[VC] December 14th Update - Stamina Boosts and Vingolf GT Blacksmith items

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Mike - I just talked it over with the team. We have decided to revert to the original values (77/77) which was a mistake on our part and will work it into the game because it was left uncaught so long. Freya's Helm will be increased to 78/78.

    This is the first mistake on our part that we have pushed out like this, especially left uncaught for so long. Moving forward we will be improving our Quality Assurance when releasing new content to VC to reduce the chance that something like this would happen again. Mistakes do happen, and with the increased content that has been added to the game in recent months it did happen.

    I had all along thought that with a reduction in att/def we could offer Favor Points per item collected pre-fix but to provide a resolution that is most fair for our mistake we will revert it to what it was.

    With all that being said, I understand there are strong rivalries in game, but want to make it absolutely clear that no players have more influence over others in the changes that we make in the game, we listen to all players equally with no biases.
  2. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Was writing a response to your original question, it has been a busy morning!
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I can assure you that this change was not brought to my or the game designers attention through any player communication, the numbers that were updated yesterday were the numbers that should have been live in the first place.
  4. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    thanks kendall il take the favor points too :)
  5. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator


    I am a game designer at KANO/APPS. It has come to my attention I made an error when entering the data for Viking Clan crafted items. I want to sincerely apologize for my mistake.

    The last thing I want to do is to push out a bug as it hurts you, the player. As a gamer I understand how annoying stat changes on items can be post release.

    Your frustration for the stat change is understandable. Because of this error we will be tightening up our Quality Assurance procedures ensuring new content that goes live does not have errors. This is going to be done with an additional review of content before it gets into your hands. It is only fair to you that there are no bugs in the content we give you.

    Damon (DarkStratus)
  6. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    Thank you Kendall
  7. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    thanks Damon

    plse put a limit to the boss leveling and bring back the battling game we had fun playing the boss leveling and challenge leveling is killing the game big time
  8. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Oh Brother

    Gee I am sorry you made a mistake but why did we have to pay for it. I base my strategy on what weapons I can craft and what provides the best value. That being said I am getting very tired of all of this. I am a top 10 player. Maybe you should look at who is posting in here. We are all pretty darn good and know what we are talking about or we wouldnt be in the Top 10. I am going to be straight out here. I refused to believe for the longest period of time that certain players were not favored over others. Now, I am not so sure. The example cited by Deb and Mike is pushing me toward thinking there maybe. Why the heck would anyone do that unless they had prior knowledge. After researching I determined that the Throwing Cleavers provided the best Return on Investment. Why would then go for those other weapons if I knew they weaker? Plus the fact a certain player has hinted on many occasions that he has an "in" with the Devs. Maybe he just persuades better who knows.

    You want suggestions here you go;
    1) Leveling was the first thing that started dragging the game down. I would watch people declan, hit each other 5K times and then reclan to do bosses etc. Limit the hits to 1k and do not allow immediate reclan. Yes I leveled to all you out there but I freakin had too. I also have noticed accounts signed on and being leveled off of

    2) Limit challenges completed to one a day

    3) Please notify us prior to any changes.
  9. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    This bug that got pushed out was an unintentional change. The production numbers were different then then the game design numbers. Again I am sorry for the bug, we have switched the stats of the throwing cleavers to 77 attack 77 defence.
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The change is now live.
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Just to re-re-iterate, I can assure that no one had prior knowledge of this change as we were not aware that this change was even being made when we pushed out code yesterday, hence why there was no communication.

    We are trying to improve in communication with changes to the game before they happen, Guild Wars is an example of that as there is an open discussion thread on that topic before it's release. Of course we can't speak to every change, but major features or major changes to existing features we will do our best to communicate and seek input in advance.

    As a long time player we want to hear from you, the best way to do that is to be vocal on the forum and grab our attention.

    In response to 1) and 2)

    1) Changing the hit limit to 1k from 5k is a really big change to such a mature game, wouldn't that basically leave some players stranded as new players would not have the same opportunity to level?

    2) I hear your concern and we are looking to make some behind the scene changes that should address your concern with regards to this point

    3) Spoke to above.
  12. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm rather surprised that people complain about Challenge Leveling. After all, it's the most costly way to level and the way that will give you the least items. Let those maniacs blast money like mad, it's not that many players who level with challenges, anyway. And to those who who want to cap it: Isn't your main reason to demand this more the fact that they can afford to waste so much money, rather than concern about imbalancing the game?

    Stopping Boss leveling would basically anger several heavy spenders who can only level by bosses now, as they have no competition any more. #1 MS Pirate for example, #1, 2, 3 MS Viking. They'd basically be stranded without a chance to really level And I don't think that they'd appreciate it.

    Decreasing the numbers of fights on one user per day will also make it harder for players to level, especially if bosses are capped, too. It's basically suggesting to greatly hinder leveling. And I can't see any angle as to why that should come, it would defy the argument of "Bring the fighting back."

