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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. The Protector

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    Wow,cousin wasn't joking when he said this was an all out brawl.Here is an example I think fits.
    A player that is not at war,that claims a war bounty,is basically the same as stealing from a charity.
  2. polishpimp

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    Hmmmm...maybe u should have read the entire thread....it was Kano that suggested it. once again....nobody is suggesting they change the bounty system....only the bounties that pertain to the guild wars. As far as I know...guild wars is still in beta or at the very least Kano has stated numerous times they are still actively tinkering with it.

    I agree that guild wars has been very disappointing....but my reasons differ greatly from yours. For me its because its nothing even close to what Kano first said it would be...it offers very little strategy and the highest of levels are handicapped. Your reasoning are simply ridiculous....Low to mid level players have an opportunity to score way more points than that of a guild with higher level players. Here in Myspace...the reason the most powerful guild is winning each week is because of the dedication level of its members, it has no alts and ALL of its players play on a regular/daily basis. Just as every aspect of these games...the more u play....the more success u have! You find it annoying that lower levels attack u???? why??? I welcome the free XP and they do so very little damage I hardly even notice them much less impede my play....besides.....when things get slow I can always go back and thump on them for awhile.

    I find your boss limit statements confusing and contradictory. Boss limits are still there...the individual player needs to set them. Limits are up to the boss owner...exactly the way it should be. Here in VC there r 2 well known players that declan, attack, and bounty (bullying in its truest form as its only those they can beat) if they dont put limits on their bosses simply because they dont like others leveling from them (level envy). Preset limits???? why on earth would that be necessary? Its already as simple as pie.....if u want to share your boss or u simply dont want one player coming in a blowing it up...THEN SET A LIMIT!!!! Most players I come across want there bosses killed as fast as possible especially when the bosses reach the higher levels. They simply cant kill them themselves yet they still want the end rewards.....so the boss blasters r doing them a favor...its a win win for both.
  3. polishpimp

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    valid reasons have already been given as to why that s not a additional benefit...please read thread in its entirety.

    Xp is given to warring guilds just as it is for other guilds that accumulate GP. Guilds are an option available to every player....if u choose not to participate in guilds or guild wars....why would u think u were entitled to anything that they were? In essence u want something for nothing. If u want a piece of the pie...then get oout there and participate and earn it, if u want to remain neutral and not want to take the crap that comes with war guilds or even simply being in a guild entails...thats fine too. But u shouldnt expect to benefit from it. Once again I will ask....do u think u should get rewards from a boss u werent involved with killing?
  4. or win the lottery without ever getting a ticket
  5. your stretching that one

    i can see where its going

    but really your stretching that one
  6. So basically, you're both demanding that players join a guild and participate in guild wars in order to benefit from something that should be free to all.

    While we're at it, why not start charging a monthly pay-to-play fee for the games?

    I don't care much for players who try to tell me how to play my game. Sorry.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    guild war bounties staying in the guild wars is nothing even close to other bounties generated between guild members. Guild wars is a competition that points are awarded for particular actions and must be opted in for in able to compete.

    The extra bounties that are out there r a direct result of the guild wars and the players who r participating trying to score points in order for their guild to win. By making guild war bounties exclusive to war guild participants u r not losing out on any bounties that were already not there b4 the onset of guild wars. The fact that u want more than what u had b4 without actually having to do anything just goes to show that your a lazy cowardice freeloader
  8. I'm glad some other folks finally chimed in on this subject.
    I didn't want this to be about ME ME ME.
    In response to the person who found it appropriate to come on the forum and try to persuade anyone that is how I am:

    I have always considered you a friend in this game and I have always respected your game and vice - versa. That's where I will leave it. I will not say anything bad on your character. Have fun in your game and congrats in all that you have accomplished and at whatever cost. This is JUST a game. I will play mine and everyone else will play theirs. I will not be controlled in how I play no matter who comes up against me. Kano can make whatever changes they deem will be a success for the games. If I do not like the changes I can move on because this game isn't my life.
  9. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Ok,that was a bad example.How's this one instead?
    This would be like wanting to get food stamps while being a billionaire.You want something you're not eligible for,and for what?To piss down on those that need it?
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I agree that the war guilds need A LOT of work but I just dont think its as simple as guild A vs guild B. All a guild would have to do was decline another guilds offer to war and some guilds would never get the opportunity to fight. A pool of guild is necessarily in order to insure ever guild gets a legitimate shot.

    An idea ive been toying with but obviously needs work would be similar to what u suggested but once u opted in u couldnt opt out until the season was over. A bracket system or a round robin that would allow for individual guilds to face off head to head individually with each guild getting to face off with each guild that opted in. Guilds could get individual rewards and or achievements per face off and there could also be rewards and or achievement for the over all winner at the end of the sean. season length would be great deal longer and would vary based on how many team opted in at the beginning of each season. But of course....bounties would stay within the wars....lol
  11. Ok, thanks for that lengthy explanation. It did shed some light for me. I have a question though... What is this Lag you talk about? You bring it up quiet often yet I have never read about their being a lag put in place for folks who are catching too many bounties. How did you discover this lag? I just thought the list goes dry at times.

