[VC] Developer Update January 30 - Wars Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Guild War changes live today:
    -Reward War points for a bounty kill even if you've reached the attack limit.
    -Rivals list has been extended.

    Upcoming Changes For Discussion:

    -Bounty originating from Wars are only available to players in Wars
    -Remove Counter attacks and Bounty traps in Wars
    -Track and show stats for wins/losses between Guilds.

    We'd like to here your feedback, also check out the ongoing wars discussion thread here:
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    like that bounty kills count despite reaching attack limit.
    like that war bounties are available to only those in the wars

    curious as to why counters and traps wont count....seems to take away what little strategy there is
  3. Added my thoughts in bold green.
  4. You can not be serious about holding war bounties for just folks in war guilds! This will destroy the bounty system completely. Most of the warring guilds are the ones that place bounties as they are the majority of the folks that can afford to list alot of people.. This idea is totally wrong and unfair to say the least. I'm sure this is coming from the guilds that are upset that they can't control that ONE aspect of this game. They are just mad that there are clans out there that will not be controlled and can still make a splash in this game by "stealing" these war bounties. I can't even believe that this idea is even on the table. Bounties have always been open to everyone and should always be that way. As an avid bounty hunter this idea would destroy my game. I could go on and on and on on this but Im sure I will as the warring guild folks come on here and try to sway the game once again in their favor. The bounty list will dry up totally if this is implemented. Im still dumbfounded that this is being considered!
  5. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    Can't go for bounties that originate from war guilds LMAO
    I agree with Griff, bounties are a free-for-all and should stay that way.

    So by the same token are you saying that people in war guilds could no longer collect the bounty of someone not in a war guild?
    Or does that sound like a stupid idea LOL
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  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    How will this destroy the bounty system? All the extra bounties out there r being generated by the guild wars...without them....u would have the same as u had b4.

    Why should players who choose not to participate in the guild wars benefit from them? To me that sounds like an unfair advantage to those who r not participating in the wars. After all.....Its the player that dont prefer more PVP action that arent in the guild wars is it not?

    Guild war bounties are meant more to generate points for both the lister and the catcher of participating guild war players more so than the money itself.

    Although I dont fully agree...u stated yourself that most of the warring guilds are the one that place most the bounties....to me thats an argument in favor of this idea. But here in Myspace...there is really only 2 larger guilds left participating....the other larger guilds have tucked their tails and run after getting embarrassed on the leader board....these guilds that quit are responsible for a huge amount of bounties and still remain rivals of the 2 larger guilds still participating....so there are still plenty of bounties available regardless of whether u participate in the guilds or not.

    This update would destroy your game.....LOL. How in the heck did u manage to get as far as u did b4 guild wars started just mere weeks ago? Not trying to be a jerk here....but it does sound as if u want your cake and to eat it too
  7. Kano Devs, whatever you do, ignore Polish.

    He talks about how the game is for battling but then expresses support for features that would limit battling. Look at the above post for an example. He wants players to battle more and get into the action, but he wants to limit bounties to only those in a guild at war.

    Regardless of whether a player is in a guild at war or not, the same consequences apply to anyone trying for a bounty kill. Retaliation and the sort.

    You want to get war points for bounty kills, Polish?

    Get better at bounty hunting.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    There is an obvious diff here Mike. The wars were created for players that wanted more PVP action...I think bounties def fall into that category.
  9. after carefully thinking about this

    i have to agree that war bounties should be limited to those in war

    i can see this as controversial but in the long run its a great idea

    plenty of other bounties will be thrown

    if you want a high price war bounty

    then go in war mode

    this is a PERFECT idea

    want the chance for the high coin??

    go in war mode

    consider it like a lottery

    you cant win if you dont play

    if your not in war mode then you cant get a war bounty
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  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LMAO! ummmm...statistically for the amount of time I've played this account Im by far and away the best bounty hunter here in myspace....without even a close rival. Truth be told....Ive probably gotten far less bounties on average since the wars started....but thats more of a personal choice as my attention has been focused elsewhere.

    Im in favor of more battling yet am supporting limiting bounties??? Although I do have more battle wins and losses than all but a handful.....my focus is way more on bosses, not sure where u derived your imfo. In no way am i trying to limit bounties....I just think bounties derived from two participating players should go to another participating player, every other feature in the last couple years has been directed at the players who dont prefer PVP action.

    As far as your previous post...for starters...this isnt "real life"....but with said...in "real life...by far the majority of bounties are given to a small group of people ....usually they are given to just one person.

    Btw....this wasnt my idea.....just one I happen to like
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  11. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    So players who are in war guilds should keep their own bounties, and players who choose not to be in war guilds should keep their bounties.
    I take it that's what you're saying, or do you want your cake and eat it too LOL.
  12. If this is implemented, then any bounty a fellow guild member throws up should only be visible to the guild.

    Damn, this cake tastes great.
  13. This is yet another example of a select few controlling the game. If the warring guilds are so mighty and powerful then why are they so afraid of someone outside of their circle claiming a bounty????? Polish, if you are such a great hunter then why are you afraid of someone claiming bounties? Everyone is so fast to point out that any idea brought up will be abused but the idea of holding war bounties just for those in warring guilds would be the MOST abused idea ever conceived!

    The idea is totally flawed and totally unfair to the masses. The warring guilds are mostly made of of the strongest players in this game. In the spirit of true sportsmanship , bounties should always remain open to everyone and I have read where most folks agreed to this many times. Well, until the greed of the top guilds got wind of a new idea that would handicap the rest of the VC hunting world and put most the bounties into their hands.

    If your guild is indeed a strong competative guild then why on Earth would you want to take the bounties away from everyone who is not in the war guilds? You might as well be shooting fish in a barrel.

    You guys talk over and over about how you play as friends then come on! Get on voice comms and talk to each other and post your war bounties with good communication to your guild. This idea screams un-sportsmanship.

    Are the warring guilds so bad at hunting that they need to handicap everyone else in the game?
  14. There you go! We should keep all the other bounties then. The very ones for this idea was against limiting bounties countless times in these threads until it favors them.
  15. It comes down to one simple thing. The so called strong warring guilds are afraid of a few clans that just may have a shot at one of their bounties! Come on now! I'm sorry this idea is so one-sided and unfair it's ridiculous.
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LOL...i do like cake

    Bounties that are generated outside the wars should be a free for all as they have always been, and yes....bounties generated because of the wars should remain within the wars. Is this having the best of both worlds? Perhaps....but fortunately for all of us....every last one of us has the ability/choice to have this same option. Should another player who did not jump on a boss i just killed gets benefits from that boss....that would be silly wouldnt it? Where as a player who managed to jump on and participate gets his piece of the pie (or in this instance...cake) doesnt he?

    At the other end of the spectrum...Players who dont prefer PVP action can join a hidden guild...no? That feature was specifically designed with the more passive player in mind...which greatly inhibits their availability to the PVP crowd ....shouldnt the PVP crowd get a fair shake as well...a feature designed specifically for them? Keep in mind that every player makes their own choices. Those players that fall somewhere in between simply have a tougher decision to make.....but thats the beauty of these games that r based on hard numbers.....its only the choices we make that truly differentiate us from one another
  18. polish

    we might be rivals now

    but we think alike
  19. Are you guys really so scared of other clans taking bounties? Then go learn to hunt better.
  20. a non war player collecting a war bounty is like saying someone that doesnt have a lotto ticket suddenly hits the jackpot

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