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  1. Gina

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    The old grudges and old allies still stand, its old but UKK vrs TBH is the root – NOM as always stand with TBH. We have grow over time to know each, both enermies and allies. Yes we talk to each other I know I talk to both, either to say hello or to banter, Lets keep the war in the game or we all lose, PS yes Beast I love even you (on my fight log) ps thats the gin talking
  2. Ace

    Ace Member

    Haha yeah, that war's been going on for centuries now, and I hope it doesn't end anytime soon :D
  3. Gina

    Gina Member

    350 days ish give or take you hidding!!!! LOL
  4. baha

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    Having been both TBH and UKK I have managed to gather a lot of GOOD LONG TERM BUDS~!!
    Certainly there is satisfaction on a good PK but I tend to stay clear of some "enemies" cuz YEAH they still are Friends~! <3 my good rivals~! Adore my Friends~!!
    Thems that know me... know me well thems that don't ....can go "somewhere else"
  5. Gina

    Gina Member

    Baha? if your who I think you are, Barb, the war is always sweet as is seeing - you Pked "........." any senior UKK member, We are old and love that smile of, good olde fash - I GOT YOU, we win 3 times to you one because your badly organised. We will always win
  6. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    i really like u to gina thats y ur death vount isnt as high as other, and sry to tell u ur never win with me b/c i do not care about dieing lol. but thats beside the point just want u to know i really do like u gina ur not that bad.
  7. arepgunzo

    arepgunzo Member

    of course tbh the great one :D
  8. Jager

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    The war started before TBH and UKK came into existance, before factions were even an official part of the game. There was a group called The Filthy Few, there was a chat room, and many members of SINS (UKK) and TBH played there together and allied against the unfortunate players who messed with the FF. But internal conflict dissolved the FF around the time Factions came into play, some went to UKK and some to TBH. This started a war that has never ended, with TBH's still squadded with UKK's but still doing there part in the battle when they can. I've played as a FF, a TBH, even a faction Dilligaf started though I can't remember the name, it didn't last long and I think someone stole the name anyway.

    Its kinda funny looking back because there are so many new names that are in these two factions, but they probably aren't aware of the real story behind the beginnings of UKK and TBH.
  9. malific

    malific Member

    You´re probably speaking about Comply or Die... I do remember a group called like that with most of the higher players in it, waaaay before I was into factions.
    And I do remember the FF group, I had a listing war with them once, it was quite fun even though I was completely outnumbered LOL

    To be honest I end up fighting NOM people a lot more than TBH though, I wonder why.
  10. Jager

    Jager Member

    Yes, Comply or Die, that was it, thank you. I found FF quite the same way, started fighting one of there members and then it was a chain listing fest, of course, back then hits were cheap, you could get them like penny candy, and we had to walk up the hill both ways in the snow to even fight zombies :D Shortly after that battle ended I found myself in FF and it was a cool experience.

    For NOM and TBH, I think TBH fights back more with me though one member of NOM will fight back with consistancy and she's in the same level range as me (600's)
  11. Ace

    Ace Member

    I think we all have met TFF the same way, my archrival back then was Phrost since we were on similar levels and I didn't like when he ambushed, so I listed and that's when things would get interesting :D

    And yup, you're right, I didn't know the whole story, just joined UKK when they were mass recruiting people :p
  12. The War with both of them will not end anytime soon, But there are a few other Factions to fry now if they ever find the Intestinal Fortitude to accept it or they can go Hide in their Basements with their wussy Privacy on.

  13. You really are a total retard that needs to practice what is preached

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  14. Funny, i didnt set that up tard, from what i've understood they are automatically set up like that. Its awefully funny you talking all big and bad, but i've requested WAR with you at least 5 times and you still dont have the balls to accept it. Keep hiding, we're killing you regardless.

    but as another note.

    5 hours ago
    The Bounty Hunters Faction 2 has just lost a member, Atomic Andy has left.

    5 hours ago
    The Bounty Hunters Faction 2 is no longer enemeies with Strength In Numbers.

    Glad you went into hiding TBH2, and Your Leader bailed on you. We always knew you couldnt handle a war. At least TBH 1 and NOM though we do not like each other are not HIDING like punks and aren't afraid to accept a war.

    Go hang out with your BFF Malevolent Boris, You two can go hide in your little Cave together since you two are afraid to War.

    You can sit here and talk your bs but you cant man up can you?

  15. No your not. occasionally overnight PKs... which failed last night FYI.
    only times i'm otherwise killed is by being listed. yesterday was 3 times. once by leandro and twice by random folk

    now you on the other hand... spend 75% of the day dead

    Hey U were WTF pwned is currently dead and not accepting punches at this time, please try again later.

    Wake up sonny jim.

    and an enemy request?? i assume faction enemy. i will have to look at that

    Stupidity in numbers indeed.
    you are one of the ones who also were stupid enough to react to my UKK bashing name, you got all hot headed and died alot
  16. This is your punch stats FYI..

    Face Punches
    Punches Dealt: 218 Punches Received: 109
    Punch Kills: 22 Punch Deaths: 5
    Hardest Punch: 538
  17. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member


    first you need worthy enemys many alts can we create to make ourselfs look big...whahahahhahhahahahahahh

    and they are rank outsiders...attention seeking junkies
    with no back bone

    nope..NOM dosent consider you enemys..YOUR SPORT

    A laugh

    and how we laugh....shawwwwwwwww:p
  18. just so you know , it was nothing to do with me bailing, you saying i couldnt handle a war, you lot are and mean nothing to me.your gameplay is rubbish and your faction is full of alts. i left tbh 2 as it was an in house issue. so dont flatter yourself by making out your faction is something, when it really isnt. im playing my own game now so dont start rubbishing my name when i aint slagging any of you lot off ..........................GOT IT.............. now im saying no more
  19. pot and kettle black spring to mind

    Strength In Numbers

    [SINS] "If the money's there........ We do not care!!!!"
    MEMBERS (25/25)
    ALLIANCES (9/10)
    ENEMIES (2/10)

    Members Hidden - Privacy mode has been enabled. Privacy mode is available in the Edit section for Faction admins.
    Leader: Nivs Annihilation Squa
    Craig KillZZ
    An Innocent Bystander
    Hey U were WTF pwned
  20. Ace

    Ace Member

    I object about NOM removing us from enemy factions.

    I don't really care since my four main target's are still available since they're the officers & leader from the faction, but seems like a cowardish choice to me :D

    And by the way Pog, you should be redoing a PK on me, since I have 0 punch deaths at the moment, I guess your signature needs to live to its reputation, hm?

    You should stop bragging and actually start killing me for free like you claim you do.
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