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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Eraser, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Sounds too much like work. I've disliked the GP concept from day 1. The only reason I tolerate it now is because they're fairly easy to get. Requiring me to send 50 gifts a day to get all my GP's, for example sounds like a pain in the ass. I want to play the game, not spend all day sending gifts. I understand what you're trying to do here, but I'm not enthused about adding more features to the game that amount to nothing more then a time sink.

    Double the amount you can get in a day, and maybe I'll be interested. But at those numbers, I'm not.
  2. Relentless

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    I think this is kind of the point people are going for. For whose who wanna spend 50 gifts a day, they get a GP reward for it, for those who wanna do 2000 fights a day they get a reward for it, everyone has their own playing style so some people will excel in some places and just get the minimum in others.
  3. Personally I can't get on board with this either.
    Put simply, Daily Gamer Points are Faction Dues.
    Just like some of us pay our working Union Dues each each week in the form of dollar bills, a faction member pays his/her Faction Dues in the form of Daily Gamer Points. I have absolutely no desire to raise my members dues!

    Besides the above said, the top ranked factions are not ranked as such simply because they get their DGP's but also because they do so before the others.
    In short... increasing DGP's turns play time into work time
  4. Eraser

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    okay, Maybe i havent made this clear....

    The idea here isnt to make people feed "forced" to get a certain amount of gamer points. But to meerly CREDIT those who do play passed the minimum.

    Honestly Ive been just waiting for the negative feedback to chime in.. Im truly sorry, that if this does get put into place, you no longer will be able to feel like a world power just by logging in and clicking around for 2 minutes.
  5. 245 Trioxin

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    you got my 10 stars on that nem ;)
  6. pineappledog

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    I like the idea of them 'being forced' as you put it. Of course no syndicate would expect all their members to reach max points every day if the limit were massively reached, think of it more as a contribute what you can than 'dues' as someone else put it!
  7. Eraser

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    Thanks Tri! good to see game rivalry doesnt transend into forum :)
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    I like the idea of having the GP unlimited or at the very least much higher. The way it is currently set up is pretty much a joke and doesnt allow for any real competition. Lets be real here...the current limit of GP needed dailys can be reached by any numbskull within 2 minutes Every week the winner is determined by the guild who has the most dedicated group of members that are willing to be on at 12 am pst and get their last day of points done quickly, not only is this unfair to most other timezone players but it pretty much makes the previous 6 days senseless.

    I think that it should be more like the guild wars in that there is no set limit to the points scored in a day so it promotes players playing more and rewards time and effort.

    Personally my guild has dominated both GP ans GW, and although im not very happy with the way many things are set up in guild wars....i think its pretty safe to say the majority of our guild prefers the GW because they actually have to put forth some real effort to win rather than just having to wake up in the wee hours for 2 minutes on one day. Even though we usually win by a large margin....there are days that are sole competitor will close the gap...so who ever is on at the time feels the need to push the lead a lil more to insure our success, where as with GP...other than 2 minutes a day....we simply dont have to worry about it until day 7.

    In the end...GP is boring as heck, offers no real competition and the limits make it unfair to those in other time zones. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE! These competitions are for individuals who like a challenge and want to compete to win or at the very least be competitive, Those that like the way it is currently set up because its easy would probably be more comfortable playing farmville or the like
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  9. DoNRaDu

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    10 stars from me!
    It should be like the War feature.
    Unlimited so it rewards the real players that support you KANO!
    Maybe just shave points for each feature so you dont end up with millions of points at the end of the week.
  10. Eraser

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    Ive emailed support, just to see what they are thinking on this idea... and in the reply back it was stated, That they are interested, but have a big concern with the idea of "unlimited" anything, Just because Anytime something Unlimited is Released, It becomes either abused, or taken advantage of.

    Personally, Id like to think unlimited gamer points would be a way to damper cheating in the faction rankings, that was the reason for the idea in the first place! What do you guys think?

    We need to talk about abuse here, Even tho nobody wants to even acknowledge that it exist... Lets face the subject.... How could Uncaping gamer-points be abused?

    My idea? HL riding.... In your group, If you have one player that is able to stay healing for hours upon end if they so choose, this would allow, only thier friends to attack them ungodly amount of times without getting smashed on back...

    would that be so unfair? The bounty is open for everyone, AND you are still limited to the amount of stamina you are willing to dump into the attacking... It could possibly even HURT your gamer rank, just because attacking a rider, would mean getting little or no xp for all that stamina, and in turn... not allowing you to level up, and get more Stamina, to gain more GP with....

    Im racking my brain here... Just trying to think... How on earth would uncapped gamerpoints lead to people cheating thier way to the top ranks??

    You guys got any more input??? In order for this idea to make it thru the the filter, we are going to have to keep talking about it.
  11. coolestcool

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    This can be made unlimited in a similar way to challenge help. Once you've completed the usual job, boss, battle and help, the points starts to drop till it gets to 1. The scoring can be done in this format 16000 +976 meaning the player completed her usual 16000 and got additional 976 as extra. A player with 16000 + 800 will be rated higher than another with 15000 + 1000.
  12. coolestcool

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    Bump bump bump.
  13. Eraser

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    bump? what does that mean? hahahahahaha :)
  14. Sour_Rubbish

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    Bump up! 10 stars) it will be fine

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