[VC] December 6th Update - Asgard GT Location

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    A new location has been released to Viking Clan today.

    Asgard - Godly Trials
    - 11 new Adventures
    - 2 new pieces of Empire

    This location is unlocked at level 5400. Please leave any comments or feedback for this new location in this thread.
  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    Great job.
    When is the boss coming? :D also on Vingolf-GT ?
  3. LucianM

    LucianM New Member

    Asgard GT Location ! ! !

    Great job on that .. new add and all .. and .. Look,i'll express an opinion in the name of a LOT of people i believe .. In case you haven't checked OR by that matter noticed ... there are world wide not more then 14 players with a superior lvl of 5400 and a few other about 20 let's say that go twards that direction,that makes it what .. 30-35 people ? you are adding a new location with 2 new empires for 35 people ? In some way this don't seem right to me and a lot of other people.. You just think about it .. it's not these 30-35 people that are the heart of the game .. no meant to offend anyone of them .. but the core of the game lies between lvl 800 and 2500 and a bit further up .. that's where the real game goes on,the battles,the fun the daily action that keeps the game alive and NOT up there where you have the eternal same battle list changing once every 4 months. And now you are adding a new location and empires and a new boss,that after lvl 10 is gonna be highly unaccesible to most people in this game,while it was discussed in so many ocassions that stamina is already a major issue ..still you are adding another stamina draining boss like the last few that start from 3150 ... the point of that being ? Think about it,some people will never even reach half of that lvl,let alone come close to that .. some can't,some don't want to and they are happy where they at the moment .. before some of the majority of people will even come close to that lvl it will proly be out of date .. so i don't find it fair,simple. The game is down to hit someone they hit you back and you go up forever and ever .. doing the same thing on daily basis for years ? Where is the fun in that ? Have you seen how the battle list looks at upper lvls ? Or at the start of the game ? NO ??!?! IT IS DEAD !!! only the middle that moves something ... Instead of adding stuff for LVL 5400 do something to attract people and play the game,do something for the oposite side,which is terrible .. there's no fun,trust me,nothing,down there you hit people like hiting bots,there's no interraction of any sorts .. why do you ignore that ? Please think about it in future about what the areas of this game you are developing because .. adding too much weight on the top and the building will start to colapse coz none bothered to reinforce the base ... Sincere regards : LucianM ( ONE-guild ) ..
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