donations into the guild bank by richer guild members can also be made, like the hoard feature. In addition, guild properties can be introduced, they would only increase the guild’s income.

    4. Hoard feature - either remove it or introduce interest. In the way it is now, it serves no purpose.
  4. L Figgins

    L Figgins New Member

    this is great !!!! Thanks a lot :)
  5. hulk77

    hulk77 Member

    1.I like the idea of being able to sell back old god purchases. But in all fairness you would have to sell back for a percentage. I mean who buys used weapons at retail price.
    2.I agree we need new achievements
    3.The guild tax I feel you but I think that it would turn away alot of players who might already be on edge about being in a guild. Why be in something that gonna charge you. Now I like the idea of a guild bank and guild properties. But I think instead of a tax it should be voluntary. What happens when you have a guild of bounty hunters and the officers dont.
    4.Interest would be nice but the whole hoard option is more or less for lower levels to protect them from losing all of their money in battle.
  6. kennycjr

    kennycjr Member

    love, love, love the new co-op lists.

    now if only there were something to do with these loyalty points. again, i'd just be glad if i could buy some hired chiefs with them. ;o)
  7. geff gur

    geff gur Member

    i agree about the entire improvement on the boss fight list-very needed and very valuable. i'm agreeing with everything here.. but what could the guild properties be FOR? ... my suggestion would be a minor increase to each member's income. property could be bought by officers or the leader only, and could be purchased from lands that the highest level guild member has access to.

    ooo! or a fortress that could be improved by each member, by their spending coins on their portion of it! ALOT of programming and art would go into that, but.. it's an idea!:D

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