    My suggestion is to leave it as it is, all leveling tactics are within the rules and safe for the ego of outleveled players, no one gets hurt. (Except maybe the loadout of the Challenge Speedlevelers, but they had it coming anyway.)

    Maybe it shouldn't be so much about stopping other ways of leveling instead of making battling more attractive.

    For a fact I can say that I'd love to level with battles on MS. If anyone was there to battle. I have either hit and hide enemies, or enemies who are seldom on or enemies that usually come on when I have to go to bed to get any semblance of nightly rest or people who let themselves be attacked in the hospital and then wait until I got bored of stalking their profiles. Basically, I can fight no one. Now could anyone explain to me how I am supposed to fight, when my fight list is always dead. (People too far out of my range don't count.)
  13. Gary Schultz

    Gary Schultz New Member

    ty for the stamina boosts
  14. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Thanks. But when I was a lower I fought. I did not run into the leveling thing until I got over 3000. I got to 3000 without leveling. Why ca't others. I am telling you the decline in the game started when this crazy leveling started. No one fights they just want leveling partners. Thank you for listening though.
  15. Maler

    Maler Member

    Craig, at some point in time, there will be noone to fight.there are over 400 levels difference between the top players on hi5. How can they level up if not without the help of a levelling partner?
  16. Carrie

    Carrie New Member

    Your talking to deaf ears he quit the game ... and as a you stated he had no cleavers because he was working on getting to that level. What my husband posted to you was a matter of principle to what has been happening to the game for the last year !!! We together spent $20.00 every other week each on buying stamina just to keep up. We would run out of it faster than we did a year ago. Then you add more and more and it runs out faster. $40.00 X 12 is your cost of losing one player. I feel your comment about "I took a look at your account Gordon and was surprised to see that you do not actually have any Throwing Cleavers, how has this mistake impacted you?" was funny as it sort of answered the question a lot of lower levels had. Do they just pay attention to what the higher levels are asking for, and we have to suffer for it ? BTW he deleted and blocked the game so he only see's what is in the chat room or what I show him from my lap top.
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We have been and are adding content for all players in the game. When we were playing catch-up from Muspell (level 850) we were answering the call for more content for levels past 820, when we started doing that we got complaints from players that all the changes are only being done for lower levels, now that we have a location in the higher levels in the game (finally catching up), we get complaints that we are showing favoritism to higher levels. When we add some more bosses to the earlier levels we get feedback that we are showing favoritism to higher level players.

    The point to where we have content now in VC we have finally caught up!

    Too bad Gordon left, it comes at a time that we are doing our best to answer those that are requesting more stamina/energy to extend play, 2 recent additions Daily Reward selection and Stamina Boosts were aimed at helping out in that area. The other previous one was the new characters and reduction of timed attributes to achievements.

    It is also unfortunate that Gordon sees the additions to the game as being greedy and not filling out content of the game to provide more longevity, if we were "money mongers" and adding content was our way of doing it, we would be surely pumping out far more at lower quality than we are currently, I have seen how much a boss image and even our item images cost and they certainly are not cheap, if we were money mongers we would be definitely lowering the production quality and pumping out more content than we are.

    So what if we stopped content at level 820 and never added bosses, we would be faced with the same complaints that we tried to satisfy back in the day, and that was there is no content for my level, I am bored, there is no one on my fight list to fight. New locations and bosses was our attempt to answer those concerns.

    Now we hear concerns about battling which is why we are looking into adding item drops to battles and Guild Wars will be released shortly.

    It always sucks to lose a long time player, someone who has been with the game since the beginning just like myself, but we do do our best to listen to all players and the concerns that they raise, I agree we have room to improve in this area and we are working on it, so hopefully players will start to see us improve with how we communicate and listen to the community.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Later dude..and good riddance!. The game is still about fighting there is just many more options available to those who either dont want to fight as much or simply gives us something to do if our battle list drys up. The game has to evolve or it would become repetative and boring....do u u really wish it was back to the way it was b4 bosses....just a fight list?

    Lets not forget ....u dont have to spend money to play this game....or u can to spend as much as u like.....either way u can have fun and still be competitive. If your one of those who begrudge the success of those who do spend some bucks....then once again....GOOD RIDDANCE TO YA....for without those players there is no game! So r u saying that even though Kano is in business they should cap their profits??? How about the next time u get offered a raise at Mc donalds u turn it down ....so the price of my next cheeseburger doesnt go up....come on ya money monger!

    Apparently u dont read the forums very often....most stuff u dont like was asked for repeatedly by the players.
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  19. It would be nice if the weapon drops from the bigger bosses, vampire, UK, IG, Helregrin and Norn were higher attack/defense. By the time most of us have reached the level to get these bosses the weapons drops are useless. The warriors are fine.
  20. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I saw this yesterday, and 2) is what this one specializes in atm.

    The Bunny Shooter! New nickname?

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