  12. I have read the entire thread in it's entirety. You say xp is given to warring guilds just as it is for other guilds that accumulate daily points. To which I would counter that warring guilds also collect their daily points so you've just given me the perfect example. I would say that's one of the additional benefits unless you're suggesting you can either get daily points OR war points. The xp boost at the end of the week is an additional benefit. Getting far more xp for the first five attacks along with 4 slaps a day is an additional benefit over non-warring guilds that get far less xp per attack and no xp for slaps.

    If you're using the argument that people shouldn't reap rewards from bosses they aren't involved in killing (even though using bosses as an example is disingenuous, at best), I would counter that with why should people reap the rewards for collecting bounties on non-warring guilds since warring guilds have chosen to participate in that farce called guild wars?

    My grandpa told me something once when I was staying with him one summer and wanted to be treated like an adult -- so I could stay out later, eat what I wanted, etc, etc. Something I've since repeated to my own children at various times in life. After letting me have free reign for a week he came to me with an itemized bill for rent, food, utilities, and various things like soap, etc. When I looked at him and said "I'm only 14. I don't have any money" he looked me right in the eye and said "You can't build a one-sided fence".

  13. And the fact that you can't understand basic logic and need to resort to name calling shows that you're an uneducated, hot-tempered, dolt with the IQ of semi-retarded sea monkey, Chuckles. :)
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    Im not demanding u join a guild....Im simply saying if u want the ADDITIONAL benefits of a particular aspect of the game then u should have participate in said aspect of the game. Like i said previously....its not as if u would have less bounties than what u had b4 the onset of the wars...in fact....there would still be more available to the masses due to rivalries that begin with the wars. Whats important to note here is that all bounties generated by the wars are not up for debate...ONLY THE ones that generate points for the lister. For example If i list player X to get my 10 points...that one stays in the guild wars. If i continue to list player X....those bounties are available to all. What u r suggesting is u get everything without doing anything and certainly not having to face the same potential consequences
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Lol...that entire reply wasnt directed at you.

    If u get X amount of bounties in X amount of time.....Kano penalizes you by delaying the speed in which other bounties will become available to you. The lag worsens with the more bounties u get within that amount of time.. I suppose its an effort by Kano to spread the wealth so to speak. Personally I think its a joke, If a player gets good at something due to practice or the strength of their account.....they should be rewarded not penalized.

    Discovered it through normal game play and constant communication with other players while playing. There has been times when dozens of bounties will go up and those that under the "lag" dont even see them even though they are waiting on the bounty page
  16. polishpimp

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    Love the quote from your Gramps!

    Yes...warring guilds do also receive GP why wouldnt they...THEY R PARTICIPATING IN BOTH. XP recieved at the end of the season differs depending on points scored and rank of the guild in said wars. As it should be...its a competition that was opted in for....an option everyone has available to them. What would be the point of anything if we all received the same thing.....especially if we didnt have to participate?

    Players should "reap the benefit of collecting bounties on non-warring guilds" because those are available to all those that simply PARTICIPATE in VC itself...thats exactly why a player or a guild should get Additional benefit from participating in a particular aspect of the game that is addition to normal gameplay. If u dont like the boss example hows this.....How do u feel about illegal immigrants that dont pay taxes yet still receive benefits from state and federal governments? Sure....their still spurring the economy to some extent (with what ever doesnt get sent home to their country of origin) but they certainly arent paying their fair share now are they?
  17. polishpimp

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    LMAO....sea monkey gets me every time!
  18. Wow , I finally agree with you on something again. I wasn't aware of the lag thing.

    That being said I'm done with this thread. I got lost in it all and I apologize to the commmunity. I do see some of your points when I set aside the name calling and try to focus. Your posts are so long that it takes me awhile to take it all in. My final thoughts is that bounties should remain open to all but if they don't I may just go get my hands a bit dirty and see if this game is still worth my time. Happy gaming.
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    why not make some changes that make the wars worth joining. If the idea is to get more PvP action why not allow clan members in warring guilds be able to battle each other without declanning.... or changing the point structure. if i hit someone at war and win the battle i get 4 points......yea.....if i lose to someone i get 3 points that doesnt seem fair....i dont get points for losing battles to people otherwise why should we be rewarded for losing in a war....also if guild is at war....remove that bounty restriction...if they are foolish enough to get into the wars all points even bountying lowers should count......makes you reap what you sow.......also how about allow guilds to choose whom they want to war with that would even be more fair so that lower guilds with lower players don get picked on or rewarded for bein gnats to us that are higher in lvls......or would these things make too much sense?????.....also that would allow the alliances between guilds and the wars seem more viable otherwise why have alliances?? just questions...
  20. Deb

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    Leave Mechanisms in Place Alone! Please

    Granted, some are having fun in their Guild Wars; however, because one chooses not to be in one, they should not be penalized to hunt bounties. If your agenda is to promote Guild Wars, it will not have a positive affect on the game. I believe most of us thought we were going to fight other Guilds, not have gnats hitting us for war points and die for the cause - LOL I really took no delight in killing a Level 100+ every day. And if you choose to implement this change, I hope that Guilds in Wars, cannot collect bounties on those that choose not to participate. Thanks, Debs
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