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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We just released some Elite Chieftains updates:

    • Ability to enable/disable elite spots allowing you more control over the power rating of your player (player requested change). This allows players to now disable the increase power attacks if they don't want them.
    • Persistent storage of recruit posts for elites, no longer inactive links because of loss of cache, as promised we will continue to go through features to minimize the impact to users when caching servers die
    • Player profile links only show if they are Alliance/Friends, this has been one of the top support issues that has been on our todo lists for a while. If you have a rival that you have had interaction with they will show up in your rivals list, if you are using links to punch friends of known rivals that is not what the features intent is, there are other ways to pick up rivals instead of getting them through elites.

    As always feedback on this change is appreciated.


    -Friends/Alliance members can now see links of elites even if they are not friends with the players, this will still allow for players to make new connections through those channels.

    Update 2:

    -Profile Links will also show if you are Guild members with the player or profile owner.
    -Guild tags are included with the players name.
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  2. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Well, my personal opinion of the new update is as follows:
    1.) nice little update, brings some tactics into the game.
    2.) very good, helps out a lot
    3.) who came up with that? Seriously, now I can't go to profile any more to ask the person I see there to clan up, cause they're not allied? Honestly, this is a real downer. And I don't see why this would have to be changed now, three years after the game came out. Please reverse the third one, it makes adding new people more difficult, as anyone will be hard-pressed to find the player link somewhere else. People who still need to add clan will suffer from this, too.
  3. suffcoresepp

    suffcoresepp New Member

    I'm a new player to the game and this update is really hindering me. I was told to go through a friend's Elite Chiefs to add the people on there, with the new update this is no longer possible.

    To me the game is also about meeting new people online and to find some international friends. If something like this is made hard to impossible for me, I don't see a reason to play or even pay for the game.

    Furthermore does this encourage creating alts to fill up ones clan, when you don't get enough chiefs fast enough to persevere in the game.

    I had to ask a friend with better English typing skills to type this for me.

    Please reverse the 3rd part of the update.
  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Good point, we are just pushing out an update:

    "Friends/Alliance members can now see links of squad contracts even if they are not friends with the players, this will still allow for players to make new connections through those channels."
  5. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I for one think the disabling of elites is only going to be abused to "level" "level" "level" folks. Your talking elsewhere of adding more elites to allow more disabling. To me, for the vast majority this type of thing will only add confusion. And it will be abused as well.

    Re the links, that change is silly <---- how the heck are you to rapidly gift friends for example? You see them in elites of non-friends and they are dead links! Is the intention to make this a powder puff game? To protect some folks etc. This is not a powder puff game. And again, to new players, they will go "WTF. Some of these links are broken. The game is $#%@. Next ..." For many new players its hard to get clan as well, and clicking through elites is how you can at least ask for clan. Might not mean you get them.
  6. friends links not working in a rivals elites is a bug(according to kendall)

    that one should get fixed sometime today i think
  7. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    At last Eric a step in the right direction, it's a good, simple solution to a problem thats existed for too long now.
    Adding the extra elites will give many more players even more choice.
    I give you full marks for this idea LOL, as long as it isnt altered, made complicated and ruined.
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  8. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    i think disabling elites is a good thing, and as for adding more elites should be intresting to see what they are
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This is when links should show, the developer has been notified of the bug, I will follow-up to see if it is fixed, but behvior below is the expected:

    * if you are friends / clan with the user in anyones elites, they will show up as a link
    * if you are on a friends / clans profile page, all their elites will show as links to you even if you are not friends with them
    * if you are on a rival clans profile page, only elites that will show as links are the ones that you are friends / clan with

    The removal of the links was just to remove the "feature" of going through a rivals elites hitlisting and punching because they are in the other persons elite which was leading to some negative experiences for some new players which was causing some issues. It by was not added to limit interaction with clan and/or friends of friends, players should still be able to grow their clan from the world chat and accessing elites through friends.

    We are considering a "bookmark" feature so that players can bookmark rivals in-game.
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  10. Thanks for the update. I honestly can't see why anyone would be against being able to disable an elite because the elites are designed to be a help to our game - not the opposite. This shouldn't be complicated, we should have been able to choose from the start. As far as more elites goes- I guess it depends on what these will do for our game and we should always have the ability to chose whether we want to enable any elite to make it fair to our game.
  11. Ew. A bookmark feature?

    How would that work? A rival can bookmark me and attack me whenever they like? Even after 24 hours pass and I leave my enemy's rival list, they can bookmark me and continue to "stalk" me and attack me?
  12. technically you can already bookmark players

    ive got plenty bookmarked
  13. If that's the case, then they might as well just make a permanent Rival's list.

    Perhaps a max of 50 rivals, remove one to add a new one, etc.
  14. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Like I said it was just a high level idea that we were kicking around, no were near ready for discussion or development, my fault for mentioning it on the boards but like Atheistic commented many players already do this anyways on their own.
  15. kendall

    if your in same guild as someone but not clanned up with each other

    players in there elites dont work if your not clanned even though your in same guild?
  16. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I think, it would be easier to change the links back to the old default setting. The new setting seems to be way too flawed and annoying to keep around. And honestly, this whole "hide people who aren't clan with you" isn't helping anyone, safe for some people who whined.

    And, if the topic of being attacked for being in a person's Elite is something new, I'm going to eat a broom. We lived several years with such a risk and most of the old players will agree that this is not something that happens regularly. And if someone whines because it happens to him, well, maybe you should watch who your friends are and maybe you should try to clan with the person attacking you.

    Now I can also no longer jump through Elites in hopes of finding a person.

    I really hope that the update gets a quick overhaul to reverse it back to the old status quo.
  17. Maler

    Maler Member

    i wasn't exactly against disabling elite chieftains. what i am against is the fact that there other more important features to be added and yet they're not even debated anymore. there was a time when updates came once or twice a week. now they come once a month, and the ones that come out, are insignifiant, not to say useless.
  18. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I like it

    I like the ability to disable elites. Although, the only ones I see a reason to disable are the Protector and Berserker. Good idea Devs. See I give credit where credit is due.

    However, when are you going to address boss or attack limits? I have seen certain players destroying their clan members bosses. Funny thing, one of the individuals posted above about abuse LOL. Guess its ok to abuse your clan members. As such, I have taken on the role of attempting to curtail the boss bashers by posting in numerous venues so people are aware and to encourage them to set limits. Unfortunately, as in all things involving humans, there are people that will abuse their power at the expense of the weak.

    Once again, his hypocrisy knows no bounds. This is not an attack or an accusation. It is supported by facts.
  19. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    @Atheistic: Guild member links are now active

    @Das: If you would like to seek out who someone is affiliated with best bet would be to check out their Guild. Links are now active for Guild member profiles so that should open up more people.

    @Maler: Moving Elite data to persistant storage has been a critical update on our list for a while. The enable/disable and links were additions added with the release.
  20. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    nice addition guys well done

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