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    SHE would like to point out two things:
    First of all, you failed to use quote tags properly (which was in the subject of the post you TRIED to quote). And second, a *spanner* is the British term for the object called *wrench* in North America, and (according to Wikipedia when I went to find other usages):
    • brand of prostatic stent
    • (screw drive), a type of screw drive that consists of two holes in the screw head and two pins on the tool
    • (Garmin program), interface for global-positioning-system receiver
    • (surname)
    • fictional character in Reborn! cartoons
    So, you are calling me a *tool*, whether you know it or not (did you mean *spaMMer*? because that is quite different...and inapplicable). And while that is generally NOT a positive term, tools are useful.

    And I believe I shall play the often-used card:
    Mind showing these emails? :D
    'Cause I don't believe they exist, unless they're from you, any of your alts (only hearsay), your cronies (who DO exist), or any of your cronies' alts (which are also hearsay).
    However, you do not need to go to such elaborate methods to find players having trouble with YOU. :rolleyes: Those can be found right here on the forum.

    Has anyone read any books by Jim Butcher? How about the Codex Alera series? If you have, then you will understand this: being insulted by one's gadara (also spelled garada) is no insult at all. However, you do NOT even come close to the definitions of a gadara. So the only insult I get from you is the ABYSMAL sentence structure.
    Ah! My eyes! Gahhh, it BURNS! HELP HELP HELP! :eek:
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    Just realized something - who are these players that you say I drove away?
    Pretty sure the only one I ever saw threatening to leave was the Neck Snapper, and SHE had a problem with the HSD Armadas...

    Oh, and I didn't edit my previous post so that you can't accuse me of deleting facts and stuff. Whatever.
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    Codex Alera is a great series by Jim Butcher, and the Canim are just as terrifying as allies as they are enemies.

    Have you noticed as the series progresses, the Vord queen on Alera exhibits more human emotions?
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    The senior queen does, because she has been consuming more Aleran blood. Just as the two junior Canea queens (at least the 1 you saw) show more Canim characteristics.
  6. Has anyone ever come across something that they simply can't classify, because classifying it would be an insult to the entire category? Not just that it would be an insult, but such a grievous insult that you just can't bring yourself to make the classification?

    For instance, I'd call some posts in this thread a prime example of pure unadulterated stupidity, except it would be an insult to stupid entities everywhere.

    Skyler on the other hand, I'd simply call insane. So long as the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. She continues to use logical reasonable arguments against an illogical, unreasonable (unable to classify for reasons stated above).

    Seriously Mojojojo, how deranged must you be to resort to such obvious and idiotic fallacies in an attempt to gain some high ground in an argument over the internet?

    If skyler could drive people away... I'm sure she'd drive you away out of courtesy to the rest of us.
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    Please don't put the words "Mojo" and "argument" together. They just don't fit.
  8. I understand your point, however my limited vocabulary doesn't possess an appropriate term, The closest approximation I could find was "argument".
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    Hydraulic Killing Machine has killed Pog McFister and claimed your Hit of $6,352,977,659.

    And you had to say bye bye without any payback. That's gotta suck :D
  10. Hit Placed Pog McFister has put a Hit on you for $1,669,495,628.Raise your Hit cost by increasing your Income

    Pog McFreeKills Hits Placed: 5,425 FOR FREE NO BOUNTY PAID hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    Considering how much i hate NOM i would back up your statement, but i too killed POG before the punch stats came in. Although reading some of her comments is hilarious so props on getting her riled up again, you have officially made my day.
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    ASAD you just cant help yourself
    you always blow it .......... your fantasy overruns you must be desperate to be that bitter
    we knew for weeks jailbait was your alt account....lets see how long it lasts now......

    and newsflash
    you NEVER a punch kill on me
    nice copy and are a sad little loser
    and .....your prose ( cough filth) is beneath are the lowest form of filth
    but hey you WALLOW IN IT
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    ur mouth like ur ass ahad,,,hahahahha...u make me laough alot....

  14. But the question in everyone's minds...

    Just how much experience did you lose from all those daily booby traps you triggered to lay dead UNavailable for punches, to maintain that moderately meaningless Z3R0???

    Would one punch death be a tenth of the XP lost? A hundredth? Even more?

    Was it really worth it!?

    Was all the UN you bought to refill your stamina to replace all that lost XP really worth it as well?

    Can Kano's management not retire yet?
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    She didn't pay a single cent of those boobies, it's her underlings that do, so what's the problem? It's their fault for saying "Oh yes! Come die on my BT even though it'll cost me 5 of my 7 billions!!"

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