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    As a result of the continuous addition of new cities(which is the way forward anyway), the items from old ones become useless over time. This idea is all about making huge quantities of the old become less quantity but useful. I will use vehicles gotten from bosses and those crafted in the workshop to give a bigger picture of this idea. I will also like to point out that it will be nice if we can get reverse crafting for the boss reward items that most have crafted otherwise, the boss drop in these examples should be replaced by their corresponding workshop upgrades.
    Also, the old items should be combined with the new ones thus making the old ones useful.
    Here is a list of vehicles from Miami onwards with their stats and level in the format;
    Item attack/defence level(in the case of workshop items)
    Sea Plane 40/40
    Hellfire Tank 50/36
    Turbo Tank 56/42 1720
    Mime Marauder 52/45
    Tourist Gunship 58/51 Level 2520
    Gunnar Truck 56/49
    Motogunner 62/55 Level 2970
    Chromed Murcielago 53/60
    Armored Bike Sidecar 56/63 Level 3970
    Bull Tank 72/66
    Maelstrom Tank 75/70 Level 4470
    Desert Roamer 70/75
    Mime Land Raider 81/81
    Vintage Delivery Truck 78/92
    Sahara Speeder 93/98

    Won't it be nice if for example 2000 Miami boss drops that are presently useless become 250 usefull items for a player around Miami? That is, 8 of them become 1 useful item. As we go higher, this new useful item can now be combined with the next available boss drop(vehicle). Using this idea, the following new items can be crafed;

    1 Tank A1 57/43 = 8 Sea Planes unlocked at level 1610
    1 Tank A2 60/52 = 1 Tank A1 + 8 Hellfire Tanks unlocked at level 2120
    1 Tank A3 64/57 = 1 Tank A2 + 7 Mime Marauders unlocked at level 2745
    1 Tank A4 68/65 = 1 Tank A3 + 7 Gunner Trucks unlocked at level 3470
    1 Tank A5 74/67 = 1 Tank A4 + 6 Chromed Murcielago

    I'm sure with this you get a picture of my idea. It doesn't necessarily have to be those figures and levels. Also, as stated earlier, reverse crafting have to be available to the already available boss upgrade items otherwise, we have no choice but to replace the boss drops (7 Gunner Trucks for example) with their corresponding upgrade(7 Motogunner in this case).

    Finally, using this logic, the best vehicle(for now) can be crafted somewhere around level 6245 with stats 103/108 using 8 Sea Planes + 8 Hellfire Tanks + 7 Mime Marauder + 7 Gunner Trucks + 6 Chromed Murcielago + 6 Bull Tanks + 5 Mime Land Raiders.

    Just an idea.
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    This idea can be used in the other games as well.
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    this idea has been brought up before... several times
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    Due to our current workload and other internal considerations, crafting-related requests are tough for us to do. For now I'm moving this to not considering although if we get more wiggle-room in the future we'll revisit this.

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